Traducción de straight en Español:


recto, adj.

Pronunciación /streɪt//streɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(not curved or wavy)

      (nose/edge/line/stick) recto
      (hair) lacio
      (hair) liso
      (road) recto
      (road) sin curvas
      (coat/skirt) recto
      to walk in a straight line caminar en línea recta
      • keep your knees straight no dobles las rodillas
      • he walks with a straight back camina muy erguido
      • a straight left/right un directo con la izquierda/derecha
      • straight cylinders cilindros en línea
      • In fact, almost the whole way from Kiev we encountered few cars along the wide, forest-lined, straight road.
      • What name is given to the effect that causes a straight stick to appear bent when we put part of its length under water?
      • The biggest problem with having thin, straight hair is its evident lack of volume.
      • Some stylists are great with, say, thick full hair but have no idea how to do thin straight hair.
      • My hair was straight naturally, so I usually didn't do anything with it; I liked it the way it was.
      • What surprises me is how often they appear beside a straight piece of road.
      • My hair was straight and hung about two inches over my shoulders; not long and shiny like my sister's locks.
      • The road is now straight, a highway surrounded by farms and the occasional factory.
      • I threw my head back and laughed, letting my long, straight hair fall down my back.
      • With her thick, straight hair and tanned skin, she really could be Olivia's sister.
      • Newark Road is a long straight road so drivers can build up a lot of speed driving down it, so we need traffic-calming measures to slow them down.
      • As a result, two of the remaining races will be divided to make up a six-race programme which will be staged entirely on the straight course.
      • The roads were straight and empty, and coconut trees still dominated the landscape.
      • The bride, given in marriage by her father Sean, looked radiant in a white satin, long sleeved straight dress, with a long train.
      • They wore satin dresses with scalloped bodices and straight skirts and carried cream and cerise roses.
      • She was wearing a simple gray T-shirt and jeans that weren't flared, but weren't straight either.
      • I have trouble finding jeans that have a straight leg and high waist.
      • It appears he negotiated a corner but crashed as he turned onto a straight section of road.
      • Choose jackets, tailored suits and shirtwaist dresses with straight, classic cuts.
      • Women wear a straight black skirt with a slit through which can be seen layers and layers of white lace.
      • It is visible down a straight approach road for nearly half a mile.
      • We selected a basic straight skirt, but skirts this season have detailing you might want to consider.
      • After a quick survey of the room, she saw that she was one of a handful of women whose hair was straight rather than curly.
      • Kneel on all fours with arms straight and wrists in line with shoulders.
      • There are straight stretches and sharp bends and that is why there are so many fatalities on that road.
      • Once here, they invented straight roads, central heating, Latin lessons and a lasting tourist industry in Bath.
      • The men wear their long straight hair in braids and wear blue ponchos and white pants.
      • The waitresses wear authentic Thai clothes and look elegant in their long straight skirts and blouses in silks of every hue of the rainbow.
      • Commuters are attracted to areas where house prices are still relatively low and the road is straight.
      • This consisted of a white fitted shirt, a blue straight skirt which came just above the knee and a blue sweatshirt and tie.
      • I have naturally straight hair, but lately it started to curl more than I'd like it to.
      • Her hair was naturally straight so there was no reason to brush it.
      • Martin had brought them back into the City via Westgate road again, because it was a nice straight route that he liked despite its ups and downs.
      • She admits to feeling jealous of her younger brother's darker skin, thick straight hair and wide brown eyes.
      • At the end of the straight section, the road bends to the right and appears to go down slightly.
      • Opening the door he saw a young woman, the same age as Maggie, but with dark, straight hair, and dark eyes.
      • The girl on the left had straight hair, unlike the other girl's, which was wavy.
      • Her straight hair is tied in a ponytail and her eye shadow looks fresh.
      • Some wear navy printed straight skirts with embroidered shoes and embroidered scarves on their heads.
      • I have long, straight hair and I don't want it to be curly so please keep that in mind.
      • Even when driving down a perfectly straight road, it is necessary to turn the steering wheel from time to time.
      • She was certainly pretty, with straight hair down to her lower back, perfectly brushed.
      • In the doorway stood a thin lady with straight hair to her shoulders.
      • The straight black skirt made her legs longer and her hips curvier; it showed her figure.
      • He says because it is a long straight road motorists are ignoring the speed limit.
      • Police regard the village as a speeding hot spot because of the long, straight roads in the area.
      • As the bus pelts towards Paramaribo past scattered dwellings on a dead straight road, I'm reminded of home.
      • Her long, straight hair fell over her shoulders in a smooth curtain to her waist and framed her face with a startling effect.
      • Her hair was straight and had two braids that went from her temples to the back of her head.
      • She watched as the rain rinsed off Evelyn's layers of make-up and her straight hair became frizzy curls.
      • Denise reappeared, wearing a straight blue skirt, trying to compose herself but still looking very embarrassed.
      • They come pleated in long styles as well as straight and swinging styles and skirt suits are back.
      • There was apparently to be a return to popularity of the three-quarter tunic buttoning down the back and the straight skirt.
      • She wore a straight black skirt that reached to the floor and a white blouse with silver buttons.
      • Two cars start off at the same point on a straight highway facing opposite directions.
      • I see a lot of girls in the media with beautiful faces and long, straight hair.
      • Sally suggests putting together a pair of straight trousers with a biggish top and a belt slung around loosely.
      • As a result, trails often meander instead of following straight courses.
      • There is a mistaken belief that it is a straight road, while in fact there is a slight bend.
      • His hair was naturally straight and it ended at around his neck area.
      • I'll be pedalling along, quietly making time along a fairly straight length of road, and be thinking to myself.
      • Other jackets and pants have a completely new and fuller body shape, where trousers are full, very long and straight and are worn loose at the waist.

    • 1.2(level, upright, vertical)

      to be straight estar derecho
      • is this picture (hanging) straight? ¿está derecho el cuadro?
      • is my tie straight? ¿tengo la corbata derecha / bien puesta?
      • your tie isn't straight llevas / tienes la corbata torcida
      • The goal is to make your spine mostly straight and aligned while you rest.
      • Experienced masons keep their string lines taut to help them lay straight courses.
      • The black tie was straight and positioned perfectly, giving him an overall very professional appearance.
      • She walked up to me and straightened the already straight collar of my tuxedo jacket.
      • Your back should be reasonably straight and upright.
      • At the end of the three-hour operation, his vertebral column looked straight.
      • Before each journey: check that the car seat straps are straight and properly adjusted to allow for the thickness of your child's clothes.
      • Taking a deep breath she checked her skirt was straight, brushed one strand of hair behind her ear and exhaled.
      • I dressed with care, making sure my tie was straight and my shirt-tail was tucked into my slacks.
      • In order to cast it, the arm has to be straight and the fingers flexed.
      • Even his tie, blown to one side by a slight wind, was back to its normal straight position.
      • His cherry-red bow tie was perfectly straight, his white shirt immaculately ironed.

  • 2

    (in order)
    is my hair straight? ¿tengo bien el pelo?
    • I have to get / put my room straight tengo que ordenar / arreglar mi cuarto
    • I need a few days to put / set / get my affairs straight necesito unos días para poner mis asuntos en orden
    • if I pay for the coffees, we'll be straight si pago los cafés quedamos / estamos en paz
    • you have to make sure you've got your facts straight tienes que asegurarte de que la información que tienes es correcta
    • I was pretty tired by evening - unpacking and trying to get the house straight had really taken it out of me, so instead of staying up to watch Big Brother, I went to bed early.
    • It took eight solid hours of cleaning to get the place straight.
    • My maid is coming in the morning and I need to get the place straight so she can actually clean.
  • 3

    • 3.1(direct, clear)

      (denial/refusal) rotundo
      (refusal/denial) categórico
      the proposal met with a straight rejection la propuesta fue rechazada de plano
      • it's a straight choice between buying a car or going on holiday la alternativa es clara: o compramos un coche o nos vamos de vacaciones
      • this is a straight borrowing from an earlier work esto está sacado directamente de una obra anterior
      • I made $20,000 straight profit saqué 20.000 dólares limpios de beneficio
      • she's on straight commission trabaja solo a comisión
      • to vote straight Democrat votar a los demócratas para todos los cargos
      • she got straight A's sacó sobresaliente en todo
      • Sceptics point out that the poll only offered a straight choice between Whitehall and regional rule, and left out the option of more local control.
      • He knew that he hadn't been exactly straight with David about the idea that he was dead.
      • He was asked a very specific question and he gave a very straight answer to what the question was.
      • They refused to give straight answers to many of his questions, often citing reasons of national security.
      • Like the president, he believes in eye contact and straight talk.
      • It seems to me he was asked a very straight and simple question that he then chose to overly complicate.
      • A straight biography would have been a more obvious project to undertake.
      • They can't even explain why they wouldn't give me a straight answer.
      • But this is one time when no one should accept not getting a straight answer.
      • A The straight answer is that it's possible, but very unlikely.
      • This time, the message was simple and straight: You too will grow old one day.
      • Whilst not everyone will agree with what he says, they will respect his conviction, his honesty and his straight talking.
      • On the issue of the replacement, the coach said it was not as simple as making a straight swap.
      • Rosemary asked him what the problem was but she could not get a straight answer from him.
      • It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no grudges and no problems.
      • But the people he deals with are all evasive to the point that he can't get a straight answer.
      • I wasn't going to be doing any watching so I thought it best to put it in simple, straight terms.
      • Long ago, I promised myself that I would always give my children a straight answer whenever they asked anything of me.
      • If two teams end level for second place there will be a straight play-off.
      • I don't think that they gave a straight answer to any of the questions they were asked by either Brokaw or each other.
      • They're the ones that people in the industry know and recognise as the straight journalism courses.
      • The only way to truly find out why would be to ask all the coaches how they voted and even then it might be hard to get a straight answer.
      • Poor old George is really struggling because he always tries to give straight answers even when the truth is better left unsaid.
      • In both cases, a straight choice is being made between doing something and paying somebody else to do it for you while you do something more lucrative.
      • I have a lot of respect for him because he was always straight with me.
      • But give me a straight choice between this and the economics of the jungle that is fair trade, and I will choose the present system.
      • He said on Friday that if he had been given a straight choice between the Scotland job and the Leicester one, he would have taken the latter.
      • By contrast, in the run-up to the war, he appeared to be straight, direct and sincere.
      • But one thing I did notice: in interviews, Clarke is refreshingly good at giving a straight answer.
      • For now it seems like a straight choice: pay more in tax for a better service for all, or pay more privately to ensure your personal health.
      • People were straight with me that day, but suddenly I was fair game for the media.
      • What we need is honesty and more straight talking about the choices we face as a country, about the real costs of what is proposed or the actual costs of the state's retreat.
      • The younger woman kept silent, wishing her mother would just give her a straight answer for a change and stop lecturing.
      • Italy usually leaves non-meat eaters with a straight choice between pasta and pizza.
      • Disruption is inevitably compounded by having to rearrange the team to change positions and adjust tactics, rather than make a straight swap.
      • In the eyes of our leaders there is a straight choice to be made by everyone.

    • 3.2(unmixed)

      (gin/vodka) solo
      I always have my Scotch straight siempre tomo el whisky solo
      • He said that since the shutdown, bartenders cannot serve straight alcohol.
      • That makes it more difficult for employees to hide beer, wine, or straight liquor in a Styrofoam cup or shaded glass.
      • Grey and Flanagan nodded and watched as O'Hara proceeded to pour not just a shot, but a full glass of straight whisky.
      • Before he can order, a straight shot of whiskey is dropped in front of him.
      • I didn't want to just order a beer - how classic - or a glass full of straight vodka.
      • Holding the bottle by the neck she took her first sip; it tasted of blackberries, but mostly of straight liquor.
      • Vodka is always drunk straight, accompanied by pickled or salty food.
      • Five minutes later had me at the side of the school opening the bag and taking a huge gulp of straight vodka.
      • She orders straight vodka because she remembers a magazine ad that made it look crisp and tasty.
      • By the age of 14 Annie was drinking straight vodka, smoking cannabis on a daily basis and almost never going to school.

  • 4

    (honest, frank)
    (question) directo
    all I want is a straight yes or no lo único que quiero es que me digas que sí o que no, sin más
    • you won't get a straight answer out of him no conseguirás que te dé una respuesta clara
    • I've been absolutely straight with you about the whole business no te he ocultado nada del asunto
  • 5

    he won in straight sets ganó sin perder / sin conceder ningún set
    • she's had five straight wins ha ganado cinco veces seguidas
    • this is the fifth straight day it's happened este es el quinto día seguido que pasa
    • a straight flush una escalera real
  • 6

    • 6.1(serious)

      (play/actor) dramático
      (play/actor) serio
      (composer) de música seria
      • It is a subject familiar to us from screwball farces, and one from which a straight drama could also be drawn.
      • The West End is also suffering from the lack of successful straight plays.
      • She saw her first straight play at the age of nine.
      • He had been seen in one variety programme, one straight play and once on the panel of ‘What's my line?’
      • It's a great experience as there is a lot more latitude but I actually prefer dramas and straight thrillers.
      • Trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Howard performed in straight plays on both sides of the Atlantic.
      • This part of the film develops slowly, and is predominantly a straight drama.
      • It isn't every day a London theatre presenting a straight play gets an audience like this one seems to be attracting.
      • Without that it would be pretty drab and dull, like a straight play.
      • Though the subject matter is somewhat similar, this is a straight drama, devoid of comic moments and Seventies retro.
      • You know, I was hired to be the straight woman for all these funny people.
      • He has played comedy roles and straight roles and done voiceovers.

    • 6.2informal (conventional)

      straight sex relaciones sexuales convencionales femenino
      • It's far too easy to grow up as a gay man convinced that the best thing all round is to be straight.
      • I mean, I love being me and part of that is being bi, and I presume straight people feel the same about their straightness.
      • Privileged straight people rarely ever believe you if you tell them that so many kids get kicked out for being gay.
      • In the meantime, Gray was working hard to convince a straight person in her life that it was OK to attend.
      • My children have grown up seeing no difference between gay and straight people.
      • I don't really care what it's called, but if non-religious straight people can get married, so should gays.
      • One reader even suggested that an organization should be founded to encourage other straight people to do the same.
      • The fact is that gay people can serve their country just as bravely as straight people can, and thousands of them have.
      • They were very good people and very straight, honest people.
      • I spend most of my life in the company of straight people.
      • And gay people are no more immune to this accusation than are straight people.
      • They are straight, decent guys; unassuming and happy to take whatever slings and arrows are on the pitch.
      • I don't usually tell people I'm straight when I'm in gay clubs; it seems bad manners, somehow.
      • We simply don't share any characteristics other than our sexuality, any more than straight people do.
      • That's what jealous straight people will do to spoil our happiness.
      • The last event drew between 30 and 40 straight people, out of a crowd of about 150.
      • As you'd expect, it's more common for people to think gay men are straight than vice versa and that's often happened to me.
      • They're so straight, some of these people, that you can see how stressed they are when it comes to asking for cannabis.
      • Now, it's not uncommon for straight people to benignly refer to gays as queer without offending anyone.
      • It's ridiculous, because it doesn't work for straight people.
      • We had a whole bunch of straight people, who felt just as much a part of the night as anyone else.
      • I'm sick of hearing homophobic straight people talking about fags.
      • You know, it's a huge audience: a lot of straight people, a lot of teenagers, a lot of gay people, too.
      • Do heterosexuals make a conscious decision to be straight?
      • The fact of the matter is that gay people are just like straight people.
      • But let's face it - straight people have the option to get married.

    • 6.3informal (heterosexual)



  • 1

    • 1.1(in a straight line)

      (walk) en línea recta
      they live straight across from us viven justo enfrente de nosotros
      • she looked straight ahead/up miró al frente/hacia arriba
      • the truck was coming straight at me el camión se me venía encima
      • I aimed straight for his heart le apunté justo al corazón
      • he made straight for the bar se fue derecho al bar
      • can you look me straight in the eye and tell me that? ¿podrías decírmelo mirándome a la cara?
      • keep/drive straight on until you come to the lights sigue derecho hasta llegar al semáforo
      • the bullet went straight through his arm la bala le atravesó el brazo
      • As the prisoners filed out, the guard looked straight at us.
      • He looks straight at the camera and forces you, the viewer to take note of him.
      • She didn't say anything but looked straight at me before turning around and walking towards the door.
      • He picked up his bit of paper but before he could read anything, looked straight at Mario, and was promptly overcome by a fit of the giggles.
      • But most of the houses opened straight on to the road with only a single step to delineate their territory.
      • Her heart almost skipped a beat as she saw him turn around and look her straight in the eye, his face beaming with a somewhat demure smile.
      • This time she didn't jerk away, just looked straight at him with steady tears streaming down her face.
      • She poured the rubbing alcohol straight on the wound, and let a scream escape her lips as it stung terribly.
      • To stretch your hamstrings, sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you.
      • He leaned back against the counter, sitting with his legs straight in front of him.
      • Follow the riverside path straight on across fields to reach a road just to the right of Bolton Bridge across the River Wharfe.
      • ‘I looked him straight in the eye and asked him if he expected me to fish the money out of the ocean,’ she recalled.
      • I looked straight at the shop assistant behind the check-out.
      • Well, you've got to look them straight in the eye and tell them why they shouldn't quit.
      • Just after my first pitstop my steering developed a problem which meant that whenever I was driving straight it was pulling to the left.
      • I looked straight at my screen all day, but was distracted by a faint sniff sniff sniff coming from a nearby desk.
      • Follow the road straight on through the village passing the church on your left then follow Bankwell Road straight on.
      • It is not proper for young people to look straight into the eyes of a respected elder; they should instead cast their eyes downward.
      • I don't know how everyone else uses their computer but I sit with my hands on the keyboard and looking straight at the monitor.
      • The bolt left the crossbow with a whistle, straight towards its intended target.
      • On her third visit the vivid blue eyes looked straight at her.
      • Everyone waited and watched as the person just rode straight on at a fast pace, never stopping to look at them or anything.
      • He is still a charming talker who looks you straight in the eye as he languidly spins out his stories about growing up in Mexico, which he considers his spiritual home.
      • The lid fell down with a great force straight on to my hand.
      • He can look you straight in the eye when he says this.
      • Immediately after the causeway, head right through a gate and follow the lakeside path straight on then through woodland to reach a lane across your path.
      • My therapist then paused from her writing, and looked me straight in the eye.
      • There's a roar and a billowing cloud of dust as the silver off-roader pulls into the drive and hurtles straight at me, scattering pebbles.

    • 1.2(erect)

      (sit/stand) derecho
      sit up straight ponte derecho
      • Stifling a cry of pain, she stiffly moved herself into a better position holding her arms straight as possible.
      • Planes had to fly level and straight to maximise chances of hitting the target.
      • Harry pulled the child's legs out straight and pushed his robes aside so that he could remove the dressings on his cut again.
      • I pull my navy jumper straight and flex my fingers, ready to type.
      • Before he was even able to stand up straight he pulled her over towards an awaiting wagon.
      • Mark stood, shaking his long navy blue pant leg straight before walking forward and pulling out my chair.

  • 2

    • 2.1(directly)

      I came straight home from work vine directamente / derecho a casa después del trabajo
      • she drank it straight from the bottle se lo bebió directamente de la botella
      • he looked like something straight out of a horror movie parecía salido de una película de terror
      • I joined the army straight from school me alisté en el ejército en cuanto terminé el colegio
      • they walked straight in entraron sin llamar

    • 2.2(immediately)

      I went out straight after dinner salí inmediatamente después de cenar
      • I regretted it straight afterwards me arrepentí inmediatamente
      • that music takes me straight back to my childhood esa música me transporta a mi infancia
      • I'll bring it straight back enseguida lo devuelvo
      • I'll come straight to the point iré derecho / directamente al grano
      • if you do that again, you go straight to bed si vuelves a hacer eso, te vas derechito a la cama

  • 3

    • 3.1informal (frankly)

      con franqueza
      give it to me straight, Meg, am I going to get better? dímelo con franqueza, Meg ¿me voy a mejorar?
      • I think just tell them straight that you cannot take up their job offer.
      • You need to tell him straight and not make excuses; it's not your fault that you like another person and it's not as if you used to be going out with him, so it won't be so bad telling him. Just say I'm sorry, I don't feel the same.

    • 3.2informal (honestly)

      are you playing straight with me? ¿estás jugando limpio conmigo?

  • 4

    (play) de manera clásica
  • 5coloquial

    (at fixed price)
    they sell at 50 cents straight se venden todos a 50 centavos


  • 1

    • 1.1(on race track)

      the straight la recta
      • to reach/enter the (final) straight llegar a/entrar en la recta final
      • We jogged the corners of the track and sprinted the straights.
      • It's known for being quite a sandy surface, with a lot of straights and then junctions at the end of those.
      • He kept his horse against the far rails all the way up the straight for a popular win in the Stanley Racing Handicap.
      • Players can choose to specialise in outdoor motocross tracks with their long straights and sweeping turns, or hit the massive jumps for the stadium-based supercross series.
      • There are larger run-off areas, longer straights, the track is wider and overtaking is possible.
      • She ran an excellent bend to enter the straight in third position and hung on to finish in 23.25 secs.
      • The field bunched up turning into the straight with over four furlongs to run and a host of horses were in with a chance.
      • For example, the finishing straight at Cheltenham is uphill, which tests a horse's stamina.
      • I twist the throttle and with a tinny burble the bike leaps forward and sweeps around the first right-hand curve and into the straight.
      • Woodbine, with big, sweeping turns and a long straight, is the perfect track for European horses.
      • His ride petered out as the horses came into the straight.

    • 1.2(straight line)

      cut the material on the straight corta la tela al hilo

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (heterosexual)

      heterosexual femenino
      • I've had a lot of straights come up to me and say, ‘We didn't know this was going on.’
      • Automakers are also targeting gay and lesbian consumers through ads that mean one thing to gays and another to straights.
      • Giving marriage to gays doesn't mean taking it away from straights, any more than giving the vote to women meant taking it away from men, or letting blacks at the front of the bus meant that whites could no longer ride there.
      • The show received wide acclaim from lesbians and straights alike.
      • I have heard both gays and straights say that bisexuals can exercise heterosexual privilege and live a straight life, enjoying all the rights that gays don't have.
      • They don't respect the sexuality of gays and lesbians the same way they do that of straights.
      • A lot of straights are confused about what to think about homosexuality, but it doesn't help matters that a lot of gays seem to be equally confused.
      • Marriage is not governed by any religious authority for straights and should not be for gays.
      • Nobody knows what makes someone gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight.
      • When I used to go out to the gay bars in Canterbury with Stephen, you would find me chatting and laughing with the straights and the lesbians, while Stephen went off with his gay friends.
      • Neither does it permit gay employers or shopkeepers to discriminate against straights, or adulterers or swingers to discriminate against monogamists.
      • Despite these shocking cases, the overwhelming majority of straights serve with distinction and deserve America's gratitude for defending democracy.
      • ‘There is no difference on average between the economic status of gays and lesbians and straights,’ Badgett says.
      • Like straights, gays have interpersonal issues with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors that are not related to homophobia.
      • Less homophobia does not mean gays will become like straights.
      • Attempting to turn gays straight is no less ludicrous than attempting to turn straights gay.
      • Maybe straights will buy it because it's funny and different.
      • I don't think they were interested in alienating straights as much as they were in demonstrating our unstoppable ability to enjoy ourselves.
      • I used my column in an uphill battle to educate gays and straights about the horrible realities of AIDS.
      • There are no field studies that show conclusively or even indicate that homosexuals tend to raise and nurture their younger relatives more that straights do.

    • 2.2informal (conventional person)

      tipo convencional masculino coloquial
      tipa convencional femenino coloquial

  • 3

    escalera femenino
    corrida femenino México
    • Each royal flush is 7 points, a straight flush is 6 points, straights are 4 points, and 4-of-a-kinds are 2 points.
    • The next person with a straight can guess a card.
    • You can make pairs, triples, four-of-a-kinds, or straights.
    • Some players do not count straights or flushes at all in this game.
    • Aces are normally high, but can be low in straights.