Traducción de stranger en Español:


desconocido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstreɪndʒər//ˈstreɪn(d)ʒə/


  • 1

    desconocido masculino
    desconocida femenino
    (from another place) forastero masculino
    (from another place) forastera femenino
    a perfect / total stranger un perfecto desconocido
    • don't speak to strangers no hables con extraños / desconocidos
    • hello, stranger! ¡dichosos los ojos que te ven!
    • you're not welcome here, stranger largo de aquí, forastero
    • I'm a stranger here myself yo tampoco soy de aquí
    • Whenever there is strangers in the area, they can feel it.
    • We are strangers here and some of us speak no English.
    • Mirza, like most romantic heroes, was a stranger to Sahiban's land and belonged to a feuding clan.
    • He was a stranger to Scotland until he married the daughter of the 17th Earl of Sutherland.
    • The harsh winter which had swept over this famous city was over, although someone who was a stranger to this town would have thought otherwise.
    • Dozens of members were also quizzed in a bid to jog memories and possibly identify anyone who may have been a stranger to the club.
    • If you don't know Danny Burke around Castlerea, you sure are a stranger to the region!
    • Small children smiled happily at us who were strangers in their town.
    • Many Muslims have fled to neighbouring states where they are strangers and don't always know the local language.
    • I also came as a stranger to Bolivia to work and to tend people and use my knowledge to help them.
    • Knowing that they exist in those parts it didn't come as a shock, but if I was a stranger to the area it would probably have thrown me.
    • Should I have been a stranger to York I may have found the painted aerial mural of the city a little confusing.
    • Unfortunately, as a stranger to this small town, I did not know the local resources.
    • Though he grew up in Ligonier, Corbett is not a stranger to the Seward and Armagh areas.
    • Our taxi driver hadn't uttered a word thus far, not even the acknowledgement of knowing where he was taking us, who were strangers in the big unwelcome city.
    • Hardly any contributor will be a stranger to consumers of the financial history literature.
    • Not that Davies's caution in talking about her new job results from her being a stranger to the world of medical management and policy making.
    • Once, as we were strangers there, a local policeman asked us for identification, which my mother could not supply.
    • He was a stranger to these parts. No one knew for sure what to make of him.
    • When women marry they often move over long distances into households where they are strangers.