Traducción de strap en Español:


correa, n.

Pronunciación /strap//stræp/


  • 1

    (of leather, canvas) correa femenino
    (for razor) suavizador masculino
    (for razor) correa femenino
    (on bus, train) correa femenino
    (on bus, train) agarradera femenino
    shoe strap tira del zapato femenino
    • Combined with a fetching ensemble of white leather belts and straps, the effect is arresting.
    • Velcro closures keep the case securely closed, and there's a strap for belt carry.
    • The painting shows the collectors transporting the trees in large clay pots carried on straps.
    • They wore wine satin ballerina-length dresses with shoestring straps, and carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet.
    • A light rain falls on her shoulders as she pulls her purse up by its leather strap and sighs.
    • All over her were cuts and her clothing was ripped by the impact of the whip's leather strap.
    • You never had to think about ribbon belts or decorative bra straps.
    • The canteen was a hard leather flask with straps to tie it to a belt.
    • The leather strap of her shoulder holster had been oiled.
    • It had school satchel style leather straps and buckles instead of Velcro or twist fasteners.
    • Two clips sat on either side of the leather carry strap.
    • Adrian also says the hawk is trailing leather straps which tied it to a perch.
    • She took a leather strap and buckled it around my wrist, attaching the dagger to it, pulling the sleeve down to conceal the weapon.
    • Slung across his shoulder on a leather strap was a wicker basket.
    • He slipped it back into the scabbard and then picked up the streamlined sniper rifle, slinging it over his shoulder by its leather strap.
    • I am quite sure however, that shampoo and leather straps would be involved at certain points in the process.
    • But the leather straps are splattered with paint from foolishly decorating in them once, so they could really do with an entire replacement at some point.
    • My mother swayed over to the door in her black leather shoes, straps strangling her white ankles and heels.
    • Over his battle tunic went the clean white leather belts and honest straps.
    • Carry handbags with short straps; those that sling a long way down are easy targets
  • 2shoulder strap

    tirante masculino
    bretel masculino Cono Sur
  • 3Britanico

    to give sb the strap darle a algn con la correa

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    atar con una correa
    sujetar con una correa
    amarrar con una correa América Latina Río de la Plata
    to strap oneself in ponerse / abrocharse el cinturón de seguridad
    • I strapped up my trunk le puse la correa al baúl
  • 2Britanico

    she strapped my ankle me vendó el tobillo