Traducción de strapless en Español:


sin tirantes, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstrapləs//ˈstræpləs/


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    sin tirantes
    sin breteles Cono Sur
    (invariable adjective) strapless México Venezuela
    • I had on a hot pink halter top with a pink strapless bra and my really short black skirt with a pink thong.
    • My strapless bra I'd had on the day before was draped over a lampshade nearby.
    • My hair was a mess of split ends and my strapless bra didn't show up until two days before the dance.
    • On Friday after work, I went to the mall and bought a black strapless dress which zipped up in the back.
    • She was wearing a tight fitting light pink strapless dress with a matching velvet cabby hat.
    • If she is wearing a strapless gown, you need to buy a wrist corsage.
    • Avoid a closed-up neckline, and strapless gowns, which usually push the bust up too much.
    • Layers of stiff net petticoats went under taffeta strapless dresses that made waists look tiny.
    • This voluminous strapless gown took 550 hours of labor just to do the embroidery.
    • And the flared sleeve dress shirt and strapless dress combo is just unusual enough to be interesting but not weird.
    • The black, strapless gown was well suited to Darcy, more so than she probably thought.
    • The strapless dress was a very dark purple, made out of the finest velvet.
    • I grabbed my jeans and put them on and then I undid my strapless bra so that I could put on my regular black one.
    • Her matching evening dress was strapless with a flared skirt and in the same material.
    • Now here she was in her dark blue strapless dress wrapped snugly in Ethan's coat a can of coke in her hand.
    • Melissa took off her jeans jacket and straightened her tank top so it would cover her strapless bra properly.
    • It was a vibrant red strapless dress with a large slit up the right side.
    • She was wearing a red, strapless dress, and the back was laced up with black laces.
    • They wore gold strapless dresses with diamanté detail, and pearl tiaras.
    • It was a strapless dress, and had a beautiful corset type of arrangement in the back.