Traducción de streak en Español:


lista, n.

Pronunciación /strik//striːk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(line, band)

      lista femenino
      raya femenino
      (in hair) reflejo masculino
      (in hair) mechón masculino
      (in meat, marble) veta femenino
      (of ore) veta femenino
      (of ore) filón masculino
      a streak of light un haz / un rayo de luz
      • Her cheeks were flushed and tear streaks from her mascara lined them in black rivulets.
      • Where the whitewash had peeled away, long streaks of dark wood slashed the walls like welts.
      • Their heads and faces are plain, without lines or streaks.
      • Solid streaks of cerulean blue or vibrant cyan give the small details she depicts a life that can only be attained through extensive, lucid observation.
      • A silver streak lined her neatly pinned hair, though age had not yet made it the dominant color.
      • Be sure all wax is completely buffed until hard to avoid smears and streaks.
      • He was neither young nor old, but streaks of grey hair lined his jet-black hair.
      • Symptoms are pale green new leaves with black streaks between the veins.
      • As the shadows grew, long red and violet streaks dashed the clouds.
      • Rinse off then give a final wipe over with a weak solution of vinegar and water to produce a sparkling surface free of streaks.
      • He made some rich dark chocolate and smeared it with streaks of green wasabi that gave it a delicious burn.
      • Her hand travelled down the glass, smearing a clear streak through the cloudy vapour that formed on the window's face.
      • They have a thin streak of white scales that extends above their anterior eyes.
      • Rubbing her face with the palm of her hand and smearing the tear streak, Janet sighed and rose from her bed, thinking about all the things her mother used to tell her.
      • Part of the appeal of these paintings lies in the minute variations between the hand-drawn bands and free-running streaks.
      • When choosing beef fillet, the outer flesh should be a bright, purplish-red colour laced with thin streaks of white fat.
      • High cirrus clouds form white streaks across its surface and a number of dark storms act as flaws and focus for the eye.
      • Blurry fields of murky browns and grimy grays almost overwhelm the odd streaks and smears of hot lavender and violet, and splashes of blue and green.
      • She had waist-length black hair with bright red streaks and was of medium build.
      • She let go of his neck, placing her slender fingers on his cheek and tracing his jawbone, a streak of red defining it better.

    • 1.2(in personality)

      veta femenino
      she has a mean streak tiene algo de mezquina
      • to have a yellow streak tener algo de cobarde
      • This cultured exterior hides a streak of juvenile depravity.
      • His sublime midfield skills were offset by a ruthless streak which lingers in the memory.
      • He was handsome and well-mannered but there was an underlying streak, just under the surface, she didn't like.
      • Rather, it was a combination of both mental and physical elements that kept the streak alive.
      • Ostensibly, Becky is a figure of feminine fierceness, and perhaps her streak of opportunism is a positive element of her character.
      • Her uncle always possessed a materialistic streak to his character, even when it came down to breaks between appointments.
      • The Aberdeen defender is a youngster with a mischievous streak never far from the surface.
      • It's very controversial because there's a strong streak in popular culture that goes back to common law.
      • Has there really been an anti-market streak in Indian political culture with the prevalence of Gandhian values and emphasis on group equity and rights?
      • He acknowledges she was capricious and had a ruthless streak.
      • Smith possessed a vainglorious streak to his character, but also showed great valour and judgement.
      • He is known as a courteous man, but with a ruthless streak.
      • He remained married and close to his family but despite a narrow streak of puritanism in his make-up, lived openly for years with his mistress, a chorus girl and minor actress, less than half his age.
      • His violent streak is said to have surfaced following the death of his 20-month-old baby son in 1987.
      • Frye is a double threat on offense; a solid perimeter shooter with a fearless streak.
      • It's a kind of anti-intellectualism, a streak in contemporary culture that is sceptical of the mature, educated adult - as if to be that is the worst of all possible sins.
      • Today's reading highlights the jealous streak in his character.
      • His ruthless streak was demonstrated when he dumped Burley after a reported disagreement over team selection.
      • Krystal's independent streak bubbled to the surface again.
      • It's also the pressure of culture and religion which can cause depression or the rebellious streak.

  • 2

    racha femenino
    a streak of luck/bad luck una racha de suerte/de mala suerte
    • to have / be on a winning/losing streak tener una buena/mala racha
    • I'm on a lucky streak estoy de (buena) suerte
    • I've often argued for Castillo, citing a five-year streak of solid OBP numbers, along with good speed, and solid defense.
    • The team entered last weekend on a season-high six-game losing streak, and it appears other teams are catching up to Minnesota.
    • And the racing fanatic was set to boost his winnings to a massive £2 million jackpot if his lucky streak continued.
    • He finished at 283, ending his streak of 40 consecutive stroke-play tournaments under par.
    • When he stands next to someone on a winning streak and bets on their numbers, luck leaves the table.
    • This losing streak continued against Trinidad.
    • The solid defense that propelled the winning streak was in top form.
    • They have lost nine matches in a row, and with a batting line-up so inexperienced, that losing streak could well stretch to 13 by the time this tournament is done.
    • After an eight-game losing streak earlier this month, their chances of making the postseason were as low as Rogers' popularity with reporters.
    • Stock markets will break their three-year losing streak, but the recovery will be unspectacular, Irish business leaders said.
    • It was no contest the rest of the way as Dallas avoided its first four-game losing streak in more than three years.
    • I understand that South Carolina, less than a year removed from a 21-game losing streak, is at the top of the East Division.
    • Only the past two losses in the team's three-game losing streak were winnable.
    • Turning to stocks, the Nasdaq continued its losing streak today.
    • It seemed like Ian was always working on some solid streak, as he had six hitting streaks over six games, though none over eleven.
    • Will New York's uncanny streak of luck continue?
    • But if that losing streak from last season carries into 2003, all bets are off.
    • In the midst of a losing streak, a contingent of backup players complained about playing time.
    • The index fell for a fifth consecutive day on Friday, its longest losing streak in nine months.
    • The longer his losing streak continues the less likely he is to leap the final psychological barrier.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (move rapidly)
    she streaked into the lead rápida como un rayo, se colocó a la cabeza
    • it streaked past the window pasó como una centella por delante de la ventana
    • lightning streaked across the sky un rayo hendió el cielo
    • An alley cat streaked about the opposite side of the way, catching at a rat of some sort.
    • The loading vehicle sped off, streaking down the street until it was out of view.
    • His heart pounding near to bursting, he streaked across the shadowed streets.
    • A flowing move through six pairs of hands sent Mark Walsh streaking over in the corner but the conversion attempt went inches wide.
    • Soon the order was obeyed and six missiles streaked off and into the depth of the fleet.
    • Thinking it was Jude, she leapt up and streaked across the room.
    • Dozens of missiles streaked out of the aircraft.
    • Lightning streaked across the sky, and collected into a huge ball.
    • While I staggered on, the children streaked ahead, striking up conversations left, right and centre.
    • Moss attacks vertically, using his speed to streak downfield and his size and leaping ability to snatch passes away from defenders.
    • He immediately fed senior point guard Chris Hernandez, who was streaking down the right sideline.
    • On the streets, cars streaked by with their feral engines roaring and blood-red beams of lights sparkling, like demonic eyes from their exterior.
    • There was a flash of light between them, streaking down so fast Jennifer didn't catch any glare until it was over.
    • Somehow it missed her head, but pain streaked through her left leg and she couldn't move.
    • Doors flew by me as I streaked down the street, nearly blind in the dark.
    • He streaked away into the sky, disappearing from view almost immediately.
    • My anger wore off quickly as I walked home, but not before I had unnecessarily kicked a stone hard and barely missed a giant black cat that had streaked past.
    • While Natasha helped her friend up, he streaked after the salamander, which moved surprisingly fast for such a little, young thing.
    • He came slowly in through the plants, the cat streaking past him in alarm.
    • They streaked through the streets to highlight what they claimed was cruelty to the bulls.
  • 2coloquial

    (run naked)
    (correr desnudo en un lugar público) hacer streaking
    • He became famous for such antics as dancing on table tops, enlivening parties by performing bump and grind striptease acts and, once, streaking naked around a swimming pool.
    • He used to enjoy streaking naked around the streets of his hometown and even got stopped by police for committing the lewd prank.
    • We want to publicise ourselves by basically streaking.
    • The door flew open suddenly and two naked blurs streaked past.
    • People ally themselves with the dead for the same reason they tell fantastic tales or streak naked through the college quad: to command attention.
    • And in the 1970s, the fad was streaking: running naked through campus.
    • Two men arrested for streaking naked at a rugby match in Newlands on Saturday would no longer be welcome at the ground, the Western Province Rugby Football Union said yesterday.
    • The company has been pushing their new line of running shoes, the most high-profile ad so far being the streaking naked man at the soccer game.
    • The rugby league world has been spared the sight of him streaking naked around a pitch for at least another year.
    • At least 20 naked male students streaked past fellow students competing in athletics competition last night.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    tears streaked her face tenía el rostro surcado de lágrimas
    • she's had her hair streaked se ha hecho mechas / claritos / reflejos (en el pelo)
    • to be streaked with sth
    • his clothes were streaked with paint llevaba la ropa manchada de pintura
    • her hair is already streaked with gray ya tiene el cabello entrecano
    • the rocks were streaked with ore las rocas tenían vetas de mineral
    • Her eyes were red, and her cheeks were streaked with tears.
    • The sky was streaked with gold and red now, a wonderful sight to comprehend.
    • The lane is streaked with curvilinear snow, in places trodden into blue ice.
    • All of these windows were streaked with blinds, forbidding the light from entering what lay behind the stoic structure.
    • Collette's eyes were red and watery, and her face was streaked with tears.
    • The sky was streaked with pink highlights as the sun slowly sank.
    • Each petal was streaked with brown, wilting from the cold.
    • Maria's face was streaked with mascara, and Luke was clenching his fists.
    • Her hair was tousled and fell loosely around her face, which was streaked with what looked to be a combination of ash and dirt.
    • He uncovered his face, which was streaked with tears.
    • The sun has streaked the front, so it looks more blond and less strawberry.
    • Her cheeks were streaked with a mixture of tears and mascara.
    • Outside each, fruit trees, figs and vines were streaked with the ubiquitous dust.
    • It was streaked with tears and his shirt was covered in blood.
    • There were bruises and her face was streaked with tears.
    • Out on the roof, the sky was black streaked with light.
    • The hazy sky was streaked with white clouds.
    • The sky is streaked with blues and pinks, and at the bottom of the frame, the sand is glowing in the fading light.
    • Now the front of him was streaked with mud as well.
    • It is the morning of New Year's Eve, 2003, and the sky above my home in Brooklyn is streaked with jet trails, portents of unseen danger.