Traducción de stream en Español:


arroyo, n.

Pronunciación /striːm//strim/


  • 1

    • 1.1(small river)

      arroyo masculino
      riachuelo masculino
      • After buying a licence you have hundreds of fishable streams creeks and rivers to fish.
      • As we travelled to Tavistock, we crossed over flooded streams and rivers that all had plenty of colour.
      • Each day's ride will leave participants breathless as they view deep gorges, whitewater rivers, cool streams, and a variety of wildlife.
      • Anatids inhabit aquatic habitats such as lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and marshes.
      • Because of tidal action, which in its own way can be a form of marine structure, bays are more akin to rivers and streams than to lakes and reservoirs.
      • The streams and rivers offer excellent fly fishing for trout and bass; hook a smallmouth on a six weight rod and you're having fun.
      • Global warming could devastate lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands throughout the United States.
      • With hundreds of colour photos and instructions on animal recognition the book is a guide to measuring the health of rivers, streams, ponds and wetlands.
      • Having said that, water quality in our lowland streams and rivers is poor, which is something we are working to turn round.
      • Yet violation of the fishing regulations was endemic on nearly all salmon rivers and streams in the three provinces.
      • My chosen tackle for sea trout when fishing small rivers and streams is usually a six weight rod with floating line and a nine foot leader.
      • They nest in hardwood stands, almost always on or near rivers, streams, or other wetlands.
      • The flow of that water - in brooks, streams, rivulets, rivers, and lakes - frames much of what makes Kentucky so lush and alluring.
      • It's also a good idea to look out for bays, islands, in-flowing streams and out-flowing rivers.
      • The rivers, streams, wetlands, and coastal areas of the Great Lakes system are key, because fish and other animal species depend on them for habitat.
      • Approximately 20 million acres of rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands could be at risk.
      • You also should plant the banks of streams, creeks and rivers with erosion-preventing vegetation.
      • No creeks, streams, or rivers ran through any of the study areas.
      • Where the influence of a stream or river is possible, even of short duration, that hypothesis should be considered.
      • Should by chance the rain keep falling (I can't remember when it last stopped!) bringing the rivers and streams into flood, then all is not lost.

    • 1.2(current)

      corriente femenino
      • As we departed, we could see streams of people still entering the city from all directions.
      • It has seen large streams of visitors since it opened and the organisers are quite pleased with their efforts this year.
      • A stream of animals is flowing across the road, raising dust from hundreds and thousands of cloven hooves.
      • And then, in the gathering heat, we returned over country roads, avoiding the long streams of vehicles coming in for the Bank Holiday weekend.
      • A steady stream of visitors from the school-system hierarchy also thronged the courtroom.
      • Floyd said the Johnson home in Melville was still receiving streams of visitors and appealed to people to make an appointment before visiting the boy.
      • Armed with a book and ostensibly reading, I had found a good vantage point, as I could monitor the streams of people from both directions.
      • Melodious tunes rang out through the day until late afternoon, entertaining streams of visitors and fellow students.
      • Off to the west is what was once Legion Avenue, where steady streams of cars and trucks barrel in from the suburbs or head out to them along twin one-way roads given over entirely to traffic.
      • This would enable two streams of traffic to continue in and out of the city, rather than the short-sighted solution of closure.
      • So, seized with impatience and eager to get the party started, we headed on, following the streams of people going the same direction.
      • Karachi became the first capital of Pakistan, struggling to find its feet and to accommodate the incoming streams of refugees.
      • They have seen streams of refugees from both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola, the majority of whom they have played host to.
      • There was no far-off hum of constant traffic, no train whistles or car horns, and certainly no distant streams of moving lights from the nearest highway.
      • A stream of hounds flow in full cry across the field, the huntsman on foot behind.
      • In Britain, steady streams of commuters continued to pay their respects to the victims of the London terrorist bombings.
      • A steady stream of them continuously marched right down the middle of the log and into Ana's precious ariat.
      • He points out that the great streams of visitors to the Eternal City for the various jubilees have had a large impact on the city and its monuments.
      • Bicycles were again in the spotlight at a local housing estate last week, which day in, day out plays host to a steady stream of fast moving traffic.
      • Every day, streams of visitors enter to witness the markings of history.

  • 2

    a thin stream of water issued from the fountain un chorrito de agua salía de la fuente
    • a stream of lava un río de lava
    • a stream of sunlight entered the room el sol entró a raudales en la habitación
    • she poured out a stream of abuse at him le soltó una sarta de insultos
    • the affair generated a stream of books and articles el caso generó un torrente de libros y artículos
    • there is a continuous stream of traffic pasan vehículos continuamente
    • streams of people were coming out of the theater un torrente de personas salía del teatro
  • 3Britanico

    conjunto de alumnos agrupados según su nivel de aptitud para una asignatura
    • The reason, according to Richmond High principal Darlene Macklam, lies in the fact that not all the school's students are enrolled in the academic stream.
    • Instead, her IQ of 109 took her to Ryder Brow Secondary Modern, where she was in top streams despite poor attendance.
    • He devoted so much time to amateur dramatics that he slipped from the top stream to the bottom and failed all bar one of his nine O-levels.
    • Those not in the A stream are taught at a different pace.
    • This means the two streams are often taught different subjects in the same room at the same time.
    • She's in the top stream at school, and her marks on tests are always great.
    • The posh lump in the top stream all had proper classical music instruments like clarinets and trumpets.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(flow)

      blood streamed from the wound salía / manaba mucha sangre de la herida
      • water streamed from the burst pipe el agua salía a chorros / a torrentes de la tubería rota
      • tears were streaming down her cheeks le corrían lágrimas por las mejillas
      • the sunlight was streaming in through the window el sol entraba a raudales por la ventana
      • the children streamed in from the yard los niños entraron en tropel del patio
      • traffic was streaming out of the city salían caravanas de vehículos de la ciudad
      • He had just gotten in from the ocean, and water was streaming down his body, dripping onto everything in sight.
      • I took a step to the right to avoid the vase water streaming in my direction.
      • First, it was just a big block in his throat, then it turned into water streaming down his cheeks.
      • Sunlight and fresh air streamed inside and instantly she felt better.
      • The cold air streamed around Lily and blew into her ears.
      • I'll fix that, she smiled, breathing in the fresh air streaming in at her through the open window.
      • He was waving his arms around, trying to get used to the fact that water was streaming down his face.
      • I felt drenched, the water was streaming down my face, and my immaculate hair was soaked.
      • In spring, I can feel the currents of cool air streaming toward me carrying odors of herbs and roots.
      • He could see little droplets of tears streaming down her face.
      • Lanette nodded, salty water streaming down her cheeks.
      • Only a few rivulets of water were streaming down its sides.
      • Even inside she could feet its heat pressing in all around her despite the cool air streaming in from the vent.
      • With the windows wide-open and natural light and fresh air streaming into the gallery space, the artworks of Mahlangu come to life.
      • I stepped into the shower, the water streaming down over my body, and continued to think about everything.
      • It hit Abbey squarely on the face and she instantly had water streaming down her face.
      • As the water was streaming down her dry throat, she heard the people begin to talk, though she could hear no words.
      • Ayden arrived at the hospital out of breath with water streaming down his jacket.
      • Water was streaming from the pipes and the door had been blown from its hinges.
      • A wayward droplet of water streamed down his already soaked arm.

    • 1.2(run with liquid)

      peeling onions makes my eyes stream cuando pelo cebollas me lloran los ojos
      • the walls streamed with water corría agua por las paredes
      • I've got a streaming cold me gotea constantemente la nariz

  • 2

    (flag/hair) ondear
    • She swung towards the raucous men, her raven hair streaming behind her.
    • Hannah's dark green cloak streamed out behind her as we pushed forward in the wind.
    • All of the sudden the door was flung open and Lexi burst into the room, hair streaming behind her as she raced across the room to fling her arms around me.
    • She had blonde hair streaming down to her waist and clear blue eyes.
    • Dark black skirts streamed to the ground, gathering lightly on the floor.
    • Sakura raced down the path of the park, her hair streaming like ribbons in the wind, with Sin walking slowly behind her.
    • Emily rolled over and stood up, raising her hands above her head, her long dark brown hair streaming down her back.
    • The wind gently blew against her face as she kicked off, swinging into the air, leaving her loose hair streaming behind her.
    • Molly ran out of the room, her pure blonde hair streaming behind her.
    • Her hair streamed behind her and fanned out like a cloak and her skirts flew up around her slender legs in a tornado of color.
    • Her flowing red hair was streaming out the window, the black tips flapping in the wind.
    • Master Welms smiled through his light grey eyes, young yet experienced face, and his light brown hair streaming through a soft wind.
    • This young lady in her fringed green cowboy suit with boots dyed to match struck me as an image out of time, her blonde hair streaming backwards under her Stetson.
    • Everyone in the dining hall watched as Nina stood from her chair and stormed off, blonde hair streaming behind her like rays of light rippling across a pond.
    • She has been depicted as a queen or princess in the same tradition as Boadicea, her hair streaming in the wind as she rides her chariot into war.
    • Her long golden hair streamed behind her like a golden flag as they galloped across the plains.
    • Hair streaming in the wind, cloak rippling out behind him and eyes flashing, he bore down upon the fortifications.
    • The dark hair that streamed behind her as she ran seemed oddly familiar.
    • Her dark hair streaming behind her, she rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a bagel and started to aggressively slice it.
    • She kept saying that the reason she fell was because she was looking up, hoping to catch sight of my wide-brimmed straw hat, with the scarf streaming from it.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    my nose streamed blood me salía sangre de la nariz
    • his eyes streamed tears se le saltaban las lágrimas
  • 2Britanico

    dividir (a los alumnos) en grupos según su aptitud para una asignatura
    • Why should we be so dismissive of the grammar schools selection process when most schools stream students of similar ability for science, maths etc?
    • I went to a Scottish school where you were still streamed according to ability to some extent
    • ‘A lot of these were from schools where they had streamed them almost into a ghetto’, she explains.
    • Most secondary schools now stream children according to their ability.
    • Donnelly, however, sees no objection to streaming students according to ability and interests, within a school or between schools.
    • The expectations are further reinforced in those school systems where children are streamed by ability.
    • Each year was streamed as A, B, or C according to academic ability.
    • Pupils are then streamed in each subject according to their ability and aptitude.
    • At the last of six therapy sessions, Samuel had been streamed within the public school system into a program for creative children.
    • There is a politically correct hostility against streaming students and against grade acceleration.
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    descargar en continuo