Traducción de streamlined en Español:


aerodinámico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstrimlaɪnd//ˈstriːmlʌɪnd/


  • 1

    (plane/car) aerodinámico
    • The building on the left is from the ‘decorative’ early period of art deco; on the right is an example from the later, unadorned streamline period.
    • They were humanoid, just as tall as Cedric, with more streamline physiques.
    • He is thinking about making sure his streamline position will be long and strong and tight.
    • This engine gave the aircraft sufficient power to enable its streamline shape to be used to its full advantage.
    • You will go faster during the kick drill and make significant strides toward improving your streamline position flexibility.
    • After each kick they hold their hands out in front in the streamline position for either one or two seconds.
    • This shade stood like a boy about 19 years old, with visible leg and arm muscles that weren't huge, but at a size that seemed to make him more streamline.
    • Let's examine a full-arm cycle starting from a streamline position.
    • It has also been argued that subglacial streamline bedforms (flutes and drumlins) are a product of subglacial deformation.
    • Now, still lying on the ground, extend your hands out front, streamline fashion, and lift your head by pressing down on your hands or forearms.
    • The main body was streamline, ending in a rounded point, with something that looked like a long, thick black loop that had been bent around the back and almost reached the point attached at various points.
    • The controller has a streamline shape that looks more like a stealth airplane than a game controller.
    • He was smartly dressed at this point in time with a suit following the streamline curve of his thighs.
  • 2

    (methods/production) racionalizado
    a streamlined kitchen una cocina de diseño funcional