Traducción de stress en Español:


tensión, n.

Pronunciación /strɛs//strɛs/


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    • 1.1(tension)

      tensión femenino
      Medicina estrés masculino
      Medicina tensión femenino
      learn how to cope with stress aprenda a sobrellevar el estrés / las tensiones
      • a stress-related illness una enfermedad provocada por / relacionada con el estrés
      • she's under great stress está muy estresada
      • to perform well under stress trabajar bien bajo presión
      • the stresses and strains of modern living las tensiones y presiones de la vida moderna
      • before noun stress management control del estrés
      • Many factors can affect blood pressure, including stress, diet, drug abuse, disease and environmental conditions.
      • Only five per cent of Manchester firms are taking measures to prevent stress - the biggest cause of workers taking time off sick.
      • It is also well documented that aggression and ‘pushiness’ can also contribute to high levels of stress and feeling pressurised.
      • As with caffeine, the influence of stress on blood pressure isn't settled.
      • Glucocorticoids released during stress also exert profound effects on endocrine function by acting both in the periphery and in the brain.
      • It is often said that asthma can be triggered by emotional stress.
      • As stress and pressure started to increase again, I found myself looking at my still cuffed wrist while my hand tightened on the pen.
      • Noise can also cause stress, high blood pressure, fatigue, loss of sleep and anxiety.
      • Nervousness and stress can increase blood pressure which in turn will increase glomerular filtration.
      • Some scientists believe that we are running out of sleep, put under mental strain by work stress, caffeine and late-night internet distractions.
      • Other cases clearly involve unbearable mental and emotional stress.
      • Kids might start smoking because of peer pressure, to relieve stress, or to rebel against their parents.
      • Although stress makes blood pressure rise temporarily, there's doubt about whether it can contribute to a long-term increase.
      • Walking can lower blood pressure, relieve stress, minimise the risk of strokes and diabetes and keeps you fit.
      • Perspective and practice lend you ways to deal with stress and cope with pressure.
      • Motherwort is reputed to release tension caused by emotional and mental stress.
      • His doctor soon signed him off work with severe stress and high blood pressure.
      • But I was very careful to not make too big of a deal about it so that I didn't pile on pressure and stress or and make him hesitant to be honest with me if he went back to it.
      • But if you haven't prepared for it and you aren't confident with that situation, then that pressure develops into stress.
      • He cannot work under stress and tension due to his very high blood pressure.

    • 1.2Física Tecnología

      tensión femenino
      • Material stress is the least controllable and most troublesome characteristic.
      • Measures of oxidative stress are correlated with the degree of impairment of LV function.
      • They too help reduce stress and pressure on the bearings.
      • The application of controlled subatmospheric pressure causes mechanical stress to tissues.
      • Parameters of glycation and oxidative stress were measured before and after the intervention.
      • An example is the stress on a material, such as a construction beam in a bridge.
      • Using atomic-scale simulations, it is possible to visualise how atoms move and interact as a material deforms under stress.
      • Fisher's PhD research involved using acoustics to measure stress in aluminum alloys.
      • Consequently, local stress, defined as force per unit area, has to increase.
      • Measuring the degree of curvature in a surface helps determine potential bending stress and material strain.
      • Both stress measures yielded results that were equivalent to the original model.
      • This compression is significantly reduced in the upper crust above the anomalous central region by the superimposed tensional loading stress.
      • Since neither antioxidant capacity nor oxidative stress was measured, an element of doubt about the adequacy of the antioxidant mix or dose is reasonable.
      • A key feature of this flow field is the kinematic linearity, i.e., doubling the pipette pressure doubles the shear stress on the cell surface.
      • For a hydro-fracture to form and propagate, fluid pressure must exceed horizontal stress plus the tensile strength of the overburden.
      • Less friction also reduces the stress imposed on the material.
      • Application of NaCl to the root system of maize plants exerts a strong water stress onto the plants.
      • In the vertebrate vascular system, shear stress exerted by blood flow has substantial effects on endothelial cell morphology and behavior.
      • A poro-elastic model which includes a coupling of fluid pressure and local stress would also affect the scale of the intrusion complex.
      • But Hahn thinks that ‘the animal is the best sensor,’ and respiration rate is a way to measure heat stress.
      • This would exert further mechanical stress on the pigments of the pastel increasing the likelihood of dislodgement.
      • In addition, the top is heated before fitting to reduce stress on the material and improve its fit.
      • The degree of stress differs in each specific case.
      • Using excessive pressure can damage equipment and exert great stress on air hoses.
      • The force of that gradient exerts massive stress on the structures.
      • Most modern sensors are electronic and work on the principle that temperature, pressure or stress affects the electrical behaviour of the sensor.
      • The degree of stress associated with high and low ambient temperatures is compounded by high humidity.
      • Use of the undeformed area to calculate stress had the effect of flattening the curves, so linear regression coefficients were compared.
      • Osmotic stress and potential defects in small ion or metabolite transport were examined on 1.2 M NaCl plates.
      • Lower pressure means less stress on the structure of the habitat and less leakage.

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    • 2.1(emphasis)

      énfasis masculino
      hincapié masculino
      to lay stress on sth enfatizar algo
      • His stress on the importance of China in the world situation was ‘petty bourgeois chauvinism’.
      • When you hear the rhythm of the guitar playing faster as you fight through a wall of enemies, then you'll understand the importance and stress on music.
      • Soviet staff manuals laid stress on the importance of deception, and divided it into strategic, operational, and tactical levels.
      • The difference was his stress on mass consciousness as the driving force of revolution.
      • Along with his brother, he then formed a pop-rock band which laid stress on a combination of vocals and guitar.
      • A fourth part of King's self-help message was his stress on the fundamental importance of the traditional family.
      • There is now much more stress on the importance of what distinguishes people - on tradition, identity, authenticity, the politics of difference.
      • The stress upon the Word did not wholly eradicate the powerful effectiveness of the image.
      • This exemplifies his wider, justified stress, on the importance of Burgundian-Netherlands culture and protagonists for Italian culture.
      • Clinton said politicians worldwide, including himself, had not put enough stress on the benefits of importing goods from other countries.
      • This kind of stress on the importance of personal charity has its limitations; charitable actions may help a few, but are unlikely to reform society as a whole.
      • Equally important is his stress on what he describes as ‘the genealogical imagination’ which typified an age obsessed by pedigree and ancestry.
      • Second would be an increased emphasis on mega-churches and the corresponding stress on the importance of numbers rather than the transformation of lives.
      • That is why I find so welcome Mathewes's stress on the importance of memory as at the heart of my concern with liberalism and modernity.

    • 2.2Lingüística Literatura

      acento (tónico) masculino
      the stress is / falls on the second syllable el acento recae sobre la segunda sílaba
      • sentence stress acentuación de la frase
      • The point was to begin to have to listen, to become aware of syllable and stress, though I didn't use those words yet, not until we went over their lyrics in the second class.
      • But there are computer programs that analyse speech to detect stress.
      • However, many researchers consider that the simplified grammar and marked stress patterns have an important role in making the structure of speech more accessible to the child.
      • Word stress is used primarily for emphasis and suffixes are stressed, as in readiness.
      • He could not manage the soft tone of a human voice or juggle the stress on certain vowels and words, and on those he could it always came out angered sounding.
      • In words of three syllables or more, stress usually falls on the penultimate syllable.
      • Further examples of this style of stress and emphasis can be found in all these three initial verses of the text.
      • It is such differences in pitch and stress that automated speech synthesis methods have difficulty capturing and reproducing.
      • He highlights intonationally the syllable of each word that is its normal main stress.
      • The name is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable.
      • The normally-stressed vowel is deleted, with stress shifted back to the initial syllable.
      • In words bearing stress on the third last syllable, and in which the penultimate syllable contains a schwa followed by either l or r, there is a tendency for the schwa to be elided.
      • It is the stress on the word ‘the’ that makes all the difference.
      • The same word in Korean might mean two different things, depending on the context and word stress.
      • ‘He abandoned mutti,’ Liena explained, with heavy stress on the final word.
      • The spelling is fundamentally phonetic and the stress falls on the next to last syllable unless indicated by an accent mark.

verbo transitivo

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    poner énfasis en
    hacer hincapié en
    they stressed the need for preventive action pusieron énfasis / hicieron hincapié en la necesidad de tomar medidas preventivas
    • I must stress once again that … vuelvo a recalcar que …
    • So, better sanitation, safe drinking water and general health awareness are the important points being stressed by the hospital.
    • I think that a very important point to stress is that these are weapons of mass disruption rather than mass destruction.
    • Another thing I think is really important to stress is that anyone, no matter how old he or she is, has the right to speak out and take action.
    • We have been stressing these points for years but are we getting there?
    • It could have come from a guest or a member of staff but the most important thing to stress is that it is a common bug that is prevalent in the community not just at Center Parcs.
    • The Commission stressed today's statement was simply outlining matters to be discussed and it had not reached a decision on any of the issues.
    • He stressed the point that the impact of his writings was so deep that even many western scholars could not resist it.
    • In a statement, the university stresses the recommendation does not reflect on the quality of teaching and learning within the department.
    • The importance of Darwin's ideas is stressed by Parkadze, a childhood friend of Stalin's.
    • Mahasin's statement stresses the importance of discrimination as a factor determining her move.
    • Free speech may well be in the minds of judges - and indeed, many judges in media cases stress how important free speech is.
    • Along similar lines, you always stress that it's important to put everything to the test of reason, and not accept things automatically.
    • He released a statement, stressing the importance of getting a routine physical exam, so that the cancer can be detected early.
    • Some of the points stressed by the participants were quite noteworthy.
    • Even while he ignores his own part in the equation, one thing English does stress, over and over, is the importance of a good panel in the modern game.
    • How can this be achieved if only the bad points are stressed all the time?
    • No negative thoughts or vibes whatsoever went into the making of it, which I stress is very important.
    • As we shall see, it is not easy to answer this simple question, especially since some passages underline his importance, while others stress his inferiority to Jesus.
    • The essays also stress how important were the dynamics of receiving cultures for the appropriation and interpretation of Christianity.
    • Tutors often stress breaks as an important element to study, but if I was compelled to do an hour's work before breakfast every morning, life would be so much easier.
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    (syllable/vowel/word) acentuar
    • ‘We all know that isn't going to work,’ Ron said, stressing the word ‘that’.
    • The way Michael stressed the word ‘our’ was not lost on Christina.
    • She stressed the word with more emphasis than she needed.
    • She stresses each syllable at different times.
    • He stressed each word in the last sentence separately, his gaze leveled on the seven attorneys and judges who would decide the 2003 champion.
    • The word she prefers to stress is ‘recognition’, which recurs throughout this thought-provoking meditation.
    • Bob manages to make very obvious things sound like genius by stressing his words and using his arms for emphasis.
    • ‘Don't go near my crew,’ he ground out, stressing each word.
    • The difficulty seems to lie primarily in getting used to the odd way metre will stress unimportant words or syllables.
    • He stresses the last word, and I stare at him indifferently.
    • He stresses every syllable of his words with an authoritative tone.
    • ‘You know how to operate this’ she spat, stressing each word quietly.
    • The words above are stressed on the first syllable.
    • ‘They were,’ Tiffany said, stressing the second word.
    • The last stressed vowel in the line, with all sounds following it, usually comprises the rhyming element.
    • Latvian words are stressed on the first syllable, and written Latvian is largely phonetic.
    • She pronounces the unfamiliar word slowly, stressing each syllable, and confirms that the student knows the number of syllables in the word.
    • There are a few cases where stressed syllables of content words are in weak positions.