Traducción de stretch en español:


estirar, v.

Pronunciación: /strɛtʃ//strɛtʃ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(extend to full length)

      (arm/leg) estirar
      (arm/leg) extender
      (wing) extender
      (wing) desplegar
      we went for a walk to stretch our legs dimos un paseo para estirar las piernas
      • David asked, stretching from a much - needed nap.
      • Rolling over in her bed, Kirby turned off her alarm clock and stretched lazily under her soft, thick, and warm comforter.
      • If you are working, use the breaks during meetings to stretch or take a brisk walk up the indoor stairway.
      • So relaxed, or tired, was she that she settled down for a power nap, stretching out on the grass and resting her head on her kit bag.
      • We'd asked the car attendant to make up the lower berth, so Yoli could stretch out and take a nap.
      • I got up from the rather cramped car and stretched out my muscles to give them some air.
      • He lazily got up and stretched, his soft skin unmarked by bruises or scarring.
      • The best place to stretch and take a nap is in the open, in the lap of nature on a hammock.
      • She stretched out her body, her muscles loosening up from the long flight of last night.
      • He's more flexible and more capable of moving and stretching for passes.
      • Mac stretched, rubbing the soft flesh of his stomach scraping dirty nails across a faded skull tattoo.
      • But I still have to allocate time for stretching, napping and sleeping, and of course, my favorite, eating.
      • Allow yourself frequent practice breaks to stretch, take a walk down the hall or get a drink of water.
      • This area was cooler with more grass than plain dirt, making me want to stretch out on the soft carpet and stare at the stars.
      • She kept her eyes open, watching her body stretch out, elongate, and dissolve.
      • Too many trainers dismiss stretching as something done by weekend toners, not hardcore bodybuilders.
      • I rolled over to stretch, reminding myself of Felix when he awoke from naps.
      • Rhythmic, lulling movement, such as, gentle rocking, stretching, jiggling and soft pressure, is applied to the body.
      • Paul sat up and stretched lazily while a soft chuckle escaped his lips.
      • She stretched languidly on the soft feather bed and imagined the duke sitting there again, just watching her, smiling at the sight of her asleep.

    • 1.2

      (rubber band/elastic) estirar
      (sweater/shirt) estirar
      (widen) ensanchar
      • But if you pull hard enough, the plastic holder stretches irreversibly and finally breaks apart.
      • Many spandex-enhanced fabrics will stretch in both directions for maximum comfort.
      • Softer metals tend to stretch more easily, which explains the different factors in the formulas for different metals.
      • Soft, springy materials like rubber and skin don't tear easily because they stretch before breaking apart.
      • Clothes to cocoon in will be soft and comfortable, stretching and retaining shape.
      • In Sejima's work, the envelope becomes fabric stretching between differently-sized slabs.
      • The blood vessels, now less elastic, can't stretch as well to accommodate the blood flow, so the pressure on artery walls increases.
      • If you replace your laces with elastic you will be able to tie them up before you slip your feet into them; the elastic will stretch to enable your foot to go in but will still be tight enough to hold your shoes on comfortably.
      • The clear glass stretched about 20 feet up, giving Arthur the most fantastic view he had ever seen.
      • In the exact middle of the room sat a long table that had the seating capacity of fifty, and was decorated with a long tablecloth of golden fabric stretching across it.
      • The white cloth stretched and clung around the features of her body, yet loosely.
      • Between the seven large towers of computer screens and CPUs you could see a dry-erase board stretching across the wall.
      • Some of the samples were oriented by PVA film stretching.
      • The cord stretches very thinly without breaking and if the yo-yo ball is swung about the head, the cord can wind tightly around the neck and throat, potentially causing strangulation.
      • Ideally, the fabric would stretch out enough for you to see through without cutting any holes.
      • He slung the now heavy bag over his shoulder, the thick fabric stretching.
      • The jeans fit him fine, but the turtleneck was a little on the tight side as the fabric stretched across his upper torso.
      • If it is too cold, he says, the plastic will be loose in summer; If it is too warm, the plastic will stretch too tight in winter.
      • Celil peered up, and more ropes and wood stretched from tree to tree.

    • 1.3(draw out)

      (wire/rope) estirar
      (sheet/canvas) extender
      we stretched paper chains from one wall to another tendimos cadenetas de papel de pared a pared
      • The other half was wrapped around her daughter, stretched to breaking.
      • The Rostrevor man's shirt was stretched and pulled by the Tyrone captain before Canavan bought the free with practised skill.
      • The second balloon is stretched over the first balloon to seal in the flour.
      • The drums are constantly wetted to keep the fabric stretched.
      • I saw him examining fallen leaves, a freshly-painted door, and the way in which an elastic fabric deformed when stretched.
      • A cloth stretched over the board is given a coating of chalk powder mixed with a water-soluble adhesive.
      • It is just a case of continually stretching the elastic band.
      • He took the little hat from my hand, sneaking a glimpse out the window before stretching the elastic cord around his chin.
      • Muscles are partially elastic so, like an elastic band, when stretched they create a passive tension.
      • It feels like two and a half hours spent watching someone see how far they can stretch an elastic band without breaking it.
      • Bergson's third image is an elastic band being stretched.
      • Jess stretched the elastic band of Lucky's undergarment as far as possible.
      • He wiped his palm across his face, stretching the elastic skin to a point and letting it fall back into place.
      • Sleeves are stretched over the bottles in a continuous roll and cut to fit by four blades at a speed of 400 sleeves per minute.
      • Let the elastics cool down while stretched, then let them shrink.
      • You can imagine the points as nails sticking out of a board with an elastic band stretched so that it rings the largest possible number of nails.
      • Immediately after the molt, the crab's new ‘soft shell’ is pliable and easily stretched.
      • Blood vessels get stretched and can break, causing bleeding.
      • Then carpet is stretched over the top of the metal and tucked under the side of the Z-bar that is not secured.
      • The fabric mask is stretched over the face and pressed firmly in place.

  • 2

    (eke out, make go further)
    (money/resources/credit) estirar
    • Merrion expect this would stretch the team's operational capabilities.
    • And police resources could be further stretched if there is a repeat of last year's illegal rave at Marloes on the August Bank Holiday weekend.
    • The Red Cross centre is currently a temporary home to 1,600 people trying to get to Britain and is stretched well beyond its capacity.
    • Stein's interim stint, expected to last two months, stretched to a year.
    • Resources could be stretched thin over a very expensive and potentially indefinite campaign.
    • The Games have thus begun in the worst conceivable manner, with an almighty drugs story dominating all headlines and now stretching beyond the weekend.
    • The precautionary effort was expected to stretch into this week.
    • But the real issue is that important resources are being stretched.
    • Labour also fears resources will be stretched at a time when its membership is depleted.
    • Military resources will be stretched during the expected conflict making it difficult to deploy troops to cover again for striking firemen and women.
    • The minutes of silence stretched into hours as the sun climbed steadily overhead.
    • Now, precious resources are being stretched even further.
    • One was a loyalist, though his loyalty had been stretched over the past few days.
    • But the longer this goes on the more stretched we will be in July when we expect the bulk of them to come in.
    • He seems to have privately concluded that his team are unlikely to beat the Turkish champions, whose run of consecutive home wins stretched to 18 matches last weekend.
    • The city has had to find alternative accommodation for those rendered homeless by the process, thus putting a further strain on its already stretched budget.
    • The Roscommon scenario may be somewhat of an exception but a number of other county boards appear extremely stretched in making ends meet.
    • There are also plans to obtain extended drinking hours and a dance licence, so the weekend stretches out just that little bit longer.
    • As you know, there are some in New York who believe your resources are being stretched too thin in New York right now.
    • The volunteer doctors there are stretched to capacity and are too few, especially at the height of malaria season.
    • Senior police are increasingly concerned that the amount of time officers are spending in court is pushing stretched resources to breaking point.
    • Conservative estimates are just for the day, but depending on what other cosmetic alterations she requires, it could stretch out for the whole weekend.
    • The airline's resources had been stretched to breaking point as it used its aircraft to evacuate passengers from Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
    • The film stretches 20 minutes of ‘real time’ in the lives of its two protagonists into the 84 minutes of the film.
    • And that, in turn, could place major strains on an already stretched relief effort.
    • From April it will be expected to find cash from an already stretched budget if it wants to keep the posts filled.
    • The force's resources have been stretched by the night-time chaos, so no doubt they will be pleased to see the back of the club as it will allow them to spend time on other issues.
    • Even with plans to import labour from neighbouring countries, Government's plans will continue to put a strain on already stretched resources.
  • 3

    • 3.1(make demands on)

      exigirle a
      my job doesn't stretch me mi trabajo no me exige lo suficiente
      • she's not being stretched at school en el colegio no le exigen de acuerdo a su capacidad
      • I wasn't fully stretched as a secretary como secretaria no estaba exigida al máximo

    • 3.2(strain)

      (patience/nerves) poner a prueba
      our resources are stretched to the limit nuestros recursos están empleados al máximo
      • my nerves are stretched to breaking point tengo los nervios a punto de estallar

  • 4

    (meaning/truth) forzar
    (truth/meaning) distorsionar
    (rules/principles) apartarse un poco de
    she's stretching it too far se está pasando un poco coloquial
    • True, one does encounter a couple of stray Marxists in humanities departments, but to say they run the show is stretching it a bit.
    • ‘This idea that Gordon rode into town on his white horse and saved the day is stretching it a bit,’ one source said.
    • In my opinion, to conclude that the gesture represents some kind of favouritism for Rangers is stretching it.
    • Although 27 years might be stretching it a bit, I think I could make that sacrifice in this instance.
    • So to say that somehow these projects were given to us is stretching it way beyond the truth.
    • If I told you that, I would be stretching it a bit.
    • You know, nothing hurts the truth like stretching it, and he stretched it just a lot.
    • Or stretching it a bit further, it becomes more abstract as a thought.
    • Maybe that is stretching it a bit, but needless to say I was overmatched.
    • Now that's stretching it a bit, don't you agree?

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) estirarse
    (when tired, sleepy) desperezarse
    he stretched up to touch the ceiling se estiró hasta tocar el techo
    • to stretch to reach sth estirarse para alcanzar algo
  • 2

    (reach, extend)
    (sea/forest/estate) extenderse
    (influence/power/authority) extenderse
    it stretches several miles south se extiende varias millas hacia el sur
    • his land stretches from the river to the mountain sus tierras abarcan / se extienden desde el río hasta la montaña
    • his grin stretched from ear to ear sonreía de oreja a oreja
    • his coat stretched right down to the ground el abrigo le llegaba hasta el suelo
  • 3

    (in time)
    to stretch back remontarse
    • to stretch over a period alargarse / prolongarse durante un período
    • our partnership stretches back more than ten years nuestra colaboración se remonta a hace más de 10 años
    • this treatment can stretch over months este tratamiento puede alargarse / prolongarse durante meses
    • a miserable future stretched before her tenía un sombrío futuro por delante
  • 4

    (be elastic)
    (elastic/rope/wire) estirarse
  • 5

    (become loose, longer)
    (garment/rope) estirarse
    (garment/rope) dar de sí
    my sweater stretched in the wash se me estiró el suéter al lavarlo
  • 6

    (be enough)
    (supply/money/resources) alcanzar
    (supply/money/resources) llegar
    to make sth stretch hacer llegar / hacer alcanzar algo
    • funds won't stretch to a new library los fondos no alcanzan / no dan para una nueva biblioteca
    • I can't stretch to a car no me da / no me alcanza para un coche

verbo reflexivo

  • 1

    (when tired, sleepy) desperezarse
    she yawned and stretched herself bostezó y se desperezó
  • 2

    (increase efforts)
    exigirse al máximo
    intentar superarse


  • 1

    (act of stretching)
    to have a stretch estirarse
    • to give sth a stretch estirar algo
    • (fully extended) at full stretch estirado al máximo
    • the factory is working at full stretch la fábrica está trabajando a tope / al máximo
    • stretch of the imagination
    • by no stretch of the imagination could he be described as an expert de ningún modo se lo podría calificar de experto
    • that can't be true, not by any stretch of the imagination eso ni por asomo puede ser verdad
  • 2

    (expanse, of road, river)
    tramo masculino
    trecho masculino
    the final / home stretch la recta final
    • the last stretch was the most exhausting el último tramo del trayecto fue el más agotador
    • not by a long stretch (ni) con mucho
    • it isn't as good as the other one, not by a long stretch no es, (ni) con mucho, tan bueno como el otro
  • 3

    período masculino
    he did a ten-year stretch in the army estuvo / pasó (un período de) diez años en el ejército
    • he did a three-year stretch estuvo tres años a la sombra
    • at a stretch (at the most, in an extremity) como máximo
    • we used to work for twelve hours at a stretch trabajábamos doce horas seguidas / sin parar
    • at a stretch, we can get ten people round the table como máximo, podemos acomodar a diez personas en la mesa
    • at a stretch I could get it to you by Monday te lo podría hacer llegar para el lunes, como muy pronto
  • 4

    elasticidad femenino
    a sock with lots of stretch un calcetín muy elástico / que da mucho de sí


  • 1

    (fabric/pants) elástico