Traducción de strike en Español:


pegarle a, v.

Pronunciación /strʌɪk//straɪk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(hit)

      (person) pegarle a
      (person) golpear
      (blow) dar
      (blow) pegar
      (key) pulsar
      he struck the child on the face le pegó al niño en la cara
      • who struck the first blow? ¿quién dio / pegó el primer golpe?
      • to strike sb a blow golpear a algn
      • he struck me a blow on the head me dio un golpe / me golpeó en la cabeza
      • strike the keys evenly pulse las teclas uniformemente
      • he struck his fist on the table / he struck the table with his fist pegó / dio un puñetazo en la mesa

    • 1.2(collide with, fall on)

      (vehicle) chocar contra
      (vehicle) dar contra
      (ball/stone) pegar contra
      (ball/stone) dar contra
      (bullet/lightning) alcanzar
      the ship struck a rock el barco chocó / dio contra una roca
      • I struck my head on the beam me di (un golpe) en la cabeza contra la viga
      • the tree was struck by lightning el árbol fue alcanzado por un rayo
      • he was struck by a bullet fue alcanzado por una bala
      • a dull moan struck her ear un gemido apagado llegó hasta sus oídos

  • 2

    • 2.1(attack)

      (bombers/troops) atacar
      (tiger/eagle) atacar
      (tiger/eagle) caer sobre

    • 2.2(afflict)

      her death struck me hard su muerte fue un gran golpe para mí
      • they were struck with remorse se llenaron de remordimiento
      • I was struck with astonishment me quedé paralizado de asombro
      • The Wroughton-based appeal has collected and distributed hundreds of palettes of aid to disaster struck areas since the tsunami hit on December 26.
      • From your extensive music collection, what five CDs would you save in the event of some natural disaster striking your home?
      • After hail or storm disaster strikes your fields, replanting a grain crop may be nearly impossible due to herbicide carryover or the late planting date.
      • Unlike many of nature's deadly forces, earthquakes almost always strike without warning.
      • In up to 20 per cent of cases a cause will not be found, while a handful of patients are struck by the disease due to a variety of rare triggers.
      • However disaster struck Messina on 28 December 1908 when an earthquake almost totally destroyed the city.
      • He said the disease had struck his farm two months previously and very soon afterwards no rabbits were spotted.
      • Disaster struck the region in 2002, when unprecedented rainfall destroyed much of the harvest.
      • Since 1900, moderately damaging earthquakes have struck the seismic zone every few decades.
      • Then drought and famine struck the community, bringing with it related social and nutritional problems.
      • Farming wasn't an easy way to make a living 10 years ago, and when foot-and-mouth disease struck the countryside last year, it only got worse.
      • After the fire that struck the theatre this past summer, things have been more difficult and the theatre was forced to move.
      • On 1 June 2001, tragedy struck at the heart of the country.
      • This is the second time in two weeks that fire struck the church.
      • During that period, 57 hurricanes struck the United States, including 21 major storms.
      • A major earthquake has struck Tokyo about every 75 years for the past several centuries.
      • As the clock inched towards midnight a storm struck the island marooning everyone there.
      • Severe drought and other natural disasters struck the country in 1997-98, possibly as a result of the effects of El Niño.
      • The infectious disease struck eight of her family members, taking the lives of her mother and father.
      • The family lost their sheep in a cull in April 2001 and by May the disease struck the dairy herd, forcing the family to think hard about the future.

  • 3

    • 3.1(cause to become)

      to strike sb blind/dumb dejar ciego/mudo a algn
      • I was struck dumb when I saw what she'd done me quedé muda / sin habla cuando vi lo que había hecho
      • to strike sb dead matar a algn
      • Before I am struck dumb by incredulity, you might like to know that this test was carried out in the name of research into the theory that women sniff out ideal mates.
      • Say those three words in front of me and I would be struck dumb.
      • He was struck dumb by the horror before his eyes.
      • Jack Vettriano is not an artist whose work does anything for me, but I don't dislike it so much that it strikes me dumb.
      • For a while everyone was struck dumb with amazement.
      • She finds it easy to talk to the strangers she meets in her restless wanderings, knowing nothing about them and caring less, but she is struck dumb in the face of her mute daughter.
      • I raised my eyes, and instead of greeting the crowd with some random remark, I was struck dumb.
      • Enter the Jaya Marthanda gates and you are struck dumb by the perfect proportions and sweep of the palace, though you may be visiting it for the 20th time.
      • And when I finally did figure out what he had said, I was struck dumb with shock, and I felt my face slowly infuse with heat.
      • Among the lots was a bosun's whistle given to the widow of a passenger to enable her to communicate after she was struck dumb from grief at losing her husband.
      • My mother was struck dumb as I had been and said nothing as the women glared at her.
      • I am struck dumb by ali nazik kebabi, a most delicious puréed eggplant.
      • The Prime Minister was struck dumb and probably deaf.
      • Yet we're struck dumb or rely on trite explanations when pushed to elaborate.
      • The communities were safe again, but he was struck dumb with realization.
      • She was struck dumb and he walked past her carefully to call her sister.
      • Occasionally one of my patients is ensnared by one of these superior medical systems and I am struck dumb by the interventions done in the name of quality of care.
      • This time, however, she was struck dumb and didn't do anything.
      • The guy stands up slowly and for the second time that day, I am struck dumb by the sight of an Adonis.
      • But there are times when I am struck dumb, either because I am extremely uncomfortable or because, unusually, I have nothing to say.

    • 3.2(introduce)

      to strike fear/terror into sb infundirle miedo/terror a algn
      • it struck doubt into their minds los hizo dudar
      • To this day nobody has any idea who he was but he struck a certain terror into the city and an interest.
      • Digging up an old Mafia stereotype always struck the fear into them, thought the Don.
      • We received a press release this morning which struck such fear into our hearts we decided that we had to let you, the innocent public, know of its existence as quickly as possible, in order to avoid mass panic.
      • He was a pirate who struck a deep loathing into the heart of every enemy.
      • And, of course, there was our defensive line, the one that struck such terror into opponents that it became known as ‘the Fearsome Foursome’.
      • He is promising ‘changes’ the likes of which are likely striking fears into the hearts of the present team.
      • Well, I think this probably struck a little fear into the heart of the regime.
      • That name struck a chill into his bones, though he had been there countless times in the past.
      • I'm always annoyed that his gold medal haul strikes such awe into people.
      • When placed together, the words ‘world premiere‘and ‘opera‘can strike a chill into a music lover.
      • They don't, however, strike much fear into young Cubans, who erupted into laughter as soon as I mentioned them.
      • She strikes a certain fear into my heart, as if she knows something we don't.
      • Even the situation with Morgan LeFay had not struck such terror into the creature.
      • It is the memory of this horrendous episode that has struck such fear into the inhabitants of Freetown today.
      • But it was the highest level since Tokyo began keeping track in 1953, and struck a deep chill into the hearts of many Japanese.

  • 4

    • 4.1(occur to)

      an awful thought struck me algo terrible me vino a la mente
      • it strikes me (that) ... me da la impresión de que ...
      • inspiration struck me in the shower me vino la inspiración en la ducha
      • the funny side of the situation struck me afterwards más tarde le pude ver el lado cómico a la situación

    • 4.2(impress)

      parecerle a
      how did she strike you? ¿qué impresión te causó?
      • it strikes me as odd me parece raro
      • she struck Paul as lazy a Paul le pareció perezosa

  • 5

    • 5.1

      (uranium/oil/gold) encontrar
      (gold/oil/uranium) dar con
      later we struck the right path luego dimos con el buen camino
      • to strike it lucky tener un golpe de suerte
      • to strike it rich hacer fortuna

    • 5.2

      (trouble/obstacle) tropezar con
      (trouble/obstacle) encontrar
      you have struck a bad week for weather te ha tocado una semana de mal tiempo

  • 6

    • 6.1

      (light/match) encender
      (match/light) prender
      to strike sparks (with anger) echar chispas coloquial

    • 6.2

      (coin/medal) acuñar

  • 7

    • 7.1Música

      (note) dar
      (chord) tocar

    • 7.2

      (clock) dar
      the clock has just struck the hour/five (o'clock) el reloj acaba de dar la hora/las cinco

  • 8

    (enter into, arrive at)
    to strike a deal cerrar un trato
    • to strike a balance between ... encontrar el justo equilibrio entre ...
  • 9

    (pose/attitude) adoptar
  • 10

    (take down)
    (flag/sail) arriar
    (tent) desmontar
    to strike camp levantar el campamento
    • to strike the set desmontar los decorados
  • 11

    the remark was struck from / out of the transcript el comentario se suprimió de la transcripción
    • his name was struck off the register se borró su nombre del registro
  • 12

    (insert, plant)
    (cutting) plantar
    (roots) echar

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (person) golpear
    (person) asestar un golpe
    (lightning) caer
    he collapsed as the bullet struck se desplomó al ser alcanzado por la bala
    • he always strikes with deadly accuracy sus golpes son siempre tremendamente certeros
    • lightning never strikes in the same place twice los rayos nunca caen dos veces en el mismo sitio
    • (to be) within striking distance (of sth) (estar) a un paso (de algo)
    • to strike lucky tener un golpe de suerte
  • 2

    (commandos/bombers) atacar
    (tiger/snake) atacar
    (tiger/snake) caer sobre su presa
    (police) intervenir
    (police) actuar
    he stood, sword in hand, poised to strike esperaba, espada en mano, listo para atacar
    • Banks struck in the seventh minute Banks marcó en el séptimo minuto
    • to strike at sth/sb atacar algo/a algn
    • she struck at him with a knife lo atacó con un cuchillo
  • 3

    (happen suddenly)
    (illness/misfortune) sobrevenir
    (disaster) ocurrir
    then inspiration struck entonces me inspiré (/ nos inspiramos etc. )
  • 4

    (withdraw labor)
    hacer huelga
    declararse en huelga
    declararse en paro América Latina
    they're threatening to strike amenazan con ir a la huelga
    • to strike for higher pay hacer huelga por reivindicaciones salariales
    • they were striking in sympathy with the miners estaban en / de paro en solidaridad con los mineros
  • 5

    we struck across country enfilamos / nos dirigimos campo a través
    • to strike (off) left/right dirigirse / enfilar a la izquierda/derecha
  • 6

    (light/sun) penetrar
  • 7

    (clock) dar la hora
    two o'clock struck dieron las dos
  • 8

    (seed/plant) echar raíces
    (seed/plant) arraigar
  • 9

    (match) encenderse
    (match) prender
  • 10

    (fish) picar


  • 1

    huelga femenino
    paro masculino América Latina
    to be on strike estar en / de paro América Latina
    • to call a strike convocar una huelga
    • to come out / go (out) on strike ir al paro
    • to break a strike (employers) poner fin a
    • official/unofficial strike huelga oficial/no oficial
    • general/selective strike paro general/parcial
    • hunger strike huelga de hambre
    • before noun to take strike action ir a la huelga
    • strike ballot / vote votación de huelga
    • strike fund fondo de resistencia
  • 2

    descubrimiento masculino
    a lucky strike un golpe de suerte
  • 3

    ataque masculino
  • 4

    (in bowling)
    pleno masculino
    chuza femenino México
  • 5

    (in baseball)
    strike masculino
    strike three! ¡strike tres!
    • to have two strikes against one estar en desventaja