Traducción de stringer en Español:


corresponsal a tiempo parcial, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstrɪŋər//ˈstrɪŋə/


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    corresponsal a tiempo parcial masculino
    • When I joined the staff in 1973, it had no staff correspondents, relying entirely on stringers and outside contributors.
    • At the time I was not long out of college, working as a stringer, editorial writer and arts reviewer for the Galway Advertiser.
    • And Sun News in the South has a district network of 140 stringers to bring district news to its viewers.
    • The more you cover local news, the more local people buy newspapers, these stringers said.
    • Asianet, whose stringer he used to be, has pretty much dumped him, and his legal expenses have reduced him to penury.
    • Most national correspondents will tell you they rely on stringers and researchers and interns and clerks and news assistants.
    • The families of many Iraqi staffers and stringers would prefer they didn't work for the Western press, says Rubin.
    • Even Iraqi stringers were mostly locals; outsiders were forbidden entry by the insurgents.
    • Schulberg started writing as a high school stringer for newspapers when he was growing up in Los Angeles.
    • This news agency of some sort collected stories from stringers or correspondents and passed them on to the paper.
    • But these stringers do not seek union representation, only editorial control over the work of others.
    • I only have experience as a stringer for a daily and a freelancer for magazines and weeklies.
    • The paper was more generous with stringers in those days - I even received a byline.
    • He has taken photographs as a stringer for The Associated Press and had a story published in The New York Times.
    • Were they acting like the stringers who just happen to be around for events such as the murder of election officials on Haifa Street?
    • He exhorted the journalists - one staff correspondent and several stringers - to take an injured child to the hospital.
    • Some of Reuters's Palestinian stringers are honest and courageous.
    • There was only one stringer in the world Borg trusted, a fellow Swede called Mats Laftman.
    • For a long time, even in the Balkans, they didn't have anyone reporting there and were depending on BBC stringers.
    • Reynolds, in particular, makes use of this jury-rigged stringer system to alert his readers to articles that would otherwise go unnoticed.
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    tirante masculino
    • The bottom tread of this stringer must be 1-1/2 in. shorter and the top must be notched around the cleat/cross brace.
    • Treads may be set into a dado or nailed to a cleat attached to the side of a stair stringer.
    • The stringer connects the level of the deck to the grade, for the installation of stair risers and treads.
    • Using a 3-foot-diameter steel pipe as supporting stringer and railing makes for easy installation.
    • The angle of the stringers have to be such the stair risers are all the same height after the treads are nailed.
    • Another simple pergola of 2x3 stringers and tapered cross supports accents a path from the street to the home's side entrance.
    • Cut and install the treads after the risers, again concentrating on a clean fit between the finished stringers and a good line against the riser.
    • 4x4 railing posts should be spaced four feet on center, with posts located at deck corners and against stair stringers.
    • The metal balustrade assemblies bolt to the posts and the staircase's concealed stringer (the painted beam).