Traducción de striptease en Español:


striptease, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstrɪptiːz//ˈstrɪpˌtiz/


  • 1

    striptease masculino
    • Jack, a man she meets in the striptease parlor where she works, is more substantive.
    • A striptease is more likely to whet your lover's appetite for a new flavour you'd like to try than a frank discussion over dinner.
    • To fill time, Johnny started doing a mock striptease, taking off his jacket, tie, shoes, socks and shirt.
    • The striptease sequence in particular is spectacular, as are some of the chase sequences.
    • They seem mostly interested in staging stripteases and offering pornography for sale.
    • The combination lends a dramatic air to my striptease.
    • It's more like an elegant striptease, or gentle foreplay before the tasteful product identification at the end.
    • When Eileen comes to him for help, he breaks into a provocative striptease, singing ‘Let's Misbehave’ with two lusty hookers.
    • The mysteries of cholesterol unfold like various stages of undress in the metabolic striptease.
    • As one element of American popular entertainment, striptease combined ‘sexual display and parodic humor.’
    • I met up with a fab striptease artist who I want to feature in the mags.
    • You can't back out or refuse, even if it's something like doing a striptease at a school assembly.
    • And when the striptease acts no longer attracted enough customers, the cinema had to close.
    • The first dojo we trained in was upstairs over a striptease club.
    • The venue presents a mixture of ‘legit’ acts and striptease numbers, all with a performance art, post-modern wink.
    • Given the vote for the first time, a party called the Independent Erotic Initiative is elected in, and they organise a striptease in the local town.
    • It's dancing, or even a striptease act, as someone once called it.
    • ‘You have to do a little striptease to music for me,’ she said in between the kisses.
    • In the 30-second spot, a life-size computer-generated bar performs a striptease to bump and grind music.
    • A famous actor, played by Lawrence Harvey, does a striptease during a performance of Hamlet.