Traducción de strive en Español:


Pronunciación /straɪv//strʌɪv/

verbo intransitivostriven, strove, strived

  • 1

    (try hard)
    to strive for / after sth luchar / esforzarse por alcanzar algo
    • he strives after perfection lucha / se esfuerza por alcanzar la perfección
    • to strive to + inf esforzarse por + inf
    • they strive to please their customers se esfuerzan por complacer a sus clientes
    • he strove to save his marriage trató por todos los medios de salvar su matrimonio
    • Kirk and company are always striving to improve themselves, yet they revel in humanity's inefficiencies and imperfections.
    • "We continually strive to improve, to satisfy our guests, " he said.
    • The blood bank must continuously strive to maintain supply as 1.2 million people across the country have never given blood.
    • AMD's processors are often the budget favorite, though the company continuously strives to make faster chips.
    • Some people are perfectionists, constantly striving for excellence.
    • In an imperfect world, imperfect people are striving to achieve perfection.
    • Women also strive mightily to repair these things in their flawed sons.
    • We're also striving to maintain average e-mail response times at 24 hours or less.
    • Rats and monkeys made dependent on cocaine will always strive hard to get more.
    • We are not doing a solo act striving for peace and justice.
    • Any community that meets resistance always strives harder to prove its worth and value to society.
    • We are striving to achieve sustainable and sensible use of the world's resources.
    • You strive for perfection and worry when things don't turn out just so.
    • And with these all as a background, one should earnestly strive to keep the unity of the Spirit.
    • The City is also striving to ensure that its documentation is completed and submitted on time.
    • You can always hit a purer shot, do better, strive for perfection.
    • The company is continually striving to develop and cultivate its presence as a viable force in the dairy industry.
    • Remember that your greatest ethical responsibility is to constantly strive for excellence in everything you do.
    • Nevertheless, for major issues the Whips still strive to ensure a good attendance.
    • For that is what the Renaissance really was about - striving to achieve knowledge.
  • 2literario

    to strive against sth luchar contra algo
    • God said to Moses, do not strive against me, or you will die; by faith only can this tribe be saved.
    • This left a very tense closely fought final set with both teams striving to win out.
    • I couldn't believe I was off the boat - the thing sailors strive against at all times.
    • I also believe the public intellectual has a position in the community that has to be fought for, striven for.