Traducción de stroke en Español:


golpe, n.

Pronunciación /strəʊk//stroʊk/


  • 1

    • 1.1Deporte
      (in ball games)

      golpe masculino
      he won by three strokes ganó por tres golpes
      • Kirchoff capped a fine game by converting a penalty stroke with two field goals completing the scoring.
      • This action is also seen in gymnastics in free exercise and beam routines, in the backhand stroke in racket sports, and in softball batting.
      • Each session focuses on particular strokes - no hiding that pathetic backhand volley - and they'll work on your mindset, too.
      • One of Bollettieri's coaches agreed to take her on court and with her first stroke she knocked his hat off.
      • The scorching backfoot cover-drive and the pick-up stroke on the on-side have fetched him runs in plenty.
      • DeHann had an excellent spring, showing a line-drive stroke to all fields and superb speed.
      • Always behind, the hosts converted a last-minute penalty stroke against a rejuvenated India team.
      • A tough competitor, with a soft stroke for deep, Williams played only two games in Boston, but looked solid.
      • US goal keeper Jeb Saez saved a penalty stroke late in the game to keep the score at 11-1.
      • Last Saturday an 18 hole stroke event was played in three grades.
      • Though I don't want to be specific with any particular stroke in my game, overall despite the fitness problems, I think I served really well.
      • David Small was the hero when he blasted a 20 meter free to the next with the final stroke of the game.
      • The hands and putter head need to work as one unit for the stroke to be effective.
      • But Korea, after missing a penalty stroke, scored three goals but lost by the narrowest of margins.
      • Gilchrist does not seem to play any defensive strokes.
      • The one-day game has helped to expand a batsman's range of strokes and given him the confidence to play them.
      • He forced the Maritzburg goalkeeper, Ryan Gary, to lie on the ball, conceding a penalty stroke.
      • Berard is the potential home run hitter who hasn't found his long-ball stroke just yet.
      • Still, if he finds his stroke in the play-offs, New York becomes extremely difficult to defend.
      • The game went to penalty strokes after both teams failed to score in regulation.

    • 1.2Deporte
      (in swimming)

      (movement) brazada femenino
      (style) estilo masculino
      • The same team, swimming individual strokes, also won the medley team race.
      • He swam towards her and grabbed her little hand and began to swim with powerful strokes towards the shore.
      • Merely swimming harder will lower your clock time but raise your stroke count, effectively making all your gains a wash.
      • Congested swimming space slows swimmers down, and swimmers swimming different strokes can get in each others way.
      • Any swimming stroke will help improve your stride, but the butterfly translates best to cross-country skiing.
      • You cannot do the stroke efficiently by doing any of the four movements faster than you can say them.
      • The problem with such exercises is that they are not specific to the swimmer's imbalances or to the different swimming strokes.
      • If long, you shorten up the pulling pattern, creating three shorter strokes where there would otherwise be two.
      • The torque or rotation in these strokes occurs in the lower torso, hips and legs.
      • This motion is a similar one to the movement of freestyle and butterfly strokes, where keeping elbows high is critical.
      • When we started training, the main focus was to swim with a higher stroke rate.
      • You need to refine your stroke length and pace to maximize your hydrodynamic efficiency.
      • A good backstroker knows how many strokes to take when they see the flags before flipping over onto their stomachs for the flip turn.
      • If you eliminate the timing between the sculls and the kick, you are not swimming the same stroke.
      • She is also the only woman to have won golds in three different strokes - freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.
      • The more efficient your stroke, the less energy you expend to swim any distance.
      • She swam the few strokes to the edge and clambered out, in a very bad mood.
      • For both strokes, you should have extremely good elbow bend-around 90 degrees.
      • She then walked into the water and began to swim with strong strokes to the middle of the lake.
      • Over the years Emily has demonstrated tremendous versatility winning gold medals in all strokes in the regional championships.
      • I can almost hear my heart beat in time with their intense swimming strokes.
      • First, it is the most difficult stroke to swim correctly because it is based on tempo and rhythm.
      • This isn't a new concept, but it is being refined in the presentations, if not in the actual swimming strokes.
      • The boy dressed in black immediately dove into the stronger current after her, making his way downstream with powerful strokes.
      • Also, you will not be able to do your flip turn every 18 strokes.
      • Toussaint was illiterate, could not swim a stroke, nor could he operate a boat.
      • When you swim with long strokes you are training all of the muscle mass needed for fast efficient swimming.
      • Last year I had the luxury of swimming a few strokes backstroke so I could get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.
      • This is also an indication of the ability to swim with fewer strokes per lap.
      • She swam eastward a dozen strokes and stood shivering on the rocky bottom, waiting for Wolf to surface.
      • It's not that I can't do certain advanced swimming strokes.
      • Though Mikhaila swims all strokes, she said she likes the backstroke the best.
      • This article will illustrate some of the key points in the recovery of the first arm stroke out of the breakout in the backstroke.
      • I ducked back under the water, spun, and swam a few strokes forward.
      • Different swimming strokes target different parts of the body, while the buoyancy of the water cushions muscles and joints.
      • We swim the full stroke, but change the focus from the hands to the elbows to the shoulders-all the way down to the feet.
      • Attempts to smooth out his strokes and add efficiency to his swimming proved unsuccessful.
      • Leo Durant could feel the muscles in his arms complain as he forced himself to swim in powerful strokes.
      • We had to hold floats between our feet while swimming the butterfly stroke, a difficult task.
      • I take about two or three strokes, then I dive straight down to the bottom of the pool.

    • 1.3Deporte
      (in rowing)

      (movement) palada femenino
      (movement) remada femenino
      (leader of crew) cabo femenino
      • The oarsmen rotated their oars at four strokes per half minute and didn't show any signs of fatigue.
      • Today Bencsik in stroke took his boat to the lead and for the first half of the race the duo led the field by just over a boat length.
      • During each training process, the team will complete 200 to 300 strokes at a speed of 75 to 80 strokes per minute.
      • Canada was rating 48 strokes per minute and Australia was right up there on 45.
      • I managed one kick and had to hang on to the stern before hauling myself back into the stroke seat.
      • The 25-year-olds stop in a pool of light, adjust their foot straps, then, as one, lean into their strokes, tearing chunks from the water.
      • Cech in stroke seat had his boat in a two and a half second lead over Germany's number two crew by the 1000.
      • Meanwhile the United States could find no speed in their short, choppy strokes.

  • 2

    • 2.1(blow)

      golpe masculino
      he was given six strokes of the whip le dieron seis latigazos
      • Six strokes of the cane will be given to ‘Islamic people in Aceh who don't perform Friday prayer for three times consecutively.’
      • If proven guilty, he will be sentenced to a maximum of twenty-five years and twelve strokes of the cane. -
      • The new law, which came into effect Aug.1, entails a mandatory six months in jail and up to six strokes of the cane for illegal immigrants.
      • Slavery and feudalism were in the end abolished, with a stroke of the pen followed if necessary by a stroke of the sword.
      • Pryce took his opponent's blow upon his shield, easily deflecting the downward stroke.
      • Shogun Lodge, his sword in one hand, countered the stroke of the heavy iron sword with an upward movement.
      • Her hand fell back to Hart who gladly received the stroke.
      • The men, too, were making guttural, animal-like noises as they whacked baseline strokes.
      • The stride is divided into three phases: the slap, the stroke, and the recovery.
      • Punishment for those involved was sharp and painful in receiving half a dozen strokes across the bared back with a stiff cane.
      • The long clipper strokes are called ‘blows’ and this one, over the sheep's throat is the blow that requires the most skill of all.
      • The verb ‘to hit’ still has, as its primary definition, ‘to give or deal a blow or stroke.’
      • Mullahs accused of teaching friends to read the Qu'ran in Arabic received whippings of 500 strokes or more.
      • The Initiate is scourged, and then in return scourges the Initiator, three strokes for every one received.
      • But after receiving 75 strokes of the cane, he was granted an early release.
      • Her punishment for the previous night's little escapade had been five swift strokes with a cane, on her bottom.
      • Illegal migrants and those convicted of harboring them now face a mandatory six months in jail and up to six strokes of the cane.
      • He traps it between his legs, bends over at 90 degrees, and begins 70 to 150 ‘blows’ or strokes with his shears.

    • 2.2(of piston)

      (motion) tiempo masculino
      (distance) carrera femenino
      • The stroke is the distance that the piston moves up and down.
      • In a wet-sump engine, a shorter stroke also cuts down on oil-pressure problems caused by windage and oil aeration.
      • During the filling stroke of the accumulator piston, the compressed fluid is drawn from the primary piston.
      • On the downward stroke of the piston, the intake valve opens to release fuel into the combustion chamber, then closes.
      • This type of exhaust also significantly reduces the excess gasses after each exhaust stroke of the pistons.
      • Once the piston hits the bottom of its stroke, the exhaust valve opens and the exhaust leaves the cylinder to go out the tail pipe.
      • Unfortunately he had a tug with a four stroke engine and they powered right through us.
      • During the compression stroke, the piston moves up the cylinder, squeezing this fuel-air mix.
      • In connection with the four stroke engines, they have proficient use of gas.
      • Instead, diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder, and the heat and pressure of the compression stroke cause the fuel to ignite.

    • 2.3(of clock)

      campanada femenino
      • A clock chimed in the distance, its final count ending at eleven strokes.
      • There was a strong stroke and a weak one, like a sound and its echo.
      • Erik closed the door softly behind him as he entered, but it sounded like the stroke of a clock moments before death.

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (of thin brush) pincelada femenino
      (of thick brush) brochazo masculino
      (of pen, pencil) trazo masculino
      with a bold stroke of the pen con un trazo fuerte
      • apply using light, quick strokes aplicar dando ligeros toques
      • Katz's forte is history of ideas, on a grand canvas with bold strokes of broad brushes.
      • Tiya began by using her pencils to make simple strokes to outline the world she confronted.
      • She wept violently as she drew, making harsh, thick strokes across the paper.
      • But it only takes five minutes and a pencil stroke to go and vote.
      • David bent over his notebook, making a few aimless strokes with his much-used pencil.
      • Then with the stroke of a pencil you are disposed of.
      • In approving plans for closer monetary ties, Asian governments are painting with bold strokes on a big canvas.
      • He then adds colored tape and marker strokes to the paper, which is subsequently affixed to canvas.
      • The strokes and marks of the paint link up across the picture surface to provide a single undifferentiated image.
      • Then, tentatively he stained the paper with a few strokes.
      • I didn't even bother looking up; I just drew faster, making quick violent strokes on the paper.
      • Sara continued with the gentle strokes until very little color was transferred from brush to paper.
      • Carefully apply paint to the open areas in the stencil using a small brush and light strokes.
      • The pulled out the drawings for the palace and scrutinized every pencil stroke.
      • Sometimes the watercolor strokes and the pencil lines run in the same direction, and sometimes they are perpendicular.
      • The coloring tapered off in pencil strokes on the end.
      • Somehow they look like the artist wanted to save on color and pencil strokes.
      • Look closely at the pencil strokes in this drawing and you will not see one faltering line.
      • Has all this material been so bland or so often revisited it wasn't worth a few strokes of the pencil?

    • 3.2(oblique, slash)

      barra femenino
      diagonal femenino

  • 4

    • 4.1(action, feat)

      golpe masculino

    • 4.2(instance)

      it was a stroke of sheer misfortune fue una verdadera mala suerte

  • 5

    ataque de apoplejía masculino
    derrame cerebral masculino
    to have a stroke tener / sufrir un ataque de apoplejía / un derrame cerebral
    • Once patients are medically stable, they should be transferred to a stroke rehabilitation unit if further rehabilitation is required.
    • Zsa Zsa Gabor has now begun walking with the help of a cane after her stroke last month.
    • By preventing the formation of blood clots it can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
    • High cholesterol puts a person at risk of a heart attack or stroke caused by a blood clot, so balance is essential.
    • The U.S. medical record says only he suffered heat stroke which led to the coma.
    • They recruited patients from a stroke rehabilitation unit.
    • More serious risks include life-threatening blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.
    • About 750,000 new and recurrent strokes occur yearly.
    • That study also found no reduction in strokes among women who received the study drug.
    • For patients who have an acute ischemic stroke, the opportunity to limit the neurological damage is very time sensitive.
    • Rupture of a cerebral aneurysm usually results in bleeding in the brain, causing a haemorrhagic stroke.
    • But just recently I found the diary I kept for the first year after the stroke and read the whole thing.
    • There have been other pro athletes that have attempted to mount comebacks after suffering strokes.
    • Adult patients more than 18 years of age were eligible if they had acute ischemic stroke and atrial fibrillation.
    • The pollution could also restrict their blood flow, causing strokes and heart attacks.
    • Extremely obese people are six times more likely to suffer heat stroke than thin people.
    • An ischaemic stroke is when the supply of blood to part of the brain is blocked.
    • My wife had a stroke a week after my mother had a stroke.
    • One percent may not sound like a lot, but 700,000 cases of stroke are expected this year in the U.S.
    • When Billy Cotton had a stroke he was advised to get rid of the band.
  • 6

    • 6.1(caress)

      caricia femenino
      • Experiment with different pressures and different strokes too.
      • Alternatively, apply the toner to the face and neck with a ball of cotton, using smooth, gentle upward strokes.
      • I waited for her to embrace me, but there were no hugs, no gentle strokes, no soothing words of love.
      • The angel kept her strokes even and gentle, humming a tune under her breath.
      • She gave the peacefully sleeping kitten a gentle stroke.
      • Vary the pressure of your strokes, giving extra-special attention to Hawaii.
      • Because of new electro-static sensors, a gentle stroke on AIBO's head or back will trigger a response without needing to push or click.
      • Play some romantic music, lather him up, and use slow, gentle strokes to shave him.
      • For a final time it passed its forearm over the limb and with a gentle stroke of her fur stepped away.
      • With gentle strokes of his fingertips, he wiped the wetness from her cheeks.
      • She soon relaxed though, for the gentle strokes of his hand along her back soothed her troubled nerves.
      • He was always careful not to touch her, except for his brush, and then with just the gentlest of strokes.
      • Diane licks his face and her bushy tail wags with happiness as Louis pets her beautiful fur with gentle strokes.
      • After applying a little warm oil, use a combination of gentle and forceful strokes on the sole and heel, and don't forget the toes.
      • Run the razor under the shower and then begin with some slow, gentle strokes in an upward motion.
      • Once you've decided on a shape, make short, light, upward feathery strokes with a soft, well-sharpened pencil to replicate the natural brow hairs.
      • Rub the salts in gentle circular strokes, avoiding the face and any open sores or cuts (salt stings wounds).
      • Jane, unconsciously, grabbed his hand and wrapped it between both of hers, soothing it with small, gentle strokes.
      • Then, using the lightest pressure possible, roll with gentle, overlapping strokes to finish off.
      • Silver laid a hand on Yuuba's head and gave it a few gentle strokes.

    • 6.2Psicología

      halago masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he stroked her cheek le acarició la mejilla
    • he stroked his beard pensively se mesó la barba pensativamente
    • She stayed at his side for some time again, talking to him and stroking his curly brown hair.
    • She kissed me gently, stroking my long black hair.
    • Mrs. Taylor gives Madison to her father, and he holds her, lovingly stroking her long golden hair.
    • In times like these, to stroke the orb's gentle surface was a comfort, yet I fought the urge to wake it from its resting place.
    • Meagan sat in front of her dresser, gently stroking her long black hair.
    • Jim continued to hug her, stroking her curly brown hair gently.
    • Her arms hooked around his neck, fingers stroking his soft, silky brown hair and tracing the top of his spine.
    • Anna sat by the bed, once again, stroking his hair, and she stroked his side too.
    • Christa sighed and enfolded her daughter into a hug, stroking her long black hair.
    • I rested my head against her chest, and she gently ran her fingers through my hair and stroked the side of my face.
    • He stroked the metal surface, and not knowing how it all happened, slowly caused the door to swing on its hinges and open.
    • She thought about that hand touching and stroking and caressing her, and another strong wave of awareness washed over her.
    • I told my wife about it later and she ran a hand through my hair, stroking the sides of my head as it rested on her chest.
    • I longed to stroke her shoulder-length reddish-tinted hair and whisper softly into her ear.
    • After stroking his dark brown hair to soothe him she fell into bed asleep in seconds.
    • The first, innocuous shower stroked the lake's surface but, when the wind came up, the loons began to call madly.
    • ‘It's alright,’ he said soothingly, stroking her long blonde hair.
    • She stroked the surface of the shell, crooning nonsense words to the tiny baby inside, encouraging it to come into the world.
    • Imaginary fingers combed through his hair, stroked the side of his face.
    • She took one flower in her hands and stroked the velvety surface of the petals.
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  • 3

    (ball) darle un golpe suave a
    • The referee indicated that it would be the final kick of normal time, and Bell showed no signs of nerves as he stroked the ball over.
    • Early possession for Spain B, who are stroking the ball around nicely among themselves.
    • A few hours later, he was stroking the last ball of the day to the boundary to bring up a century.
    • For half an hour he had showed himself, through the unhurried ease with which he stroked the ball around, to be a cut above.
    • Kaka strokes the ball beyond the far post, from where Adriano hooks it back across goal.
    • Monaco's players are just stroking the ball around for fun now, with the Chelsea players reduced to chasing shadows.
    • Manchester United are stroking the ball around the field for sport now.
    • The way he strokes the ball around a football pitch is akin to the way his compatriot van Gogh stoked a paintbrush over a canvass.
    • Bafana started off casually stroking the ball around.
    • Simon Smith stroked over the conversion to put his side 7-0 in front.
    • Barcelona stroke the ball around the field, defying Chelsea's players to come and win it from them.
    • He stroked over the conversion to put the Dalesmen back on terms at 7-7.
    • The midfield trialist had the time and space to calmly stroke the ball into the unguarded net.
    • He picked out Mark O'Brien and the full forward calmly stroked the ball into the net.
    • With the pace of the second set of new balls Udomchoke strokes back Henman's first serve with venom.
    • Eddie was cool and stroked the ball over to give his side sweet revenge by the narrowest of margins.
    • The huge Dutch contingent in the crowd is in fine voice as their players stroke the ball around.
    • Beckham slide-rules a pass to Raul, who strokes the ball to Figo out on the right.
    • Such was the difference in class that All Stars stroked the ball around with a nonchalance that sometimes bordered on the arrogant.
    • Geraghty stroked the ball to all parts and reached 50 from a team total of 65 before being dismissed on 89.