Traducción de stroller en Español:


paseante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstroʊlər//ˈstrəʊlə/


  • 1

    paseante masculino
    • Swimmers and strollers alike take advantage of the safe, golden beaches located conveniently nearby.
    • The eyesore, which has claimed its fair share of bended fenders and caused innumerable headaches to strollers and cyclists, won't be missed.
    • While there's full access to the museum, the wilder reaches of Pollok Park are firmly off limits to dog walkers and Sunday strollers.
    • Regular strollers take note that a 10 km charity walk takes place in Lisselton on Good Friday.
    • The navigator's migraine had subsided, and as we walked out of Skidby there were some strollers and horse riders on the move, things looked fine.
    • A casual stroller or a citizen walking to a building on MG Road should be prepared for some heavy-duty hurdles.
    • Saturday morning strollers were greeted with a revolting scene as they walked along Webster's Lock in Graiguecullen.
    • I glanced back at the man, who was thirty yards away and almost invisible through the park's Sunday strollers.
    • Cops gave tickets to 513 other city strollers for walking through a red light.
    • Shoppers and strollers should walk up the road and vehicle parking should be restricted to the southern side of Cubbon Road.
    • Today, tango dancers entertain strollers while a collection of galleries, antique shops and cafes surround the plaza.
    • The 230 city footpaths closed to halt the risk of spreading the infection are still being used by some dog walkers and strollers.
    • But do not imagine that because we sauntered we were idle strollers!
    • Serious, speedy walkers led the pack of more relaxed Sunday strollers in the Daily Dispatch / Rotary Big Walk.
    • And club officials have thanked the athletes and Sunday strollers for the big support they gave to Sunday's event.
    • By day the numerous cafés welcome strollers sipping cafés blancs (not coffee at all, as I discover painfully, but boiling rose water).
    • Casual strollers can watch classes and rehearsals while walking by.
  • 2EEUU

    sillita (de paseo) femenino
    cochecito masculino
    carreola femenino México
    • I took off running as best as I could without losing control of the stroller, not noticing the car passing me.
    • We're taking the car seat and a stroller and all the toys that distract her for more than fractions of actual seconds.
    • The infant/toddler car seat then can be attached to a stroller frame and later it can reattach to the base that's in the car.
    • A travel system has a stay in the car base, a stroller frame to which the infant carrier/car safety seat is attached.
    • From the street, there was the sound of police sirens, the bus hitting the stroller and an assortment of screams and squealing brakes.
    • Families move en masse to the beach lugging strollers and coolers, and kids on bikes zigzag in the street.
    • I was there on an extremely busy day, and the crowds were easily accommodated, despite many wheelchairs and strollers.
    • They're strapped into strollers, booster seats, car seats.
    • It is customary to take children outdoors every day in prams or strollers.
    • A man jogs by with a child in a stroller and they wave.
    • Do you prefer a regular stroller and a car seat or a convertible travel system?
    • A convertible travel system may be your preference over a regular stroller and a car seat.
    • Envelope address labels work well on hard surfaces like car seats and strollers.
    • Tverskaya Street, the capital's principal artery, is filled with strollers, late-model cars, and outdoor cafés.
    • The small child in the stroller with her was soon in a screaming frenzy as well.
    • There are two basic flavours of tandem jogging strollers, the seats can be positioned side-by-side or one in front of the other.
    • He said a landfill project could be constructed which would include a road for bicyclists and beach strollers.
    • Buses accommodate strollers, and trains have places for children to play.