Traducción de structural en Español:


estructural, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstrək(t)ʃ(ə)rəl//ˈstrʌktʃ(ə)r(ə)l/


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    (damage/defects/improvements) estructural
    (column/wall) de carga
    the house has many interesting structural features la casa tiene muchos detalles arquitectónicos interesantes
    • The side walls, which in a cruck building have little structural role, are timber-framed.
    • There was little structural damage, but the hurricane downed trees and blew roofs off of some bungalows.
    • Many of these mutants had clear structural abnormalities, for example, different colored eyes.
    • The design utilises a timber frame with steel structural elements.
    • The huge fireballs endlessly shown on television that day caused little structural damage, the report says.
    • The program includes new avionics and propulsion and new structural elements including the wings.
    • The structural system consists of simple precast concrete beams and columns.
    • We emphasize that redundancy is a virtue, as structural engineers have learned.
    • Unstable toxic soils below the building called for creative structural solutions.
    • The impact of the earthquake itself also caused a lot of structural damage to buildings further inland.
    • Catechin molecules ordinarily have two structural elements that bend around a pivot point.
    • They also used a picnic table to ram the front door, causing major structural damage to the building.
    • There is a centrally arranged core of structural material in both the lower stem and first-order lateral roots.
    • He just drove into the building, causing structural damage to one of the outer walls.
    • A study to reveal the overall structural alteration in this mutant is now in progress.
    • Most other timber-frame systems here use traditional masonry on top of the structural frame of the building.
    • Each building has a unique structural system, and yet the two are remarkably similar.
    • In many fishes, it is the only structural element in the oral jaws that moves during jaw opening and closing.
    • If the logjam, however, is structural in nature, it will be much more difficult to overcome.
    • We face in this incorporativity an evolution driven by the relation between structural form and elemental composition.
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    Lingüística Literatura
    • Neruda's dialectical way of thinking can be appreciated in the internal structural relations in the poems.
    • Connell uses the term gender regime to conceive a structural inventory of gender relations.
    • The imaged structural elements lead to an evolutionary model.
    • But as Hayami maintains, no amount of monetary action can revive the Japanese economy without deep structural reforms.
    • The idea that coloration might arise from structural elements as opposed to pigments is not new.
    • This is a fundamental structural change in the relationship between the citizen and the State.
    • She offered detailed formal analysis of structural elements of their work in her correspondence with them.
    • Our progress on these 3 key elements might be considered predictable because much of the work is structural in nature.
    • Apart from gross structural changes, we could catch intermediate stages in the images.
    • Some of these were structural in nature, while others involved the process of transforming hope into action.
    • Certainly, this establishes a new element and structural modification to the corps.
    • We read each transcript and coded clauses or sections for structural elements.
    • First, buildings should be made more robust and designed so the loss of one structural element cannot cause collapse.
    • I'd like to step back and put this question in the context of the structural relations of print as a cultural technology.
    • Winning back investor confidence may mean complying with the letter of the pact, which requires deep structural reforms.
    • In most experiments, these three structural elements unfold within a single step.
    • These kinds of structural elements suggest an actively engaged readership.
    • Besides, many of Japan's problems are structural, not cyclical.
    • The purpose of the pilot test was to identify weaknesses and any missing structural data elements.
    • I think that structural change has accelerated since that time.
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    (unemployment) estructural