Traducción de structure en Español:


estructura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈstrək(t)ʃər//ˈstrʌktʃə/


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    (composition, organization)
    estructura femenino
    he has good bone structure (pómulos salientes etc) tiene buenas facciones
    • the company's career structure la estructura del escalafón de la compañía
    • tax structure sistema impositivo
    • Why should the nature of technology available to a society determine its economic structure?
    • At first sight it looked appalling, but I could see it had sound structure, fantastic quality of light and great potential.
    • The company's original structure appeared attractive because it provided access to some of the country's best medical researchers.
    • In 1994 we collected larvae for genetic analysis to determine genetic structure among mature trees.
    • We consider that the Council is wrong in its interpretation of the structure plan requirement for the following reasons.
    • Egypt's military commander altered the command structure in the Sinai.
    • It is known that any complex system has a certain structure with its intrinsic elements and interconnections.
    • This year we completely changed our management structure.
    • Since time and matter are limited, the resources to solve a problem or to build a complex structure are also limited.
    • Hence, there is a need to examine how this development informs today's complex narrative structures.
    • Out of these four basic elements the repayment structure of debt stands as the most important.
    • I did write a structure plan for my essay, but that was it.
    • The band challenged traditional song structures with odd arrangements and angular sounds.
    • The structure usually consists of an author reading selected pieces of his or her work.
    • Anthony has brought a bit of structure and organisation and a bit of discipline to training.
    • Hydrogen bonding also plays an important role in determining the three-dimensional structures adopted by proteins and nucleic acids.
    • These are the kind of plants that give structure to a border and which will improve over the years.
    • These are integral elements of a competitive structure.
    • Hierarchical power structures resulted in obstetricians defining the norms of clinical practice and hence which choices were possible.
    • First, I am not aware that his party is proposing to change any element of the tax structure.
    • That arrangement completed the administrative structure of the Coast Guard as it exists today.
    • It is deeply rooted in the social relations and political structures of American capitalism.
    • Take advantage of long shadows and experiment with patterns of frost and rime on plants with structure.
    • The action of hormones and drugs is also dependent on the molecular three-dimensional structure of the target molecules.
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    (thing constructed)
    construcción femenino
    • I was awed by the amount of labor that went into building such a magnificent structure.
    • Building this huge concrete structure required the construction team to undergo a similar change of mind.
    • We have concentrated our research on structures composed of arrays of nanoparticles and films of silver and gold.
    • These essentially tubular structures are constructed from an epithelial cell monolayer.
    • Nucleosomal arrays are further folded and compacted to form higher order chromatin structures.
    • The three-dimensional crystal structure of the channel is now known with high resolution.
    • Not all historic structures are given listed building protection.
    • We also observed double helical structures formed by two fibers.
    • The chief targets have been any structures associated with the Prophet Muhammad.
    • Two courtyards sunk into the building's roof structure allow light to penetrate deep into the building.
    • He enjoyed a reputation for building tall elegant masonry structures such as church towers and spires.
    • A structure built into the tower was in front of me, as Kenshin opened the glass doors for me.
    • Coatings also help to ensure that major structures like bridges, buildings and industrial plants are built to last.
    • There are many other structures associated with cells in addition to the cell membrane.
    • Would an architect assemble a structure without a good foundation?
    • All the structures and buildings can be placed only on a specially terraformed layer.
    • The initial protein configuration was again taken from the x-ray crystal structure.
    • Storing them on high buildings rather than scaffold structures to reduce visibility is also advised.
    • He said the balance of the money that was unspent was earmarked for building new hospital structures.
    • At the center of the town square his eye caught a magnificent structure, a church with massive stained glass windows.
    • There were buildings up against the outer wall: small wooden structures with tile roofs.

verbo transitivo

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    (novel/argument/speech) estructurar
    you have to learn to structure your time tienes que aprender a organizarte el tiempo
    • Like the title suggests, the game was structured around the decathlon competition.
    • Parents in turn should realise that these little ones need a highly structured home life in order to feel secure.
    • Ironically, structuring your day in this manner should actually give you more freedom.
    • They also want answers about precisely how the trusts were structured and who were their true architects.
    • In that book, Eisler identifies a continuum of patterns for structuring relations.
    • I can understand these things perfectly well but I don't have any way of structuring them using words.
    • The play is a syllogism, and, to function perfectly, it must be structured perfectly.
    • Panday has never believed in structuring a party, or, for that matter, his union.
    • Now, we believe in the sustainability of our system and adequately funding and structuring it.
    • The basic format of the game would be structured in such a way that you can choose where to go, and which crimes to fight.
    • There are obviously a hundred ways of structuring an exhibition on Africa.
    • Finally I was going to tell him, after a whole day of structuring my speech together, I was going to tell it to his face.
    • They're systematizing their fantasy lives, and thereby structuring their subjective worlds.
    • We work in routine service industry jobs structured by low pay with shift patterns dictated by childcare.
    • Finding the right formulae for structuring ownership and rewards will not be difficult once the right team is in place.
    • Most scholars date the beginning of Judaism as an organised and structured religion to this time.
    • We're playing quite a long show and it's important that it is structured properly.
    • A wine technologist showed her the essentials of blending and structuring the wines.
    • The games are structured as combat sport events, involving physical challenge and risk.
    • Women caught in the web of structuring a career have to think a lot before deciding to go ahead and have a baby.