Traducción de stub en Español:


cabo, n.

Pronunciación /stəb//stʌb/


  • 1

    (of candle, pencil) cabo masculino
    (of cigarette) colilla femenino
    (of cigarette) pucho masculino América Latina coloquial
    • Her thoughts stopped abruptly when someone poked her in the back of her shoulder with the stub of a pencil eraser.
    • The coffee table was still littered with books and stubs of candles burnt right down to the core.
    • I filled out the application sheet with a pencil stub - an émigré from a miniature golf course.
    • When Amiry was writing her script, her husband hoarded her pencil stubs, revealing his secret stash in Medium of Love.
    • Or are they expecting to find a signature or a footprint or a cigarette stub?
    • Firefighters said the man had emptied his cigarette stubs into a bin without checking if they were alight or not.
    • She flicked the cigarette stub into the night.
    • He rose, and found the stub of a slender blue dinner candle about four inches long.
    • Working by candlelight with the stub of his last pencil, he finally achieved the transformation of a humble o into the majestic 0.
    • Finally he pulled out the piece of paper and stub of a pencil.
    • Then she took out a piece of paper and a stub of a pencil.
    • He removed a stub of a pencil and stick of gum from his pants pocket.
    • Tommy flicked the stub overboard and raised a brow.
    • She hates the millions of cigarette stubs in the sand, but says the water's ‘just lovely’.
    • Are there any others out there who find comfort in the stub of pencil on a string and other mildly eccentric aspects of elections past?
    • At the village hall a new cigarette stub receptacle was smashed and rubbish bins destroyed.
    • The whole class stopped, their eyes on me, and the teacher turned away from the board and pointed a short stub of blackboard chalk at me.
    • ‘Not everyone carrying a pencil stub and a piece of paper is a journalist.’
    • The stub of cigar jutting from his mouth glowed like a malevolent LED.
    • To assemble it, you put the pencil stub into the hole of the spool and stuck the pin straight up in the middle of the eraser.
  • 2

    (of ticket) contraseña femenino
    (of ticket) resguardo masculino España
    (of receipt) resguardo masculino
    (of receipt) talón masculino
    (of check) talón masculino América Latina
    (of check) matriz femenino España
    • Ticket stubs and star-gazing are her real-life drama.
    • Keep receipts, cheque stubs, credit card statements or similar proof of purchase.
    • He told me to go into one of his drawers and get out one of his check stubs.
    • He nodded, handing me our ticket stubs and passports back.
    • Anyone who has a ticket for the show should hold on to their ticket stub and they will gain entry.
    • Neither of them would blink an eye at my check stubs or grocery lists.
    • The required documents are a proof of address and welfare or cheque stub.
    • How on earth am I going to keep myself from losing the ticket stub?
    • A start to this second approach is no further than a pay stub away.
    • Don't let anything that's not acid-free, such as ticket stubs, touch your photos.
    • The INS recommends that tourists bring hotel receipts and ticket stubs from sightseeing destinations and transportation.
    • Fans will also have to retain ticket stubs during the game to ensure that they are in the correct seats.
    • Many people use their final pay stub to come up with an estimate.
    • I remember the date because I still have the ticket stub from the game.
    • Individual ticket buyers and holders of ticket stubs will have three weeks beginning Aug.8 to submit claims.
    • In part, that's because too many of us still find ourselves holding the short end of the pay stub.
    • You can use ticket stubs or ribbons or receipts or photos or envelopes or napkins to mark your place in books.
    • Similarly, a move to online employee pay stubs saved about $2 million.
    • Coverslips were then coated with gold and attached to an SEM stub with tape or rubber cement before SEM scanning.
    • Ticket stubs are now hot collector's items, with many fetching unheard-of prices.

verbo transitivostubbed, stubbing

  • 1

    to stub one's toe (del pie) darse en el dedo
    • he stubbed his toe on the chair se dio con el dedo contra la silla
    • I'm sure I've only sworn occasionally, like after stubbing my toe for the nineteenth time.
    • She made her way across the dark room, stubbing her toe on the dresser on her way.
    • As the last two wives were passing, one of them stubbed her toe against the tortoise's shell and instantly let out a cry of pain.
    • Walking forward he stubbed his toe on one of the bookshelves and cursed loudly.
    • Simple hurts like stubbing his toe or getting a paper cut throbbed for hours.
    • Lizzie considered she might be dreaming but had second thoughts after stubbing her toe on a ceramic vase.
    • Amy cried out as she accidentally stubbed her toe on one of the wooden bedposts.
    • The party the day before had been real enough, as had the pain of stubbing his toe on the way up the steps.
    • People are stubbing their toes and feet and falling all over.
    • Or if you walk backwards, Larry, you'll never stub your toe.
    • Yesterday afternoon, while at work, I got up from my desk and stubbed my toe.
    • In fact, my most useful contribution was stopping Ian from swearing when he stubbed his toe in the vestry.
    • Fiona, who had been busy watching her bandaged legs to avoid stubbing her toes on rocks in the road, looked up and around her.
    • That day played vividly in his mind as he walked along, stubbing his toe occasionally on the uneven path.
    • But I'd still rather we didn't have to distract ourselves from our headache by stubbing our toes.
    • I am always stubbing my toe, smashing my arms against walls, tripping over, scratching myself.
    • To his right, there was a noise, and he moved towards it, stubbing his toe on a pile of rubble in the process.
    • I remember you crying as a little boy when you stubbed your toe.
    • I rubbed my eyes and tumbled out of bed, stubbing my toe on the dresser in the process.
    • While she's running, she stubs her toe and falls to the ground.