Traducción de stubby en Español:


pequeño y grueso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈstʌbi//ˈstəbi/

adjetivostubbier, stubbiest

  • 1

    (pencil) pequeño y grueso
    a dog with a stubby tail un perro rabón
    • she had stubby little legs era retacona
    • stubby little fingers deditos regordetes
    • His short stubby fingers clutched a brown clipboard as he waited for her reply.
    • I have fairly large hands, but with short stubby fingers just long enough to be able to use a semiauto of this size.
    • He stepped in, greeted by a short, stubby man who quickly tried to take him around the store and sell him something.
    • The MechDoc was a big, hulking machine with wheels and three short, stubby legs.
    • If only she had been born with normal feet instead of these short stubby things with odd toes.
    • Each beast had two short, stubby forelimbs and two powerful, three toed hind legs.
    • She was very small, with short, stubby fingers and almost-chubby hands.
    • He scratched his light brown hair with his short stubby fingers; he has a problem with biting his nails.
    • There was Coach Murray, a short, stubby woman with a blonde pixie cut and a dimpled smile.
    • Let's face it, spaghetti toes with meatball endings are a little goofy looking to most of us, as are short, stubby piggies.
    • Short, stubby fingers alone can't account for Galen's broaching the second knuckle.
    • Mr. Pool was a short, stubby man who was always dressed with style.
    • The stoutly man folded his thick stubby fingers over his round belly and nodded silently then replied.
    • The cells also have rare short and stubby microvilli.
    • Crested Auklets have short stubby bodies with relatively long slender wings.
    • There was a ton of brush and short stubby sticks in the remote area, but nothing larger.
    • It clawed, pecked and fluttered its short, stubby wings as it thrashed about to get free.
    • There were also two short, stubby antennae on the creatures' heads.
    • I wanted more of that sensation, and made my demand known by punching at the air with clawless fists atop short, stubby arms.
    • They are fitted with two or three sets of small treble hooks and a short, stubby plastic lip.