Traducción de student en Español:


estudiante, n.

Pronunciación /ˈst(j)udnt//ˈstjuːd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (at university) estudiante femenino
    (at school) alumno masculino EEUU
    (at school) alumna femenino EEUU
    (protest/newspaper) (before noun) estudiantil
    our university students nuestros (estudiantes) universitarios
    • a medical student un estudiante de medicina
    • students of Sartre los estudiosos de Sartre
    • an English student, a student of English un estudiante de inglés
    • (by nationality) an English/Italian student un estudiante inglés/italiano
    • the student body (at school) el alumnado
    • in my student days cuando yo estudiaba
    • student driver aprendiz de conductor
    • student grant beca de estudios
    • student nurse estudiante de enfermería
    • student teacher estudiante de profesorado/magisterio
    • None of the sedentary students participated in organized exercise activities during the preceding year.
    • As a former high school student I can tell you that, yes, this is entirely realistic.
    • All second- and third-year clinical PhD students now participate in the clinic and its research lab.
    • Last year the average undergraduate student loan debt reached $18,900.
    • Almost 80 % of the participants were traditional college students between the ages of 18 and 24.
    • The Board agreed that the Applicant should not be permitted to continue as a graduate student of the University.
    • What's more, she was the only student to graduate from high school in Taloyoak at all.
    • Fellowship is presented to a journalism educator committed to helping prepare minority students for successful careers in journalism.
    • In the United States, urban public schools are attended primarily by students from various racial minority groups.
    • Yet only half of all students who enter high school enroll in a post-secondary institution.
    • The participants were middle-school and high-school students enrolled in health classes at 10 urban schools.
    • Ruby Jane completed elementary school an average student and began high school with a whole new crowd.
    • I had my best day in June when we awarded a scholarship in my brother's memory to a student at his high school.
    • Defense Department schools offer valuable lessons, particularly in educating low-income, minority students.
    • There are also post-graduate fee-paying students studying in courses such as the MBA.
    • One third of both male and female high school students reported being currently sexually active.
    • Most of those at the cyber cafe were students studying at local universities.
    • He was a typical popular student in the seventh grade who could be trusted.
    • What this legislation will do is mean that student union fees will be voluntary.
    • There are also concerns about the applicability of the recommendations made to help first-generation students be successful.
    • What do today's college students really need to know and be able to do when they graduate?
    • They have strong academic skills and are consistently among the best students on campus.
    • The participants were 101 students from classes in general psychology at the George Washington University.
    • Voters and policymakers should hold school districts and their employees accountable for student learning.
    • During her training, she took one class on teaching students with disabilities.
    • There, he will serve as a clinician specializing in infectious disease and teach post-graduate medical students.
    • If this post helps even one potential grad student, it will be worth it.
    • Virtually all of the high school students are played by men obviously in their thirties or forties.
    • Approximately 20 % of Smith's students are students of color.
    • With interest rates so low, I immediately consolidated my student loan debt.
    • Twenty-four male and 29 female first-year psychology students participated to earn credit for their course.
    • I remember a conversation with a South Asian student in Sanskrit class in 1990.
    • It was on that night that I lost my faith in today's generation of high school students.
    • I teach high-school students who are highly motivated to know this.
    • We have about 585,000 foreign students on our campuses which looks like a lot.
    • Over beer and spring rolls I find out that Julia is a first-year graduate student in clinical psychology.
    • Approximately 70 % of charter schools reporting enrolled fewer students with disabilities than the state average.
    • We also have another 73,800 people who are covered by student visas and permits.
    • The case has been studied by MBA students around the world since.
    • The students were all third year professional pharmacy students enrolled in a full-time program.