Traducción de studious en Español:


estudioso, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈst(j)udiəs//ˈstjuːdɪəs/


  • 1

    (hard-working, academic)
    (person) estudioso
    (person) aplicado
    (habits/environment) de estudio
    • She's nearly 16 now and, like the character she plays, is a studious intellectual with hyper-driven ambition.
    • He is making so much noise in their shared room that the studious one drops his books and spends his energies in stopping the brat.
    • It was evidence enough that Harrington is a studious learner.
    • Former neighbours recall a quiet and studious boy, who spent many hours with his late father Yusef at the local mosque.
    • She was a classic beauty - slightly an Audrey Hepburn look-alike, but with less childish a face, more serious and studious.
    • At Trinity College, Cambridge, he associated with the evangelical group led by Isaac Milner, being studious and earnest, modest and timid.
    • I was a thoughtful & studious child and adolescent.
    • ‘A lot of people in academia have taken the studious route all their lives; they enjoy the isolation of the ivory tower,’ says Duncan.
    • Serious and studious, Chen always graduated at the top of his class.
    • Serious, studious, but kind and welcoming overall, he looked and acted the same then as he does now.
    • Samuel wasn't ugly either - he had the deft, studious look of a scholar, which appeared intimidating, despite his small frame.
    • She always was very studious and in reality studied biochemistry and left it to follow my father.
    • Evelyn was a studious, musical, intelligent and witty girl, who had a tongue as sharp as a blade.
    • She's serious and studious, but funny and comfortable at the same time.
    • And even though he is quite studious there are two things he excels in that definitely make him stand out amongst my friends.
    • Blanche with her glasses forever perched on her blunt nose, studious and serious her face always in some random novel.
    • The quiet weird new guy to boot, who was alternately normal and withdrawn, studious and disinterested in studies.
    • He was quiet, thoughtful, sensitive, studious - but a bit of an apologist.
    • As for race and ethnicity, perish the stereotypical thought that Asians are studious and hardworking, that blacks excel in sports and music, or that Jews ever lived in tenements.
    • He casually knocks down all the hopes of the intelligent, studious young children, assuring them that while they can be great athletes, they cannot work in any academic field.
  • 2

    (careful, deliberate)
    her studious avoidance of the subject su deliberada / calculada manera de evitar el tema
    • a studious concern for the rules una escrupulosa atención a las normas
    • That studious attention and apparent willingness to reserve judgment for at least a couple of months should provide the time for Beijing to see that the independence threat has receded.
    • He spent last week in Dublin Windmill Lane studious recording his album.
    • With studious deliberateness, Rev Good did not take his eyes of the prescripted statement, and read it slowly, carefully and word perfect.
    • Instead of being studious, attentive, and polite little nippers, they go gaga for gifts.
    • It took my colleague - fortunately, conscientious and studious - to remind the Committee that that vital function should actually be adhered to in the title of this bill.
    • His music making is serious, studious and generally imperturbable.
    • I remember the quiet coaching, the studious attention to detail, and the perfect foil for the belligerence of Telfer.
    • During his first Pro Bowl appearance last February, Muhammad took a serious, studious approach to the week.