Traducción de stuff en Español:


Pronunciación /stʌf//stəf/


  • 1

    • 1.1informal (substance, matter)

      what's this stuff called? ¿cómo se llama esta cosa? coloquial
      • I can't eat this stuff esto yo no lo trago
      • he rubbed some greasy stuff in his hair se puso una cosa grasienta en el pelo
      • this wine/caviar is good stuff este vino/caviar es del bueno / está muy bien
      • what sort of stuff does he write? ¿qué tipo de cosa(s) escribe?
      • my secretary deals with the routine stuff mi secretaria se encarga de todas las tareas de rutina
      • she's into Buddhism and all that stuff le ha dado por el budismo y todo eso
      • show them what kind of stuff you're made of demuéstrales lo que vales
      • to know one's stuff ser un experto en la materia
      • she really knows her stuff es una experta en la materia

    • 1.2informal (miscellaneous items)

      cosas femenino
      and stuff like that y cosas por el estilo
      • I left all my stuff at her house dejé todas mis cosas en su casa
      • I won't bore you with any more technical stuff other than to say that it is a masterpiece of engineering.
      • There was apparently a really big rain in his town and all sorts of horrible stuff ended up in the pipeline.
      • Did enough of us make a difference for you to put up some of that goofy stuff you were referring to?
      • A load of kids are reading stuff and hearing stuff which refers back to Vietnam, and there is a resurgence in interest in the works of Chomsky.
      • But I am getting enough language training at least to master the technical stuff.
      • It is unusual but because I am at the early stages, I'm just doing the technical stuff.
      • No matter how bad I feel, a bottle of the orange stuff sorts me out.
      • There's also some stuff in the article about writing routines and the like.
      • I said some pretty horrible stuff to her, and it still hurts knowing she may have died with those words still in her head.
      • They always sell the same stuff, no matter where you are in the country.
      • Growling softly to myself I leant down to pick up my stuff, my papers scattered everywhere.
      • The fact that the New Statesman can't find anything more grown-up to publish than this sort of stuff is indicative of its sad decline.
      • It's a trade exhibition for conference and exhibition organising groups and my Dad needed me to pick some stuff up.
      • Don't fear, though, because you'll find all the good stuff between the disappointing material.
      • He has some rare photos and artwork over there, a message board and all sorts of stuff.
      • I was interested in all the technical stuff because films of this nature are, by definition, feats of technology.
      • There was a lot of horrible stuff written about me and said about me that was totally inaccurate.
      • My question is, when you get to know the little stuff, does the big stuff really matter?
      • In the box there would be heritage stuff, the material evidence of the past, as well as history, the wisdom of the past.
      • They wouldn't realise a thing until they picked up their stuff to go and there'd be a nice sweetie waiting there for them.

    • 1.3informal slang (drugs)

      mercancía femenino argot
      • Me and my bros used to drink that stuff like we now drink beer i.e. like there's no tomorrow.
      • Basically, it's stuff to get drunk with; that is really what alcohol is for.
      • At first money wasn't a problem I had a good job, good house, I sold my house to the drug dealers so they could sell their stuff.
      • It follows that you need a sufficient quantity to significantly alter your mood, otherwise why drink the bloody stuff?
      • I would not encourage my kids to smoke the stuff, but when they are sixteen, they can if they want.
      • Piffle mate, would you go in a car while the driver is smoking the stuff?
      • I slowly went downhill and back on to the heavy stuff like heroin.
      • If they allowed dope to be used, I could grow her stuff, she could smoke it, and her life would be improved.

  • 2coloquial

    (nonsense, excuse)
    cuento masculino coloquial
    surely you don't believe all that stuff he tells you? tú no te creerás todo lo que te cuenta ¿no?
    • don't give me that stuff about losing your way no me vengas con el cuento de que te perdiste
    • stuff and nonsense! ¡puro cuento!
    • It doesn't go in for politics or injustice or any such stuff and nonsense.
    • At first sight such an idea seems outrageous stuff and nonsense.
    • The lectures were the usual old stuff and nonsense, but it's so easy to make new friends when you just bitch.
    • So what are the general public and patients to make of this stuff and nonsense?
    • The problem is, however, that to get to the point where we can afford all this stuff and nonsense, we have to work ridiculously long hours.
  • 3

    (basic element)
    their expedition has become the stuff of history/legend su expedición ha pasado a la historia/se ha convertido en una leyenda
    • that's the stuff of politics en eso consiste la política
    • his novel is the stuff of which publishers' dreams are made todo editor sueña con una novela así
  • 4arcaico

    paño masculino
    • The earliest woven stuffs were made for use or ornament, before refinements in spinning and weaving permitted textiles malleable enough to clothe the body.
    • Of course people have noticed before that Matisse posed his models in flimsy, filmy harem pants on divans and cushions covered with flowered or striped stuffs against fabric screens and curtains.
    • His library was dukedom large enough, and here on the island he has, besides rich garments, linen stuffs and necessaries, volumes that he prizes above his dukedom.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(fill)

      (quilt/toy/mattress) rellenar
      (leak/hole) tapar
      to stuff sth with sth
      • she stuffed it with feathers lo rellenó de plumas
      • we stuffed our pockets with apples nos llenamos los bolsillos de manzanas
      • she stuffed us with food nos atiborró de comida
      • he's stuffed her head full of nonsense le ha llenado la cabeza de tonterías
      • to stuff oneself/one's face darse un atracón
      • He caught chipmunks whose cheek pouches were so stuffed with lodgepole pine seeds that not one more would fit.
      • While we were stuffed full of learning about other parts of the world, the school system left us utterly clueless about our won history.
      • Samantha, 25, said: " The wallet was stuffed full of pictures, letters, keepsakes and prayer cards.
      • My samosa was a monster - it looked more like a Cornish pastie than the small crispy triangles you usually get - and was stuffed with vegetables.
      • In this competitive world, education has to be stuffed with subjects, which prepare the students to face any challenge.
      • The deposit box is also stuffed with money in various currencies and a gun.
      • Each of the pouches was stuffed with bizarre and unexplainable tools or devices.
      • When you walked away from the conference the bins all over Blackpool were stuffed full of these bags.
      • Nights of stuffing this sculpture with kapok, a new substance for the job, sent me into bouts of itching.
      • There wasn't anything in there but a folder that was stuffed full of papers.
      • Your suitcase will be stuffed full of them, too, so you can bring a Joyeux Noël back with you.
      • ‘We're stuffed full of confidence that we will continue to grow the bank faster than any other bank in the UK,’ he says.
      • Now my servants are frantically boarding the windows and stuffing sandbags.
      • Adjoining the visitors shop is Hartlepool Museum, which is stuffed full of artefacts telling the story of the town, particularly its maritime heritage.
      • Government today is stuffed full of political appointees who are highly influential, dedicated and powerful special advisers with a direct ear to ministers.
      • The food basket was stuffed with savory meat pies, potato salad and a wonderful deep-dish apple pie for dessert.
      • But then these rooms are stuffed with things of beauty, as the deputy curator of the collection, Martin Clayton, enthusiastically points out.
      • Once more the little blue Ford was stuffed full of boxes and bags and off we set on the return journey.
      • The two tea rooms were stuffed with damp holiday makers, all tucking into cake and cream and scones and cream and strawberry jam and cream.
      • Its portfolio is stuffed full of some of Britain's best know pantry products.

    • 1.2Cocina

      (chicken/pepper) rellenar
      to stuff sth with sth
      • he stuffed it with rice lo rellenó de arroz
      • stuff the chicken with the chestnuts rellenar el pollo con las castañas
      • The thick slices of roast duck are stuffed into peeled fresh lychees, which are then laid in a sauce of lime, honey and osmanthus paste.
      • It may be eaten in the form of tamales, the dough stuffed with savoury or sweet mixtures and steamed in maize or banana leaves.
      • I've stuffed the ravioli with a thick paste or pesto of rocket and crunchy pine nuts for a really punchy flavour and texture, ready for a thin coating of rich tomato sauce.
      • But I fancied the savoury pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, and covered in a creamy cheese sauce.
      • The burrito was stuffed with a mess of subtly-spiced smooth black beans, chunks of nicely roasted vegetables and molten cheese.
      • Whole wheat tortillas are stuffed with refried black beans, real cactus leaves and cheddar cheese.
      • Try the skewered shiitake mushrooms stuffed with minced chicken or handmade buckwheat noodles.
      • The game hen was light, savory and the chestnut stuffing slightly sweet, and deliciously spiced.
      • The chicken breasts can be stuffed in advance and popped in the steamer when you get in from work.

    • 1.3(in taxidermy)

      (fish/animal/bird) disecar
      • The dead elephant was stuffed and exhibited, and it stood in Vienna until Maximilian sent it to Munich.
      • Poppino nurtures his student in the black arts of stuffing dead animals and soon Valerio has given up his job and his girlfriend to pursue this new calling.
      • Last week I had the rare opportunity to shoot a panorama inside a museum diorama animal display filled with stuffed animals large and small.
      • But Ron says there is still a place for stuffed or freeze-dried animals and birds.
      • But doesn't this collection of stuffed, damaged, dead animals upset Singer, even though she has put her heart into giving them a purpose?
      • As well as early fossils, there are displays of stuffed animals and birds, including a male and female Great Bustard.
      • They've got stuffed beasts, stuffed birds, stuffed fish, and a huge historic rifle collection.
      • He brought the ladder under a light gray stuffed Husky dog, climbed up the three steps and took down the dog.
      • We also saw a variety of stuffed animals, birds and the full body size skins of the bear and the moose.
      • Then they come to a taxidermist's shop with stuffed animals in the window.
      • What appears to be a very strange place with large bird cages and freaky stuffed animals wasn't manufactured on a sound stage but was in fact exactly how his house looked every day!
      • Several Irish talk show hosts have been filling the air waves with information about stuffing your dead pets.
      • The prize for the final event, the best overall bird, is that it will be stuffed free of charge by local taxidermist Gerry Lundy.
      • Phar Lap, a famous Aussie racehorse, was stuffed and standing in a corner.
      • The Rivington otter has been sent to a Liverpool taxidermist to be stuffed.
      • Hefty wooden tables and benches are situated on two levels and stuffed birds and animals stare down at diners from under the high ceiling's wooden beams.
      • One thing unites the animals: they are all dead but stuffed by taxidermists at Edinburgh's Royal Museum on Chambers Street.
      • This room was packed full of fishing, game and stuffed animals and game birds.
      • Why would there even be such a museum filled with stuffed versions of animals who are not extinct?
      • My neighbor is sitting beside me at a drum kit, with a stuffed hound dog between us.

    • 1.4US Política

      • The right to vote can neither be denied outright nor destroyed by alteration of ballots nor diluted by stuffing ballot-boxes.
      • Allegations of vote rigging and stuffing of the stuffing the ballot boxes ensued.
      • Am I bothered by the results of a popularity contest where it would be oh-so-easy to stuff the ballot box?
      • I'm not normally one to encourage people to stuff the ballot box, but you might want to vote in this poll twice.
      • Although Democrats easily won the election by stuffing ballot boxes, they wanted revenge.
      • Professor Lightbody would tell you that indifference ensures that no one stuffs the ballot box.
      • The opposition claims the Movement for Multiparty Democracy stuffed ballot boxes and tampered with the count.
      • EU observers say they also saw incidents of Kagame's supporters tampering with voter lists and stuffing ballot boxes.
      • Supporters held my opponents at gunpoint while they stuffed the ballot boxes.
      • I should also note that he did a fine job of stuffing the ballot box with phony phone calls to Smith to make him look he supported the draft.
      • You don't need to stuff ballot boxes here; you don't need to put dead people on the voter rolls.
      • It looks like some liberals are trying to stuff the ballot box in the early going.
      • Zagat tries to make sure that the ballot box isn't stuffed by chefs and restaurateurs eager for a high rating.
      • I asked for your votes to christen the small, flightless bird formerly known as Moderately Evil Penguin, and you stuffed the ballot box in your droves.
      • Maybe a whole lot of liberals just discovered the contest, and maybe someone stuffed the ballot box.
      • As long as you are not actually caught publicly stuffing the ballot box, how could Google possibly suggest that you are doing so?
      • A team of journalists also saw ballot boxes being stuffed with ‘yes’ votes by an official at one polling station in Rawalpindi.
      • As you can see, TSN's team came in fourth even without stuffing the ballot box and telling relatives to vote for our team.

  • 2

    • 2.1(thrust)

      to stuff sth into sth meter algo en algo
      • she stuffed the books into the bag metió los libros en la bolsa
      • I stuffed my fingers in(to) my ears me puse los dedos en los oídos
      • He went to his locker, snagged some of his things and stuffed them hastily inside his large duffel bag.
      • She packed up her books and hastily stuffed them in her bag, walked out the hall and headed straight for the door.
      • He read it hastily before stuffing it in his pocket.
      • I copied down the words and hastily stuffed the paper in my pocket.
      • He produced a bread knife and ordered the women to open the safe and then lie on the ground before he stuffed notes and coins into a black holdall.
      • Schilling hastily stuffed a box full of items for her to auction at the tournament.
      • Cane picked up the coins and stuffed them in his pockets; there were perhaps two hundred, so soon his pockets were full.
      • Hastily, she stuffed her feet into a pair of sneakers and ran downstairs to where her grandfather was waiting for her.
      • I meekly stuffed the meter with pound coins to the maximum permitted amount and we commenced shifting boxes and bags.
      • I hastily stuffed everything into my backpack, crushing many important math assignments… whoops!
      • Hastily, Gwen stuffed her cell phone in her purse, and got on the computer where she checked her email.
      • He laughed while hastily stuffing the paper in his binder, still cracking up about his ‘little joke’.
      • I asked Sarza as she hastily stuffed water bottles, napkins, and granola bars into a tote bag.
      • I pulled out the piece of paper from my pocket where I had hastily stuffed it.
      • Lucas hastily stuffed his drawings back into their folder and the folder disappeared into his backpack again.
      • I hastily stuffed the blouse and skirt into the plastic bag Terry brought.
      • She hastily scribbled something down, and then stuffed the pad into a drawer in the kitchen.
      • Young and the others hastily stuffed a purifier into each nostril and inhaled some much needed fresh air.
      • Hastily, I stuffed the Oreo boxes into a large duffel bag.
      • I hastily stuffed three more forkfuls in my mouth, waiting for him to answer.

    • 2.2informal (put)

      just stuff your things anywhere pon tus cosas donde quieras
      • I told him where he could stuff his advice le dije qué podía hacer con sus consejos
      • stuff her! ¡que se joda!