Traducción de stunner en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈstʌnə//ˈstənər/



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    his wife is a real stunner su mujer es despampanante coloquial
    • the car was a stunner el coche era una maravilla
    • In its clunky realism and breathless romanticism, Looking at the Landscape strikes me as a real stunner, part late Balthus, but more importantly, part proto-John Currin.
    • Pulsatilla, the pasque flower, is a real stunner with showy lilac flowers and you'll find an excellent specimen at Glasnevin in the Sensory Garden.
    • But the real stunner is that he is pulling 6% of the vote.
    • It si not only a great looker on the outside, it's a real stunner within the cabin too.
    • That game was a real stunner to a lot of people, most of whom thought that we were going to sweep the series.
    • The opening stunner was a succession of burlesque performances by the ultra vixen peep show.
    • The real stunner, though, is the expected price: $129.
    • Seriously, the girls out there at the moment are just stunners - I mean they must spend hours, if not all day, getting ready.
    • Yet even the spectacular desert scenery can't compete with Toni Collette's complex stunner of a performance in the leading role.
    • But the real stunner is this: The biggest winners from the faster productivity growth of the 1990s were workers, not investors.
    • The real stunner came with his closing comment, that the defendant did not look like he would speed.
    • But the 21-year-old stunner gave a preview of her evening gown before jetting off.
    • The title, developed out of Ubisoft's Montreal studio, is a real visual stunner.
    • Sur Incises, dominated by three pianos, three harps and percussion, proved a real stunner with its wondrous ‘passing on’ of sound waves and effects between cellos and pianos.
    • The central slow movement is a solemn stunner - very beautiful, without one false or lazy note.
    • He did it first take, hit a volley which flew into the roof of the net, a real stunner, one in a million.