Traducción de stupefaction en Español:


estupefacción, n.

Pronunciación /ˌst(j)upəˈfækʃ(ə)n//ˌstjuːpɪˈfakʃn//ˌstʃuːpɪˈfakʃn/


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    estupefacción femenino
    he looked at me in stupefaction me miró estupefacto
    • In any case, I wound up spending two weeks in a psychiatric clinic, drugged into oblivious stupefaction, until I checked myself out.
    • His days became days of stupefaction, drifting away from the world in his drug-induced state.
    • Through the scene's plasticity and its magnificent editing mismatches, we clearly see that the event focuses all of Nick's anguish and suffering, giving a reality to his stupefaction.
    • Numerous art historians responded to Hockney's proposal with suspicious stupefaction, as if this avant-garde upstart were accusing the old masters of painting by numbers.
    • His look of pure stupefaction confirms her suspicions.