Traducción de subjection en Español:


sometimiento, n.

Pronunciación /səbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n//səbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    sometimiento masculino
    sujeción femenino
    subjection to sb/sth sometimiento / sujeción a algn/algo
    • we lived in subjection to our father's whim vivíamos sometidos al capricho de nuestro padre
    • the people were kept in subjection by the military los militares tenían sometido / sojuzgado al pueblo
    • God's kingdom is one of fatherly and motherly compassion, not dominating majesty or slavish subjection.
    • Although Thurman's character ultimately triumphs, the most memorable sequences by far involve her humiliation, subjection and abuse at the hands of three tormentors.
    • Education meant the inculcation of truths as dogmas, the institutionalization of habits of obedience, the subjection of the individual to the community.
    • Harlech, standing proudly upon the cliff edge that used to form the coastline, seems to best represent the symbolism of subjection that Edward I intended.
    • No critique of dominance or subjection, certainly not of objectification, can be grounded in a vision of reality in which all sense perceptions are just sense perceptions.
  • 2

    (making subject)
    sometimiento masculino
  • 3formal

    subjection to sth exposición a algo femenino
    • subjection to high temperatures exposición a altas temperaturas