Traducción de sublimate en Español:


sublimar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsəbləˌmeɪt//ˈsʌblɪmeɪt/

verbo transitivo

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    • Attachment to the wealth in any form is to be sublimated by realization that all the wealth is illusory and the real Lord is our indwelling Self in everything.
    • They are artists in the truest sense of the word, sublimating their egos and committing themselves fully to the needs of the project.
    • Marley's performance is impressive for all its sublimated emotion.
    • In whatever field one has chosen to work, or indeed is forced to work, that activity can be sublimated to the higher position of yoga.
    • The learning happened because the youngest stars were more than willing to sublimate their own egos for the benefit of the team.
    • Too often, however, student needs or preferences are sublimated to the overwhelming task of presenting large bodies of information to large numbers of students in small periods of time.
    • It also suggests a canny ability to sublimate some of the social energy and anxiety toward the secondary ‘desire’: to recreate a difficult problem as easy solvable.
    • Leopold Mozart was a talented composer, but no more than that, so sublimated his own remaining ambitions to devote himself to the coaching and ‘particular proof’ of his surviving children.
    • Making her own way in a hostile world, she establishes her sons and ultimately sublimates the ego.
    • Artists, in this view, are people who may avoid neurosis and perversion by sublimating their impulses in their work.
    • A psychologist might interpret my conversion as sublimating my guilty feelings, but I prefer to think about it as fulfilling my Jewish destiny.
    • Athletes are expected to fight for responsibility and attention but to quickly sublimate those desires when it benefits the team.
    • Can she sublimate her ego for the good of the team?
    • The poet in Lawrence was sublimated by the journalist in him in order to accomplish this project and get paid.
    • So the goofy Greeks decorated their merrymaking in pretty bows and successfully sublimated their impulses with constrictive ceremonial routines.
    • At its heart is a consideration of the artistic process, a debate over the legitimacy of sublimating social anguish into aesthetic form.
    • As Karl Toepfer makes clear, eroticism was understood by many advocates and participants to be a fundamental component of body culture, whether sublimated or expressly promoted.
    • The lengths we will go to in order to sublimate ourselves and placate the people we care about is a simultaneously charming and pathetic aspect of human nature.
    • Libido must be sublimated into productive work activities, and this necessitates the removal of temptation.
    • Remembering them daily, learning from them how to sublimate our petty ego to reach the higher self, we transcend sin.
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    • Some of the most dominating physical features I've ever encountered, a glacier is a vast mass of ice formed from the accumulation of snow that compacts faster than it melts and sublimates.
    • 78.5°C Temperature at which dry ice (carbon dioxide) sublimates from a solid to a gas
    • There is no danger at all in consuming a drink that was cooled down using dry ice - most of the carbon dioxide will just sublimate into the air.
    • Were that to occur, it would expose any underlying water-ice cap, which could then heat up and sublimate water into the atmosphere.


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