Traducción de submerge en Español:


sumergir, v.

Pronunciación /səbˈmərdʒ//səbˈməːdʒ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cover, flood)
    • The levees failed and much of that city was submerged under water.
    • Because, as you can see, so many of the homes in this neighborhood are completely submerged, under water.
    • The first problem with the pipes occurred in late August when a leak resulted in the facility's plant room being submerged in water.
    • In the multipolar world that has ensued from the end of the Cold War, submerged tensions between the US and Europe have come out into the open.
    • Low agricultural lands are now submerged in water due to heavy rains, which will dry out in Autumn and will generate another picturesque view.
    • And why did the telephone still work when it was completely submerged under water?
    • Crews in Central Texas pulled this woman to safety after fast-moving waters swept and submerged her car.
    • A dear friend's wedding can stir up all kinds of submerged emotions — and, crucially, a sense that life is, indeed, moving forward, whether you're ready for it or not.
    • Her claim for damages was still under consideration by City Hall when yesterday morning's flood waters submerged her home.
    • In 1953, 250 car bodies were submerged off Alabama for use as artificial reefs.
    • The areas adjoining Devi Nagar, including Dadiana, Dandehri, Manakpur and Lohgarh villages were submerged in water.
    • A sheet of glass was blown out of one window, the car park was submerged and water gradually rose up the main steps.
    • The little boy was submerged under the water when the crews got there.
    • Houses in Mastgarh village are still submerged in knee-deep water after the recent rains that lashed out the area for three consecutive days.
    • Apparently a great earthquake caused a cataclysmic rush of water to submerge the parish of Feadaill at the south end of the loch and all its inhabitants perished.
    • Is this any more strange than dressing them in white and totally submerging them in water?
    • I can't imagine a prisoner being submerged in water up to the neck.
    • I packed everything I could into plastic bags and sealed the tops, then submerged them in icy water in the sink.
    • The road was impassable and parts were submerged in 2ft of water.
    • We collect our water samples from about knee high, and we take a sterile bottle, and submerge it under the water and open up the cap under the water and collect the water so the bottle is completely full.
    • The road was submerged as flood water rose in the area.
    • Flood-hit Fair Oak traders are still counting the cost of a huge torrent of water which submerged part of the shopping parade.
    • After not getting the pleasure he requires from his only love he turns to Banquo who up till now has kept his feelings submerged.
  • 2

    to submerge sth in sth sumergir algo en algo
    • I submerged myself in work me sumergí en el trabajo
    • Standing near the transom opening, all six men donned their gear, including heavy weight belts and tanks, which caused the stern to submerge below the waterline.
    • Second, as mentioned above, drag forces are considerably higher if the swimmer remains at or near the water surface than if it submerges during swimming.
    • Smiling wickedly, he parted her long legs and submerged under the frothy surface of the water.
    • It surfaces, submerges, throws torpedoes in the water, hits its targets, and then continues on its quality mission.
    • The temple's just up past the bridges, let's hurry before the ground below us submerges too!
  • 3submerged past participle

    (rock/wreck/village) sumergido

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (diver/submarine) sumergirse