Traducción de subpoena en Español:


citación, n.

Pronunciación /səˈpinə//səˈpiːnə/



  • 1

    citación femenino
    citatorio masculino
    to serve a subpoena on sb notificar a algn (una orden de comparecencia)
    • Under normal law, a plaintiff would file a lawsuit against an offending party and then use the court system to get subpoenas or court orders for information relevant to the lawsuit.
    • Even if it is a US bank which is ordered by a US subpoena, other common law courts have applied traditional conflict-of-laws analysis.
    • Further, the day-to-day administration of criminal justice functions with many witnesses who are not under subpoena and who attend voluntarily to give evidence.
    • Complex legal standards apply to the level of review and judicial oversight necessary before police can obtain the warrants, subpoenas, or court orders required to compel disclosure of these records.
    • It held that if an individual does not comply with a subpoena or order issued by the Tribunal, he could be held in contempt of the Tribunal and the specific contempt procedure could be set in motion.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (witness) citar
    • In addition, in July several people were subpoenaed to testify about their protest activities before a grand jury convened in Missouri.
    • The defence could have subpoenaed him but they could not force him to talk to them.
    • A Victorian coroner has subpoenaed the man acquitted of one the State's most notorious murders to give evidence at another inquest into the death.
    • The appellant was unable to subpoena the necessary witnesses.
    • Your office could do more, the witnesses were not subpoenaed and brought along, and the magistrate is sure to have plenty to do.