Traducción de subroutine en Español:


subrutina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌbruːtiːn//ˈsəbruˌtin/



  • 1

    subrutina femenino
    • A unit test would directly call the subroutine I want to test, and it would rely as little as possible on other subroutines in the program.
    • Database triggers fired off subroutines sending demands through electronic commerce, known as EDI, instructing each customer to pay back their loans in full.
    • Component scripts normally inherit a set of subroutines from a generic component.
    • In order to do so, however, we must have the ability to perform remote procedure calls, such that a web application on one computer can invoke a subroutine or object method on another computer.
    • A number of modules or subroutines are normally specified in the program, and the ways these can interact is also specified.