Traducción de subscriber en Español:


suscriptor, n.

Pronunciación /səbˈskraɪbər//səbˈskrʌɪbə/


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    • 1.1

      (to paper, magazine) suscriptor masculino
      (to paper, magazine) suscriptora femenino
      (to cable TV, concert season) abonado masculino
      (to cable TV, concert season) abonada femenino
      (to telephone service) abonado masculino Britanico
      (to telephone service) abonada femenino Britanico
      • I found myself speaking, recently, to a Muslim subscriber to The Ecologist.
      • It has 700 corporate members and 3,000 individual members, some of whom are subscribers to its various publications.
      • Subscribers will pay a monthly fee for uninterrupted, commercial-free digital programming based on individual channels dedicated to specific types of music (or talk).
      • The VHI pays consultants if a subscriber opts to be treated privately, irrespective of whether the patient is in a public or private bed.
      • The complete list of topics is available for subscribers at
      • Depending on the system, self-installation is running at about 65 % to 95 % of new subscribers.
      • I am a subscriber to O - which is short for Oprah - which is short for The Oprah Magazine - which is not short for anything else.
      • The subscriber at this stage also had to supply the company with a password.
      • The news is even better for Xbox Live subscribers.
      • I'm a subscriber to a fab website called EU Business.
      • Subscribers will be excited to hear that things 17-18 was dispatched to the printers yesterday, after about four months of delays.
      • AOL added 1.3 million users worldwide, bringing its total subscribers to 30.1 million.
      • As a subscriber, we hope you were pleased to see that Parsons was featured as the cover subject of our February 2002 issue.
      • Hutt says there are 850,000 cable subscribers in Oregon, and perhaps a few thousand of those subscribers own high-definition TV sets.
      • MonsterMob claims to have 140,000 subscribers to its various services.
      • The report said mobile phone networks worldwide were likely to have 1.6 billion subscribers by the end of this year.
      • Company officials had hoped to expand their services, offering end-to-end solutions to help cable companies implement new broadband subscriber services.
      • She worked to improve the finances of the magazine with new fundraising projects, found ways to reduce expenses, and garnered grants to assist in building the magazine's subscriber base.
      • DirecTV is taking a different tack by aiming at its own roughly 10 million subscribers.
      • Install the software, connect a handset to your computer and talk to other Skype subscribers free.
      • I was trying to point out that the vast majority of Americans are not subscribers to, or even aware of, those conservative magazines.
      • Subscriber software would in effect be the only entity required to allow the network to operate.
      • Linking businesses to the big consumer networks, with their millions of worldwide subscribers, was the first step.
      • The upcoming database - code-named Yukon - is now available to some 500,000 MSDN subscribers here.
      • A 20 % increase in China's subscribers would be 46 million phones.
      • Penetration of digital has hit 20 % in a year, with incremental revenue per subscriber at $22 per year and growing, he said.
      • Subscribers will access all data without any downstream royalties or licensing fees tied to discovery.
      • I do hope the Times is a good deal more diligent with the credit card data they collect from subscribers.
      • Son is hoping to turbocharge revenues by getting his broadband subscribers hooked on services such as games that bring in extra cash.
      • The United States should have 30 % broadband penetration, to about 13M subscribers.
      • I have been a subscriber to BusinessWeek for 10 years.

    • 1.2British (to charity, fund)

      she's been a generous subscriber to many charities ha contribuido regular y generosamente a muchas organizaciones benéficas

    • 1.3(for securities)

      suscriptor masculino
      suscriptora femenino

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    (to theory, idea)
    partidario masculino
    partidaria femenino
    subscriber to sth partidario de algo