Traducción de substandard en Español:


de calidad inferior, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsəbˈstændərd//sʌbˈstandəd/


  • 1

    (goods/clothes) de calidad inferior
    substandard housing viviendas que no cumplen con los requisitos de habitabilidad femenino
    • he gave a rather substandard performance tonight su actuación de esta noche no estuvo al nivel de siempre
    • They'd been living like that for over six months, most of their money going on substandard accommodation due to a lack of affordable housing.
    • Living conditions, such as substandard housing, have a major impact on health.
    • Jobs are scarce, housing is substandard but costly, and difficulties speaking English keep them in this cycle.
    • The bill came to €106.90 between three, which was pretty expensive for the substandard food and shoddy service.
    • I had to sign a form saying that I realised my performance was substandard and that the consequences of continued poor work had been explained to me.
    • Parts of our communities have substandard housing.
    • In the country's capital city, Santo Domingo, much of the housing is substandard and the quality of the water is poor.
    • The committee was also required to evaluate the extent and problem of spurious and substandard drugs in the country.
    • Despite working two or more jobs, many families still must pay out more than half their income for housing, or live in substandard conditions.
    • The vast majority of the affected in San Salvador are poor inhabitants of apartment buildings and substandard housing.
    • It is meant to discover which areas have substandard housing and need federal help.
    • If someone lives in substandard housing and a crisis occurs, most likely the person will eventually lose their home and end up on the street.
    • The evidence at trial did not indicate to me that defective or substandard materials were used in the construction of this house.
    • Unemployment markedly increased, as did poverty, substandard housing, and cutbacks in basic governmental services.
    • He said the step was long overdue as the flats were in a poor condition because of the substandard material used by the engineers of the department.
    • However, the platform does not even hint that inadequate funding or substandard facilities are major factors in the crisis in education.
    • You are well aware that math and science education at the secondary and elementary level is substandard in comparison to most of the rest of the developed world.
    • Families live in housing that is considered substandard by Western or Kenyan standards.
    • Thousands of people live in poorly maintained public housing or equally substandard private rental accommodation.
    • The bureau required the manufacture and sales of substandard toys to be stopped immediately.
  • 2

    (usage) no estándar
    • If what I'm quoting is substandard, please let me know what sets the standard.