Traducción de substantially en Español:


de manera sustancial, adv.

Pronunciación /səbˈstanʃ(ə)li//səbˈstæn(t)ʃəli/


  • 1

    (progress/decrease/change) de manera sustancial
    (decrease/change/progress) de manera considerable
    a substantially bigger majority una mayoría bastante más amplia / considerablemente mayor
    • However, all the evidence suggests that a modest sum can grow substantially if invested wisely over a long period.
    • The cost of photocopying a book is substantially lower than having to buy one.
    • Some years ago the flood defences of London were substantially upgraded at huge cost.
    • He did not say how many of them would face closure if sewage costs were increased substantially.
    • Now in operation for two years, the company has grown substantially in that period.
    • Demand for air traffic has risen substantially in recent years as the cost of travel has fallen in real terms.
    • Scottish Mutual has grown substantially since it was acquired by Abbey National in 1992.
    • To make matters worse, it has also come to the end of a bad year when profits declined substantially.
    • Put together, this will mean that the total student debt will grow substantially.
    • Combined with our larger scale, this has enabled us to grow our order book substantially.
    • We would like to think that we can grow the business substantially.
    • Workspace Group has grown substantially in the past 10 years and plans to double again over the next five.
    • Sales grew substantially when we moved as less time was being spent on staff management issues.
    • Pornography has grown substantially over the years, and it is an area that is of major concern for us.
    • The disparities grow substantially as the value of the car increases.
    • Passage through major cities was also often difficult and substantially increased the cost of haulage.
    • This should substantially simplify the procedure and save costs and court fees.
    • What about deep piling that would add substantially to the cost of the schools?
    • Never before or since have real wages and real income grown so substantially.
    • These have been set up in a small way now but they can grow substantially.
  • 2

    the agreement has not been substantially changed no ha habido cambios sustanciales / fundamentales en el acuerdo
    • what he says is substantially true lo que dice es fundamentalmente cierto
    • These materials have hydraulic conductance that substantially differs from mineral soils.
    • The quality of material you have provided to us has been substantially substandard.
    • This procedure has remained substantially unchanged for half a century.
    • Although it has remained substantially unaltered since construction, it is now in need of restoration.
    • Further aft, the wreck is substantially flattened, but some structure remains.
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    a substantially built man un hombre de complexión robusta