Traducción de subtotal en Español:


subtotal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsəbˌtoʊdl//ˈsʌbtəʊt(ə)l/


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    subtotal masculino
    total parcial masculino
    • When you look at the subtotal, it's a lot, but what will actually be inherited is vastly overestimated.
    • The combined risk ratio and its 95% confidence interval are indicated by unshaded diamonds for subtotals and shaded diamond for total.
    • With respect, my Lord is looking at the grand total, the subtotal.
    • The initial table in such a new file then consisted of up to 365 rows of daily data, arranged in columns listing the date and the daily irradiance subtotals for various selected wavelengths and spectral ranges.
    • If we look at the top 20 subtotal for exports to Thailand, there is not one dollar for horticulture, and the statistics go down to $3 million.
    • The festive subtotal is expected to show a rise of more than £150 over the past six years, a 20 per cent increase, with spending up by £36 on the 2001 figure.
    • The proportional size of each class was determined by dividing the class subtotal by the sample size.
    • Quality win points are based on the standings determined by the subtotal.
    • Usually on the back side of the tablet, a third section contains a final total that adds up the previous subtotals.
    • The subtotals are carried forward both at the end of each page in the book and at the end of each monthly entry (of income or expenditure).
    • These subtotals were deflated using a prices-received index for North Dakota crops obtained from the Agricultural Statistics Service.
    • The Census Bureau's monthly press release on value put in place data presents subtotals for private and public construction, further divided between residential and 16 types of non-residential construction.
    • The correct way that I am instructed to add up this schedule would be, if your Lordship goes to the second page, you will see the subtotal of £4,839, and that is the first figure.
    • The total number of events and plants with hierarchical patterns is given as a subtotal.
    • The inventories rarely assigned individual values to paintings and prints, normally giving subtotals only for the complete contents of each room.
    • Click the equal sign to subtotal each row, then click the Total button to add the subtotals.
    • The elderly woman at the front of your queue wanted a subtotal for her friend's groceries.

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    • The Transaction report can be used to display and subtotal transactions in a variety of ways.
    • Click the equal sign to subtotal each row, then click the Total button to add the subtotals.