Traducción de success story en Español:

success story

éxito, n.


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    éxito masculino
    their talent has made them a major success story su talento los ha convertido en protagonistas de un éxito ejemplar
    • The 26-year-old is staking her claim to become a success story in the business world.
    • Of course, it would be quite a success story if they could net him this evening or tomorrow.
    • The traditional craftsmen of the sleepy hamlet of Kottapuram are weaving a success story.
    • This was not just an achievement at an entertainment show but a success story.
    • The club has become a major success story in the town since its launch and now has a few hundred regular members.
    • Compared with this dire record, the success story of government policy has been all about Sure Start and early years.
    • A real life story that runs on the lines of a success story of an Indian in Austria would be ideal, she feels.
    • In short, Britain's trade in services is a huge success story which is scarcely ever told, and it extends to Asia.
    • Five years later, it was registered as a private limited company and the success story continued.
    • This is a success story that Scottish teams have yet to revel in.
    • It is so wonderful to finally have a happy success story, as opposed to a frantic and sad run to the vet.
    • And its success story has come at just the right time for the city's economy.
    • Some of their employers and even some of the women themselves were very shy about going public with their success story.
    • The Chief Justice held up the Family Court as a success story in doing things differently.
    • A success story, in other words, giving great hope for the future of Europe.
    • Fox News is indeed a remarkable success story - and it's still less than a decade old.
    • Where else can you achieve an overnight success story as succinct as theirs?
    • For a tourist success story, Scotland needs only to look across the sea.
    • It has been an unlikely success story, for the Frenchman initially struggled to fit into his new surroundings.
    • Animation in Scotland is what sometimes seems like a rare beast around these parts: a genuine success story.