Traducción de successful en Español:


de éxito, adj.

Pronunciación /səkˈsɛsfəl//səkˈsɛsfʊl//səkˈsɛsf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (person) de éxito
    (person) exitoso América Latina
    he's a successful businessman es un próspero hombre de negocios
    • the successful applicant will be expected to take up his or her post in July el candidato que obtenga el puesto deberá tomar posesión en julio
    • he was successful at last finalmente lo logró / lo consiguió
    • to be successful in life triunfar en la vida
    • we had a most successful meeting la reunión fue muy satisfactoria / positiva
    • to be successful in/at-ing
    • they were successful in persuading their colleagues lograron convencer a sus colegas
    • she is quite successful at getting people to do things sabe conseguir lo que quiere de los demás
    • All the artists, now famous and successful, were to be seen on the streets and in the cafes.
    • He learned to use those hooks they gave him and became immensely successful and wealthy.
    • He is a successful entrepreneur businessman who has never had a social conscience.
    • He was a man eminently successful in the line of life which he chose, and deservedly so.
    • Many of them would have been successful and wealthy, but did any have a satisfied mind?