Traducción de suffuse en Español:


teñir, v.

Pronunciación /səˈfjuz//səˈfjuːz/

verbo transitivo


  • 1

    (color) teñir
    (emotion) invadir
    (emotion) envolver
    (light) bañar
    color suffused her cheeks el rubor tiñó sus mejillas
    • to suffuse sth (with sth)
    • the sky was suffused with red el cielo estaba teñido de arrebol
    • her eyes were suffused with tears tenía los ojos anegados en lágrimas
    • Amy Sillman's recent show of large oils and jewel-like gouaches was suffused with the color, light and atmosphere of Quattrocento Italy.
    • Yet despite the sinister ideological forces at work, an uncanny tenderness suffuses this poem.
    • It is thrilling to see how this desire for deeper spirituality, redemption and grace suffuse the poem even as it ironically ends with the beggar's spirited demands.
    • A life of poverty, tradition and religious dread suffuses songs steeped in misery and learnt by word of mouth.
    • With its allusions to dusky rivers, soul, blood, the setting sun, and sleep, the poem is fairly suffused with images of death.
    • Zuka refashions the timeless subject into a contemporary painter's dream of color and movement suffused with a satirist's wit.
    • ‘The spirit of Morecambe and Wise gradually suffuses the show, and lots of Morecambe and Wise gags are lifted verbatim,’ says Clive.
    • In most shots, virtually the entire screen is suffused with a red wash, which dominates and assimilates virtually every other colour but black.
    • Drawing viewers into the first gallery, the syncopated lines of electric-blue text ran up the front and back of each spike, suffusing the room with color.
    • But in fact, Shelley was an optimist who wrote poems suffused with faith in human progress.
    • Chromatherapy is available in eight different colour sequences that suffuse the water with emotionally soothing light.
    • Where a dark grey curtain had hidden the hills from sight, a rosy glow gradually deepened and suffused every mountain top in sight.
    • The more the sun wanes the more lustrous become the colours of the encroaching night until the entire picture is suffused first with magenta and finally saturated in deep blue.
    • Appalled at his deliberate misunderstanding of her offer to buy him coffee, Serena felt outraged heat suffuse her cheeks.
    • The whole plant is suffused with colour and with a gravitas that few other plants can match.
    • A member of the carotenoid family, lycopene suffuses fruits with color and offers several healthful properties, particularly for men.
    • The colored light falls on the painter's large areas of pure local hue and fragments them; it steals across his blindingly harsh white highlights and suffuses them with saturated and pastel hues.
    • Sweet and spicy flavors, including date, pomegranate, coriander, and cumin, suffuse the foods spread out on a nearby buffet.
    • Working in low light without a flash demanded relatively long exposures, and so color suffuses these images.
    • And Jenkins's achievements - and failure to grasp the supreme power prize - pervade his historical writing and suffuse it with insight.