Traducción de sugar soap en Español:

sugar soap

solución de soda caústica, n.



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    solución de soda caústica femenino
    • Now I'm going to wash it down with sugar soap, allow it to dry over lunch and then paint the walls and ceiling this afternoon.
    • If you are papering over paint, first clean the walls with sugar soap to make sure the paper sticks.
    • With two helpers - one to guard the anchorage and ropes and another to man a boat in the river below - they began their first task, to take off all the old paint with sugar soap and a wire brush.
    • This leaves the kitchen and bathroom paint to be applied in the kitchen and bathroom, which is to be preceded by a session with sugar soap.
    • You can get rid of it fairly easily by washing down the affected parts of the walls with bleach and water or by using a sugar soap solution which can be bought in most hardware shops.