Traducción de suicidal en Español:


suicida, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌsuəˈsaɪdl//s(j)uːɪˈsʌɪd(ə)l/


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    (risk/action/tendencies) suicida
    (policy/strategem) suicida
    I came out of the interview feeling absolutely suicidal salí de la entrevista con el ánimo por los suelos
    • it would be suicidal sería una verdadera locura / un verdadero disparate
    • To attempt breaching the confines of the installation this way was suicidal.
    • To attempt to do so is at once suicidal, and genocidal.
    • According to NACRO, Joseph lived an unsettled childhood and exhibited clear signs of depression and suicidal thoughts.
    • It had been claimed that paroxetine could induce agitation and lead to suicidal thoughts.
    • Mr. Fitzwilliam said he monitored his wife's mood swings during her treatment on Prozac and believes that it caused suicidal urges which eventually led to her death.
    • Even if he decides to abandon them, a possibly suicidal move, he has not got the capacity to capture the Rwandan rebels.
    • In Germany a revolt by sailors at Kiel, in opposition to a suicidal attempt to engage the British fleet, effectively began the revolution of 1918.
    • Learning difficulties, aggressive behaviour, suicidal tendencies and drug abuse are common after effects.
    • Health advisors are meeting for a second day to look into whether antidepressants increase suicidal tendencies in children.
    • All risk factors need to be evaluated and I always ask depressed people directly about suicidal thoughts.
    • Throughout my campaign for Dixie's justice, I was plagued with depression and suicidal thoughts.
    • It is equally a problem in the reverse; this summer's purchase of Di Canio could be the most brilliant or suicidal move the club has ever made.
    • Clay had come to town with a challenge to Liston that was looked on as downright suicidal.
    • He admired her determination, but thought her survival tactics were a bit suicidal at times.
    • Psychological sequelae of rape are many including anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and problems related to relationships and sex.
    • The benefits of exercise are obvious, but can overexercising be a sign of depression or suicidal inclinations in young women?
    • Ovitz is now a spent force in Hollywood, having travelled from hubris to nemesis in just five years and two suicidal career moves.
    • Since then, no party has dared to get involved in family planning work, considering it politically suicidal.
    • Among the children who have sought our help, there were victims of mental, physical and sexual abuse and also those with suicidal tendency.
    • For many years I had suffered from depression and suicidal urges.
    • To attempt a loop in such a space would be suicidal.
    • Pedestrians started walking across main roads without queuing at crossing points, a move that could normally be suicidal.
    • Furthermore, not all persons who express suicidal intent are depressed, nor do they all necessarily want to end their lives.
    • There is also the risk of liver tumors, kidney damage, strokes, heart disease, and a change in personality that can lead to violence and suicidal tendencies.
    • He got there in the penultimate over from Fleming but two balls later he pushed to David Fulton at mid-off and was run out attempting a suicidal single.
    • But one thing seems clear: merely resisting change is economically and politically suicidal.
    • The reality is that suicidal behaviour is usually a last resort when the person feels that all else has failed.
    • Hugo, who had intended to join his wife, Ida, in Naples but was not welcomed by her, returned to Weimar to spend a winter in a state of suicidal depression.
    • The government has no democratic mandate to effect such a draconian, even suicidal, change of policy.
    • This can naturally get any woman down, causing clinical depression and even suicidal rages against her own body.
    • The fact that a new open source competitor called Wordpress is looking really good has to mean that this is a suicidal marketing move.
    • Aside from the obvious depression accompanying suicidal ideation, there has to be a sense of panicked hopelessness.
    • Sacrificing the rook is suicidal and effectively throws away the game.
    • Alabama's Republican Governor Bob Riley is either politically suicidal or the bravest chief executive in the country.
    • The window had been screwed shut, presumably to stop people fulfilling any suicidal tendencies.
    • They consider it would be suicidal for Canada to so threaten US interests given Canada's economic dependence on the US.
    • That would involve surveying survivors and suicide prevention workers to create character sketches of people with suicidal tendencies.
    • Despite some potentially suicidal defending from Celtic, Hibs failed to pull the game back.
    • When the opponent is another charging horse, the result would be almost suicidal.
    • The reality is, though, a lot of people with major depression have suicidal thoughts and quite a number of them actually take their own lives.
    • Any tendency toward suicidal impulse must be carefully evaluated as well.