Traducción de suited en Español:


ser apropiado para, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈsudəd//ˈsuːtɪd/


to be suited to

  • 1

    (thing) ser apropiado para
    (thing) ser adecuado para
    the building is suited to use as offices el edificio es apropiado / es adecuado / se presta para oficinas
    • I'm not suited to this type of work no sirvo para este tipo de trabajo
    • he's not suited to medicine no tiene madera de médico
    • they are very well suited (to each other) están hechos el uno para el otro
    • This suited Islamabad since it has always been keen to internationalise Kashmir.
    • Perhaps Ichim would have been better suited running for the president's portfolio instead of vying for student issues.
    • It's miserable, unengaging stuff, which probably suited the moment.
    • It's theoretical, it's old church and it's suited to someone living in Pakistan.
    • The balance of power never suited the more universalistic, moralist spirit of the late twentieth century.
    • First of all, the pace of the game is not only slower, but it's suited more to strategic bursts of speed and demonstrations of power.
    • The rule that a man might have no more than four wives at a time, but could change them when he liked, also suited Ibn Saud, who had a prodigious appetite for women.
    • Hardwicke often had to mediate between the brothers, who, though extremely fond of each other, were not temperamentally suited.
    • These policies issue from the fear, familiar to any student of the inter-war years, that women are taking over jobs for which they are not suited.
    • The reports outline why Libya would be better suited than its four rival African countries to host the tournament.
    • They had brought Michael Nolan to play a much deeper role and this suited Davitt's as he had been a constant danger close to goal.
    • Gramsci saw them as potential Soviets, offering a new form of workers' democracy suited to a modern industrial economy.
    • I am sure he has learned his lesson, and a term of isolation perhaps would be better suited than execution.
    • Empirically speaking, a governor's career is far better suited than a senator seat to have a tilt at the presidency.
    • They probably would have been better suited playing later on in the piece but none the less it was still a worthy performance.
    • Howard is naturally more suited than Latham to the debate format.
    • As I expected, the poll suggested I'd be best suited voting for the Liberal Democrats.
    • I know you're not crazy, Jenna, I just think there are people better suited than me to help you.
    • To my mind there is nobody better suited than Lloyd for the job of president of the West Indies Cricket Board.
    • They believe that no one is better suited than the mother of the child to decide to have an abortion or not.