Traducción de sulk en Español:


enfurruñarse, v.

Pronunciación /səlk//sʌlk/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    alunarse Río de la Plata coloquial
    amurrarse Chile coloquial
    he's sulking está enfurruñado
    • if she doesn't get her own way, she sulks si no se sale con la suya, se enfurruña (or se aluna etc.)


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    she's in a sulk / (informal) she's got the sulks está enfurruñada
    • After much badgering and a spectacular case of the sulks, Mum admitted defeat, unlocked the safe and sent us to a proper barber shop.
    • Putting up with sulks and tantrums after a straight sets defeat or a poor innings go with the territory for the wives of sportsmen.
    • I shall send my whining up to the god of sulks and tantrums, and see what happens.
    • Adam, still in the sulks, was waiting outside the office door.
    • It was a fascinating programme because of the extent to which the daughter refused to face reality and there were plenty of tantrums and sulks.
    • He had been warned by one of his aides that the cameras were panting to snap any display of the sulks.
    • Summer decided to take the day off today, turning over to a chill, grey, rainy fit of the sulks.
    • I've always had issues with plays, although I think that's probably because I went into a prolonged sulk in the mid 1990s when some of my plays were turned down!
    • Kids only enjoy this nonsense because adults don't understand it and any parent who pretends to have it sussed deserves the weeks of sulks, slammed doors and interminable sighing that will inevitably follow.
    • It was a dispassionate declaration, said serenely, not in the heat of a tantrum or the cool spite of a sulk.
    • He indulged my sulks and pouts, bought candy necklaces for me from the corner store.
    • When his first article appeared (minus about 400 words of filler) under his Sunday name of Darius Danesh, he went into a protracted sulk.
    • There can be no sulks, no horrendous body language on the court, no blaming other people for defeat.
    • It makes no difference how much the other might desire it, the issue is closed, with no recriminations, no sulks, no argument, just the simple acceptance of the other's view.
    • But for five years he went into a colossal sulk, blaming his problems on ‘the curse of being lower middle class’ and refusing to give interviews.
    • This accounts for the curious recursion and exponentialism in their arguments - each stupid, petty point leads to a hundred other miniscule sulks, misrepresentations and so on.
    • Elsewhere in the Kingdom they've been having major thunderstorms and torrential downpours so I'm not going to complain when all we've had is a long case of the metereological sulks.
    • Yes, the way I am there will probably be initial sulks every time a new situation pops up but then I can adjust and move on.
    • As soon as a person hears the word rebellion one immediately paints a picture of sulks and tantrums and unreasonable behavior.
    • In the meantime, carry on with your sulk if you wish.