Traducción de sum en Español:


cuenta, n.

Pronunciación /səm//sʌm/


  • 1

    (in general) cuenta femenino
    (addition) suma femenino
    (addition) adición femenino formal
    I'll have to do my sums tengo que hacer cuentas / cálculos
    • she's very good at sums es muy buena en aritmética
    • If you win by getting rid of all of your cards, you score a bonus of 25 in addition to the sum of the points in the other players' hands.
    • As about 905% of the radiolabel was found in the soluble fraction, data given in the graph are the sum of both fractions.
    • In it Vinogradov proved that every sufficiently large odd integer can be expressed as the sum of three primes.
    • Based on the evidence, it's reasonable to suppose that no whole number is the sum of more than nine cubes.
    • Okay, so they can do their sums, but they still need to sharpen up on their cricket.
    • For some reason, they especially relate to sums and differences and multiples of 9.
    • An odd perfect number is defined to be an odd integer that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors.
    • Before committing to a tax-designated property investment, do your sums carefully.
    • By programming it yourself for about half an hour you could actually get it to multiply two single figure sums together!
    • Unfortunately A level maths means that those kinds of normal sums are beyond me.
    • He stated that any even integer can be written as the sum of two primes and every odd integer is either a prime or the sum of three primes.
    • It dealt with the sum of integrals of a given algebraic function.
    • They can go on to our website, do their sums, and they're ready to go.
    • Amicable numbers come in pairs in which each number is the sum of the proper divisors of the other.
    • Finally work out the left most sum in the same way and again place the resulting addition one place to the left under the 486.
    • In fact the Egyptians only had fractions of this type and if the answer had not involved a unit fraction then the Egyptians would have written the fractional part as the sum of unit fractions.
    • This came out of an investigation he was carrying out into when a ternary quartic form could be represented as the sum of five fourth powers of linear forms.
    • Using these he was able to prove a weak form of the Goldbach's conjecture showing that every number is the sum of 20 primes.
    • Let's look at the sums: what level of compensation do the labels, studios and artists need to make it worthwhile?
    • I need to do my sums carefully to ensure that I can afford a new property (and all the other connected costs) in the first place!
    • In contrast, the sum of the reciprocals of all primes diverges.
    • The thesis contains a different proof of the fact just shown by Lefschetz that for any closed manifold the sum of the indices of a generic vector field is a topological invariant, namely the Euler characteristic.
    • Find a right triangle having the property that the hypotenuse equals the sum of one leg plus the altitude on the hypotenuse.
    • The reason, as the Doves found out, is simple: the sums simply don't add up for care home owners.
    • Are there any bases where the Fibonacci numbers with a sum of their base B digits equal to their index numbers form an infinite series?
    • A more careful analysis can be given to show that the sum of this series is 23.10345, to five decimal places.
    • She said: ‘I still have to do my sums and see if it is still a possibility for me.’
    • His first job, when he was 18, was in an insurance company, meticulously recording sums and figures.
    • Unfortunately, bankers and investment analysts took it seriously - unable, it seems, to do simple sums.
    • You saw crates of certain sizes, and then you would do your sums and then do your deductions from that.
    • A perfect number is defined to be one which is equal to the sum of its aliquot parts.
    • If all three red edges get used, then the total cycle length is the sum of three even numbers, plus 3.
    • Dyscalculic children are born with an inability to do even the simplest sums.
    • Fermat had asked for a cube n such that the sum of the divisors of n is a square, and a square n such that the sum of the divisors of n is a cube.
    • He also worked on number theory proving in 1770 that every positive integer is the sum of four squares.
    • Inflation has fallen close to eurozone levels while the Budget sums are also pretty solid.
    • And the integration of numbers and simple sums adds to the overall experience of the book.
    • Have you ever wondered why your children seem to do their sums upside-down nowadays?
    • Do your sums - it was what we found most surprising when we stopped owning a car a few years ago.
    • His philosophy of arithmetic captures little more than simple sums and differences, what is learned in elementary school.
  • 2

    • 2.1(total, aggregate)

      suma femenino
      total masculino
      that's the sum (total) of my knowledge eso es todo lo que sé

  • 3

    (of money)
    suma (de dinero) femenino
    cantidad (de dinero) femenino
    she spends vast sums on clothes gasta muchísimo (dinero) en ropa
    • Most Japanese currently hold large sums of money in secure savings accounts that yield zero interest.
    • In 1997 the government paid out hefty sums to war veterans, a move that was blamed for putting a strain on the country's economy.
    • That is because unlike in years past, buyers at this level can now borrow large sums in the form of mortgages.
    • If it cannot prove that children from the most chaotic families arrive at the age of five ready to learn, future politicians will not be inclined to pay out large sums to keep it going.
    • In any event Mr Graham, it is a reasonable figure and I am going to order that your client pay the costs in the sum of £3,748.
    • In addition to this sum, Alstom are to pay interest at 9% pa calculated in accordance with this decision.
    • I consider in the absence of greater detail, and taking into account the applicant's status and ability to pay the costs, that the sum of £1500 is reasonable in the circumstances.
    • I will order the appellant to pay costs in the sum of £4,500.
    • The upshot was it failed to set aside sufficient sums to cover its pension guarantees, in the event that economic conditions moved dramatically against the company.
    • So there will be an order for the payment of the claimant's costs in the sum of £12, 687.98.
    • In the meantime, on 25 July 2003 the respondent filed a summons seeking an order for security for costs in the sum of $80,000.
    • It's not known how much all this has cost but the sum of $100 million has been bandied about.
    • Is it right to spend vast sums of money funding expensive conferences?
    • The conman asks the person contacted to contribute a small sum of money to speed up the release of the funds.
    • Visiting anglers pay large sums to fish such prime salmon beats but without offering privacy, proprietors will see little return on their investments.
    • Through your generosity the sum of €870 was raised.
    • Of course it also paid substantial sums to shareholders in the form of dividends and also paid rich salaries to its top executives.
    • By comparison, in the US, this sum amounts to 6 percent.
    • In addition to this sum, the loan borrowings of Stoneworth are guaranteed by often-maligned Fitzwilton.
    • Even higher risk are products such as derivatives where investors put up only a small margin of the overall investment amount but are liable for the total sum should the market move against them.