Traducción de summer en Español:


verano, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsəmər//ˈsʌmə/


  • 1

    verano masculino
    estío masculino literario
    (clothes/weather/vacation) (before noun) de verano
    we always go away in (the) summer siempre nos vamos de vacaciones en (el) verano
    • we spent the summer in France pasamos el verano / veraneamos en Francia
    • it was high summer era pleno verano
    • a hot summer's day un caluroso día de verano
    • a woman of some seventy summers una mujer de unos setenta abriles
    • the summer season la estación veraniega / estival
    • summer vacation / (British) holidays vacaciones de verano / estivales
    • Some summers I do most of my fishing only after the sun goes down.
    • Reagan loved living in Dixon, where he spent the rest of his school years, working summers as a lifeguard at a Dixon park along the Rock River.
    • The family usually spends summer in Dubrovnik so that both children can see their grandparents.
    • For the first seven years, I spent my summers here on my own, looking after the house and garden, because Peter was still working in Hamburg.
    • School finished up for the summer holidays on Wednesday June 26th, with a party for the children.
    • At the age of eight summers his father had been assassinated.
    • Much of southern Australia experiences a typical Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and predominantly winter rainfall.
    • It has turned quickly to summer here too with weather in the 70s and 80s.
    • In the four summers I worked there, I never once heard of a customer getting the wrong product, or in the wrong amount.
    • According to records, June is the wettest summer month receiving an average of 58.5mm of rain.
    • Although the number of new cases is declining, cattle are about to be let out of winter quarters and sheep are desperate to be moved to summer pastures.
    • The southern tip of South America is chilly, even in the summer month of December.
    • The Mediterranean climate has long dry sunny warm summers, and the winters often see periods of intense rainfall.
    • But all summer he feared for his life, such was the level of noise outside his house and the number of attacks on his home.
    • My friend is a retired physician who spends his summers in Minnesota and winters in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.
    • The inland region has a continental climate with very cold winters, hot, humid summers, and spring and autumn seasons that are often rainy.
    • This site has a humid continental climate with warm summers, cool winters and no distinct dry season.
    • The summers of recent years have also been very disappointing and this has emphasised the need to get amenities in place to keep tourists entertained when the weather is bad.
    • Even though he is eight summers everyone knows he is nay a fighter.
    • Scorching temperatures and bright sunshine have also given a much needed boost to seaside resorts around Kerry, which have suffered a lot because of dull summers in recent years.
    • Fermi generally spent his summers at Los Alamos.
    • With Christmas almost over, our thoughts will soon be turning to summer package holidays.
    • After sixteen summers a child of the plain, no matter what gender or tribe, goes through the rite of passage.

verbo intransitivo

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    (people) pasar el verano
    (people) veranear
    (cattle/birds) pasar el verano
    • Similarly in the remote Wakhan corridor in the North East of Afghanistan a nomad people who summered there were trapped when the passes were mined.
    • The family lived at first in prosperous circumstances, wintering in Smyrna and summering at the seaside village called Skala.
    • These birds summer in Alberta Canada and winter at the Aransas Wildlife Refuge in Texas.
    • I know students who summered in Israel, volunteers on collective farms working to build a spiritually-based socialism.
    • He had homes in New York, where he wintered, and in Florida, where he summered, and he moved in a circle with Babe Ruth and Errol Flynn, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.
    • They summered the cattle in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of eastern California and then moved them each fall to winter pasture in the lower elevations of western Nevada where the home ranch is located.
    • Sources say Carter just cancelled those long-held reservations and instead will be summering at a friend's home in Tuscany.
    • My hotel room here is stylish, in that faded Mediterranean way I came to know so well while summering with my family in Majorca.
    • In that year, Trelawney, Shelley, Byron, and some other friends were summering in Italy.
    • Diane and John Connelly are seen toasting Patsy and Greg Fourticq at O'Rourke's on their return to Houston after summering in Colorado Springs, Colo.
    • She's a rich kid, summering at the family's mansion in North Carolina while he is a local labourer and poet.
    • The family lived in Budapest and summered on the family estates in the southern Carpathians - which Patrick Leigh Fermor has called ‘the most resented frontier in Europe’.
    • My husband and his father raised beef cattle for many years and they summered the cattle on a piece of mountain property which they owned.
    • But here there is a bit of a paradox, for we should be at the halfway point of the migration, meaning that we should be summering or wintering and then heading back to our point of origin.
    • I felt that even then, even though the boys had summered and were coming back, they were still massively disappointed by the ending to the season.
    • Fifteen or twenty years later, I spent an hour driving my wife and son around the little twisty roads of Stocksund, trying to find the house we'd summered in but you can't reach that country when you're driving.
    • Birds summering in northern Europe, where waters are closed by ice in winter, show the strongest migratory movements.
    • Back from summering in their Malibu palace, Mary and Vince Kickerillo joined the party along with Regina Rogers, Renee and Ben Danziger, Sybil Balasco, and Jerome and Nadine Moon of Who Made the Cake!
    • She turns out to be Allison Nelson, the daughter of Charleston old money, summering in the country.