Traducción de summer time en Español:

summer time

horario de verano, n.



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    horario de verano masculino
    • For many, the chore of turning back the clocks this weekend to mark the end of British summer time is one easily forgotten.
    • In fact, City have not won at Valley Parade since the clocks went back and English summer time ended.
    • He said: ‘It is the first day of British summer time, so it should still be light at 6pm.’
    • With the advent of summer time, Mass will now be celebrated in Crossboyne Church at 8.15 p.m. on Saturday evenings.
    • I doubt it as Dave's digital watch is always on GMT, as he doesn't reset it for summer time.
    • If you plan to be in London on that day, the time on your watch would be an hour later, because Britain will be using summer time (clocks moved forward an hour) in June.
    • From March 1 the palace will charge visitors entering the formal gardens, even though last year charging began nearly a month later, at the start of British summer time, which commences this year on March 27.
    • For £20 you can buy an electronic digital clock, corrected to the second by radio signals - even when summer time comes and goes.
    • Was that California time or East Coast summer time?
    • A reminder that clocks will go back one hour on Saturday night next October 26 when British summer time officially ends and so from now on we can say goodbye to the long evenings as the winter season really sets in.
    • Due to the change over to summer time all evening Masses and Devotions will be at the later time of 8.00 p.m., in the Parish Church.
    • Why can't we just stay on summer time all year around and benefit from the lighter evenings.
    • Little-known snippet of the week: Arizona, Hawaii and parts of Indiana do not have summer time.
    • In 2002 an order was made to link UK summer time to Europe permanently.
    • Clocks go forward one hour at midnight this Saturday night, thus commencing summer time.
    • Within minutes of the first plane crashing at 1.58 pm British summer time, the foreign office and ministry of defence would have been aware of the enormity of the situation.
    • This weekend we put the clocks ahead for summer time and I'll be able to cut through Soho Square on the way home every night.
    • Kick off for Sunday afternoon matches is 3pm summer time, 2pm daylight saving time.
    • The extra light brought by British summer time, makes me so happy.
    • But that's only because I haven't switched most of the household clocks to summer time yet.