Traducción de summon en Español:


llamar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌmən//ˈsəmən/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (send for)
    (waiter/servant) llamar
    (waiter/servant) mandar llamar América Latina
    (police/doctor) llamar
    (help/reinforcements) pedir
    (meeting/parliament) convocar
    the Prime Minister summoned his cabinet el Primer Ministro convocó al gabinete
    • she summoned me to her side me llamó a su lado
    • Unable to swim or summon help, he soon lost consciousness and floated face down just a few metres off the beach at the resort of Los Christianos in May.
    • Bonds with Rome had been strengthened, as the Holy See summoned the meetings, suggested agenda, and approved conciliar decrees.
    • The government's intention in summoning the conference, with a predetermined verdict in favour of the Catholics, was to justify a subsequent policy of steady pressure on the Donatist laity.
    • Taking two Playstation games and a travelcard, the girls ran off leaving the boy's 14-year-old brother to summon help.
    • Once he had finished them off, he summoned the waitress, looped his forefinger in the air and said, ‘Do it again.’
    • The fire quickly spread to the roof and was spotted by a policeman who summoned help.
    • So in accordance with legend, myth and custom, a local musician is summoned to play sweet harmonies that will reunite mother and child and also cause the mother camel to weep tears of joy.
    • Both males summoned him over to their car to offer him directions before snatching his phone.
    • The Maharishi summoned us to a room full of flowers and colour where he talked about life's journey, reincarnation and release from pain.
    • ‘Not one of the boys went to his aid, or thereafter summoned help, or displayed any concern for their hapless victim,’ said Mr Martin.
    • One of the men managed to grab onto a tree, reach safety and summon help.
    • The following day all the competitors were summoned to a meeting and shown a map of Rio.
    • With no church bell summoning us to worship, we have to decide what to do with our time - and depressingly most of us are spending it on the number one modern pastime: shopping.
    • It tasted great too, so it was with heavy heart that I summoned a waiter over and told him I had never ordered rabbit before and I simply did not like the taste.
    • It is possible that Democrats, if in control, might not have summoned a special session.
    • By 1774 the Americans had summoned a congress to concert resistance and most Britons were convinced that the lawlessness of the colonists could not be tolerated.
    • We are now all in constant touch with each other and the control room and can summon help quickly when the need arises.
    • But he also summoned Congress for a special session to discuss repealing parts of the Act, and on 4 November a new one was passed.
    • Volvo's latest wheeze is an optional communications package that uses telematics to summon help in an emergency.
    • Care On Call involves residents summoning emergency help by using their phone or a pendant worn round their neck or on their wrist.
    • Marital relations are conducted in the gardens, one story being that the woman is summoned by her husband tormenting their pigs until they squeal.
    • Police say the student was summoned by a call to his mobile.
    • But at intermission, people ran to telephones and summoned their friends, announcing that something magnificent was happening.
    • The holding has filed in court several objections; the main being that the meeting was summoned by a management not listed in the Trade Register.
    • Government officials and Bigombe were summoned Wednesday for a meeting in the president's village in western Uganda.
    • Finally, Duncan was summoned to a meeting with a local mafia boss and the car was returned to him in exchange for 12,000 Swiss francs.
    • Several people reported that it was only when a symptom in common with the previous acute myocardial infarction occurred that they summoned medical help.
    • Her GP arrived and immediately summoned the air ambulance which took her to hospital in Worksop.
    • We were summoned back to the dining room where the investigation would commence, and we would both hear the evidence against each of the suspects and interpose with our own questions.
    • I was duly summoned to the front row of the upper circle to watch my niece take her very first faltering steps towards an Equity card.
    • Or is it the way that British nationals were left to their own devices while vainly trying to summon help from local embassies?
    • He was accused of treachery and was summoned to a closed meeting with the leaders of his group.
    • Walk alongside Mosedale Beck and after a short while gaze in awe at the steep ascent summoning you.
    • They should summon help immediately and activate the fire plan.
    • Waiters were summoned and I wonder what it's worth to McVities to know that their digestives are the favourite nibble of the royal pooches.
    • Police say in such circumstances it would be unwise to restrain the patient on a one-to-one basis and it is better to summon help.
    • The hermits, unable to find an answer to Narad's question, summoned a great assembly.
    • Mr Keith Luxford, owner of the stables, was called, and he in turn summoned a veterinary surgeon.
    • In the bedroom and bathroom are other safety gadgets - alarms that automatically summon help if the floor floods, or if the wearer takes a fall.
    • "She was worried, but now she is assured, " Singh told a hastily summoned press conference here.
    • He therefore refused to recognize the Anglo-Portuguese treaty and summoned an international conference to Berlin to settle the African question once and for all.
    • She's been looking for a new job for over 2 years so when she found out she'd got this one, she summoned me round immediately to drink champagne with her.
    • His trade was as a tanner, but he was also involved in wholesale commerce, and in 1356 was summoned to attend a national merchant assembly.
    • The assembly was summoned according to article four of the 1878 Berlin Treaty, which reaffirmed the independence of Bulgaria.
    • The meeting was hastily summoned to resolve the dispute over the promotional rights of the tournament when two Cape Town promoters vied to stage it.
    • In the spring of 1935 she was summoned home because of her father's failing health and, back in England, she was courted by Prince Henry, then a career army officer.
    • I start the day by catching up on some well earned sleep, but by lunchtime my flatmates have summoned me to Selfridges.
    • The shop assistants refused to hand over any cash and the two masked raiders fled when one of the women activated a fire alarm to summon help.
    • And they said the mobile phone they used to summon help had only one bar of battery power left when they found a signal.
    • Manda proposed that the ZRFU should summon a meeting of councillors to discuss the change of tenure of office from two to four years and then hold elections for new office bearers.
    • He tried to summon help but the call buttons had still not been repaired.
    • A European conference was summoned at Constantinople, but its decisions were rejected by the Turks, as were subsequent proposals by the powers.
    • The mobile phone is certainly a must for pedestrians as in times of distress they can summon immediate help.
    • She studied him as he summoned the waitress and ordered more tea, and found what she saw to her liking.
    • He summoned a family meeting to plot a fightback.
    • Under the proposals put forward by BT, a robbery victim wouldn't even be able to use a public call box to summon help.
    • Her parents were summoned from their Bradford home and told she ‘did not fit in’ and would not be completing her training.
    • The local school was broken into, a man and woman were viciously assaulted, another family had to summon help to prevent their house being broke into and car stolen.
    • The journalists summoned a mandatory meeting for his immediate reinstatement.
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    (defendant/witness) citar
    (defendant/witness) emplazar
    • Some DPD members attending the plenary session on Tuesday also proposed that the DPD be given the authority to summon the president to explain the draft budget.
    • Trials must be expeditious; evidence must be collected before it becomes stale; the court must be able to summon witnesses to testify at short notice.
    • In 1593 he was summoned to appear before the Privy Council, accused of heresy, and released on bail while evidence was gathered against him.
    • In order to do this effectively it may be given powers equivalent to those of the High Court to summon witnesses, send for documents, administer oaths, etc.
    • He was summoned to a disciplinary hearing on 24 September, later re-fixed for 28 September.
    • A motorist whose lies led to her mother being summoned to appear before magistrates has been banned from driving for four months.
    • There are no charges at an inquest and the coroner must decide the scope of the inquiry which is appropriate and the witnesses to be summoned.
    • It has no power to summon witnesses nor to punish for contempt and usually first considers written representations which are then amplified at a formal hearing, normally held in public.
    • Three other defendants, who were summoned for being intoxicated in a public place, had their respective cases struck out
    • He was summoned to report for initial training with the Popular Defence Force in July 1998 but left Sudan in April 1999 and went to Syria.
    • The judge was summoned and the court resumed at 3.40 pm.
    • Following a raid on Chang's residence and office on Friday, prosecutors summoned him to appear for questioning yesterday.
    • Senate Committees have the constitutional authority to summon anyone they want before them.
    • Not long thereafter, Barbarigo's mentor Chigi, now pope, summoned him to Rome.
    • Plans are being drawn up to issue police witnesses in court cases with a mobile phone to summon them to the witness stand just before they are needed with a simple text message.
    • Two months before I was due to leave the area I was summoned as a witness to give evidence at the High Court in defence of a patient.
    • When her parents were summoned, the authorities were shocked at the contrast in their appearance, speech and manners.
    • The office said prosecutors would summon officials of the company which operated the boat for questioning.
    • The Committee can summon witnesses, and it is an added incentive to compliance with the Commissioner's suggestions that failure to do so may result in a grilling before it.
    • The commission has the authority to summon anyone, including state officials without the approval of the president.
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