Traducción de sun visor en Español:

sun visor

visera, n.


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    visera femenino
    • As he turned off I - 90 toward the Badlands, I pulled down my sun visor, angling its mirror so I could see the hands and face of the guy behind me.
    • He pulls the sun visor down and checks his reflection in the mirror to make sure there's no signs of the powder on his mustache, brushes the short hairs with his finger a few times just to make sure.
    • As a driver I did like having an additional storage space over my head above the sun visors, and there is plenty of room in this vehicle for any family's needs.
    • Nice details include a central sun visor over the rear view mirror.
    • She pressed the button that brought down her sun visor.
    • Everything from the dashboard, through upholstery, carpeting and door panels, right up to the headlining and sun visors, is black.
    • I flipped down the sun visor above the steering wheel as the sun glared at us.
    • They parked in a disabled bay and displayed their disabled parking permit on the windscreen lodged under the sun visor of the car but were shocked when they returned to find they had been fined.
    • I flipped down the sun visor, replaited my French braids in the vanity mirror.
    • When she looks up, she realizes that the sun visor is blocking her view.
    • Measuring 1.6m square metres, the thermally-insulated glass top extends from the sun visors above the windscreen to over the rear passengers' heads.
    • I'd flip the sun visor down and gaze up at myself in the mirror.
    • The only annoyance was the sun visor which was too small and left a gap between its right-hand extremity and the windscreen pillar.
    • There is plenty of space, particularly headroom, and the cabin has lots of useful features, including both front and side sun visors, particularly welcome when driving on twisty roads.
    • ‘Sometimes the sun visor in the car does not protect you from the glare of the sun’, said Siobhan Whelan.
    • After almost 40 years writing about cars this is the first one with sun visors which rattle!
    • I raised my right hand to pull the sun visor down and then placed my hand back on the steering wheel.