Traducción de sunbeam en Español:


rayo de sol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌnbiːm//ˈsənˌbim/


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    rayo de sol masculino
    • Light breaks over the horizon, sunbeams become sunlight, the key's grooves line up with the ignition's latches.
    • In 1665 he split a sunbeam into a many-hued spectrum by passing it through a prism in a darkened room.
    • Muted sunlight filtered through the trees into a small glade on the other side of the stream, and dust particles caught in the soft sunbeams sparkled as they floated downward.
    • I recall how falling down was more funny than painful, how warm I was, and how in the afternoon the sunbeams and shadows of the trees cut across the trails.
    • There was one more chair, set in front of the others in the rectangle of light cast by a sunbeam.
    • It was brighter in there than it'd been the last time I'd visited: Light slanted in through the front windows, sunbeams visible in the smoky air.
    • It tastes sweet, light, lilting, rich - it tastes like I imagine one of those sunbeams breaking through clouds might taste, fleeting and rare.
    • And somehow, even drained of all colour and illuminated by only inspired sunbeams, the pictures manage to take on a life of their own.
    • The headhouse itself was wonderfully refurbished, with sunbeams shining again through the great rose windows down onto the polished waiting room floor.
    • Beams of light broke through his cloak shining like sunbeams.
    • Ray of sunbeams passing through dense forests and plants embellished with multi - coloured flowers are eye-catching.
    • And she didn't think she would lose, not with the sunbeam falling on her face like the God's golden promise.
    • I'd never seen the moon rise or noticed that a sunrise does sometimes project cartoon-like sunbeams across the sky until I'd been to Marovo Lagoon.
    • Many of its spurs are prettily sunlit, and what they build up to is inspiring, apocalyptic, a burst of slanting sunbeams from a blue cloud-window.
    • But it was worth every puff, for the naked mountains were spectacular and intermittent sunbeams spotlighted the glistening granite peaks.
    • I fell asleep in the warm embrace of a sunbeam, but when I awoke the world was dark.
    • The three mirrors, 2,5 metres in diameter, will be guided by a computer to track the movement of the sun, capturing the light and redirecting sunbeams into a small park below.
    • For it is through believing that the sun rises and sets, the moon passes and wanes, the rain falls and sunbeams pour down that allows the order and sequence of events to happen.
    • The first rays of the new day's sun are shinning through the small cracks in the ceiling and small dust particles are moving through the sunbeams on invisible currents.
    • Birds chirped as they zoomed through branches above us, their feathers fluttering brightly whenever they passed through sunbeams.
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    (form of address to child)
    (mi) cielo
    tesoro coloquial