Traducción de sunlamp en Español:


lámpara de rayos ultravioletas, n.


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    lámpara de rayos ultravioletas femenino
    • At the same time, his nervous defensiveness when he insists that Martha wear protective glasses under her sunlamp reveals a man terrified of his own feelings.
    • Patients also should be warned to minimize exposure to sunlight or sunlamps, since this may increase the intensity of the inflammatory reaction.
    • These are subsequently denoted as Type A. Type-B sunbeds are similar to Type-A sunbeds but with only 20 to 30 sunlamps, and the sunbeds denoted as Type C are equipped with high pressure lamps only.
    • The number of case reports on this type of effect is increasing because of the introduction of new drugs in the market and the higher exposure to natural solar radiation and artificial sunlamps.
    • Ultraviolet light - whether from the sun or a sunlamp - damages your skin.
    • Because it is not pumpkin growing season, we'd grow it in captivity, of course, with special sunlamps in a green house.
    • This is due to the different number of sunlamps on the one hand and the thinner protection panel in the upper part of the sunbed on the other, allowing higher radiation transmission from above than from below.
    • The onset of photosensitivity occurred following a sunlamp session in which the lamp exploded while being used.
    • Right then, in walked Arlene with her sunlamp tan, wearing a fiery orange leotard.
    • Individuals were asked about their past use of sunlamps, history of sun exposure, tendency to suffer sunburn, previous radiation treatment and smoking history.
    • Figure 1 shows the emission spectra of the four sunlamps tested under laboratory conditions.
    • The effects of sunlamps and tanning beds on the risk for melanoma are unclear due to limited study design and conflicting results from retrospective studies.
    • They exposed the vulnerable mice - those with their own Langerhans cells - to ultraviolet light using a sunlamp.
    • They got everything in there: heatlamp, sunlamp, sauna.
    • Therefore, patients should avoid exposure to sunlight and sunlamps, tanning beds and treatment with UVA or UVB light.
    • The investigation of the most common sunlamps comprises the distribution and temporal dependence of the spectral irradiance and the homogeneity of the irradiance along the lamp.