Traducción de sunray en Español:


rayo de sol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌnreɪ/


  • 1

    rayo de sol masculino
    before noun sunray lamp lámpara ultravioleta / solar femenino
    • The sunrays pouring into the room from the windows opposite him bathed his weary limbs in their warmth as a fresh breeze accompanying them tickled his hands and face.
    • The low easterly sunrays beat upon him, warming his body in the cool morning air.
    • I woke up to a sunny morning, sunrays pouring through the windows.
    • The lake lay still before me, catching the faint, rare sunlight at a strange angle and casting shadow over half of the water, the other half gleaming under the unexpected pleasure of sunrays in November.
    • He still felt exhausted though, and the sunrays hurt his eyes.
    • There was a glow radiating off him, as if he had swallowed a sunray.
    • They followed her obediently and silently through grass that had lost its emerald lustre and became a dull yellow in the absence of any sunrays and where all signs of the path had completely disappeared.
    • An errant sunray suddenly struck the golden dome of the Fire Temple, sending a blinding flash of light her way.
    • The light Monday morning sunrays warmed Hanna's body as she walked to school, her heart feeling a lot heavier than usual.
    • The sunrays reflected off each tiny crystal of the chandelier, lighting up the dark stony walls of the hall revealing pictures and portraits of the kings long before.
    • It's about you finding awe in a street intersection, in a cup of tea, in a sunray peaking through the gray clouds of yesterday.
    • The windows had been sprayed with a special substance that allowed vision through it but kept out the sunrays.
    • Windows of stained glass allowed in the afternoon sunrays, casting shades of green and gold light onto the stone floor.
    • High in the sky, the steel weapons flashed beneath the sunrays.
    • My eyes were still closed but I could feel the sunrays beating on my face.
    • The sunrays streamed through the window waking Caroline from her deep sleep.