Traducción de sunshine en Español:


sol, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsənˌʃaɪn//ˈsʌnʃʌɪn/


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    sol masculino
    let's sit in the sunshine sentémonos al sol
    • Portland had eight hours' sunshine yesterday ayer hubo ocho horas de sol en Portland
    • It's a postcard-perfect day on the Toronto Islands - thousands revel in the summer sunshine, sitting on the grass, sipping a drink while listening to the latest in indie rock.
    • They spend their days being happy chickens on the green grass in the fresh air and sunshine (and occasional rain shower, of course), and they lay absolutely delicious eggs.
    • A raised timber deck area to one side takes full advantage of the afternoon sunshine while a cobblelock patio area borders the back of the house.
    • We want adventure, sunshine, relaxation and the chance to meet other young people.
    • For the rest of the time, we basked in glorious sunshine and, in the evening, watched the sun dip below the western sea with just a few clouds obscuring its decline.
    • The climate is characterized by abundant sunshine, wide daily temperature ranges, low humidity, and rainfall averaging only 9 inches a year.
    • The sunshine glimmers on the surface of the ocean, which, depending on the print, assumes shades of green, blue, brown or even white.
    • Their ideal holiday would include warm, swimmable seas, sunshine and good food.
    • One is also soothed and warmed by the brilliant sunshine that illuminates the painting.
    • When it comes to solar power, the Navajos have an advantage because the vast majority of their days have sunshine - often without a cloud in the sky.
    • Objects kept out of doors are subject to weathering from rain, wind, sunshine, and the disintegrating action of frost, as well as to attack by pollutants from industrial atmospheres and vibration.
    • This paradise, surrounded by hills of olive groves and cypress trees with views of the lush Valpolicella vineyards and bathed in warm sunshine, is a wonderful place for the family to visit this summer.
    • His is a land of sunshine, rainbows, and waterfalls - a total idyllic paradise.
    • His mind wandered as he felt the warm sunshine and listened to the singing birds.
    • During the winter, its southerly location guarantees warm weather and sunshine when our own more northerly climes turn bleak.
    • The island plays host to several microclimates and in the space of a one-hour winter drive, you can experience warm sunshine, blustery winds, heavy rainfall and blue skies again.
    • Instead of enduring cold and snow, however, we will enjoy bright Italian sunshine, wonderful food, and warm local hospitality.
    • The center of the painting, illuminated by bright sunshine, emphasizes the leaves' light yellows and greens, and also throws the slender, dark brown verticals of the trees into strong relief.
    • Exposing prints to direct sunshine, but also artificial light from bulbs is one of the worst and most frequent mistakes.
    • It's been raining off and on all morning, leaving the grass slick, the roads pitted with muddy pools, and the sky churning with sunshine and shadow.
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