Traducción de superb en Español:


magnífico, adj.

Pronunciación /suˈpərb//suːˈpəːb/


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    • The play is gripping, its cast superb and the setting a wonder of both simplicity and complication.
    • I once gardened on a city terrace where my next door neighbour was a superb gardener by the name of Miss Jean Harvey.
    • Both the writing and the performances are superb.
    • The towns of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl are full of romance, intriguing architecture and superb restaurants.
    • The acting is superb, the script a delight, and the direction far better than I would have given Burton credit for.
    • The music takes the energy of punk into magnificently artful places, and the lyrics are often superb.
    • Simply a fantastic and enthralling end to a superb album.
    • Tamara is tall and beautiful and a superb horsewoman, so I felt kind of warm all over.
    • Doyle also makes superb use of cryptic symbolism.
    • For those in the know, this was a superb opportunity to see Adam Duritz and his Counting Crows ensemble up close and personal at a private gig, in London.
    • He is a superb ballet dancer, yet here attempts to combine his enchanting talent with modern Cuban movement.
    • He is a truly superb sketch artist, deftly drawing faces for names in the minimum number of lines possible.
    • Walter Schreifels has once again made a superb album with a superb band.
    • Superb, just superb use of the server hardware image section.
    • Despite this minor flaw, the audio presentation is superb and the packaging beautifully done.
    • He was a superb teacher and a delightful human being.
    • But that's a minor complaint when the overall result is so full of delightful contrasts and superb songwriting.
    • The Life of Billy Graham is a superb exploration into one of the nation's most recognizable names.
    • It's not a work you find programmed or recorded a lot, although it has attracted many superb pianists.
    • These interviews are superb, loaded with fascinating trivia and insights that are truly unique.
    • The book is a superb introduction to a topic that's bound to attract increasing attention in the years to come.
    • The cast, without exception, is superb, with Moore the pick of the bunch as the dutiful housewife.